Chapter 37 - Xiong Zi

“What happened?!”

Everyone rushed over.

“Quickly, save me!” Qi Hua miserably yelled.

The german shepherd barked a few times, scaring Qi Hua into keeping quiet.

“Qi Hua, you mustn’t move!” Everyone present was scared as well. The dog looked too fierce.

Seeing the staff about to approach, Sheng Jiaoyang quickly reached out her hand, hinting to them to stop.

“Xiong Zi!” Sheng Jiaoyang softly commanded towards the german shepherd, stepping closer every time she repeated the name.

The german shepherd looked up at her as it released a low growl, trying to threaten the approaching person. But, it was also puzzled by the person, so it made no moves to attack.

Sheng Jiaoyang finally reached the german shepherd and tried to touch its head. Then, she gently scratched the back of its neck.

Although the person’s scent was unfamiliar, with its soft point being scratched, the german shepherd’s stiff back softened, and it wagged its tail.

Sheng Jiaoyang broke into a happy smile. Squatting down, she half hugged the german shepherd and stroked its fur.

“Xiong Zi.” I missed you to death.

Seeing that the fierce dog was appeased, Luo Yi and a few others hurried over to help Qi Hua up.

“Ouch!” Qi Hua cried out in pain.

“Where does it hurt?” Zhuo Yiyan frowned as he asked.

Qi Hua looked aggrieved as she sobbed and said, “My ankle is twisted.”

Serves you right! Almost everyone present was thinking the same thing.

“Didn’t I say before that you shouldn’t run around? Did you regard my words as the wind?” Zhuo Yiyan was angry.

“I was idle and bored! Besides, they allowed us to come here to take pictures. What’s wrong with me wanting to take a look?” Qi Hua said, pouting.

Zhuo Yiyan was so annoyed he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Qi Hua, this is your fault. Teacher Zhuo clearly told us all not to wander off from the beginning, which everyone obeyed. Why couldn’t you listen too?” Chen Han reproached.

“If I want to walk around, then I’ll walk around. It doesn’t have anything to do with you!” Qi Hua rolled her eyes.

Zhuo Yiyan had a cold expression on his face as he said, “Qi Hua, you broke the rules. You’ll have ten points deducted from your score today. You too, Xu Jiaojiao.”

“As a team captain, you failed to control a member of your group. Due to this, you’ll also be penalised ten points,” he said concisely.

“Teacher Zhuo, it wasn’t Jiaojiao’s fault. It was Qi Hua that wanted to wander around. If she decides to go off exploring by herself, who can stop her?!” Wang Wei quickly blurted.

“Well, needless to say, those are the rules,” Zhuo Yiyan said firmly, not willing to budge in the slightest.

“I’m injured! It’s alright if I’m not comforted, but to lose points as well? What nonsense is this about breaking the rules?! I don’t want to participate anymore!” Qi Hua was furious.

Zhuo Yiyan narrowed his eyes. “Are you sure that you want to withdraw from the competition?”

“Yes, I’m withdrawing from the competition!” Miss Qi was prone to acting stubborn once her temper flared up.

“Good. Remember, this is your own decision,” Zhuo Yiyan said with a nod. Then, he addressed the staff member next to him. “Send her back to the supermodel house so she can pack up.”

A male staff member stepped forward and left with Qi Hua and a female staff member.

“Teacher Zhuo, what about Jiaojiao? Does she still have to lose points?” Wang Wei asked as she moved closer to Zhuo Yiyan.

Zhuo Yiyan glanced at Sheng Jiaoyang, noticing that she was occasionally stroking the german shepherd’s fur. Then, he spat out, “Deducted!”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s hand paused, and the german shepherd, who wasn’t used to her stopping, suddenly shook his body disapprovingly. Seeing this, a corner of her mouth tilted upwards. They could deduct ten points if they wanted. Today, she was able to meet Xiong Zi, so she already felt particularly fortunate.

Wang Wei still wanted to say something, but Luo Yi tugged on her arm.

“Alright, go back and continue to take photos,” Zhuo Yiyan said before turning around and walking away.

“Let’s go, Jiaojiao!” Pu Mingyu shouted to Sheng Jiaoyang.

“You go first, I'll be there in a little bit,” Sheng Jiaoyang said without lifting her head.

Wang Wei was pulled away by Luo Yi, but she repeatedly glanced back after every step.

“Don’t look back anymore, let’s go. Give her a little time to calm down,” Luo Yi said helplessly.

Wang Wei pouted, and said unhappily, “Jiaojiao got blamed when she didn’t even do anything! What did any of that have to do with her?!”

“Today, Jiaojiao was indeed dragged down by Qi Hua,” Pu Mingyu sighed.

“But, what can be done? It was her that picked Qi Hua for her group. As the team captain, she’s responsible for her team members,” said Luo Yi.

Once everyone had left, only one cameraman remained, still recording Sheng Jiaoyang. When she motioned that she wanted to calm down alone, the cameraman understood and walked away. As he was leaving, he turned around and took a photo of the heartwarming scene of Sheng Jiaoyang and the german shepherd together. However, when it was viewed after what had happened, it would leave one feeling slightly melancholic.

Sheng Jiaoyang had obviously done nothing wrong, and had even saved her teammate from the dog. But, she still had to lose ten points because of her teammate’s impetuousness. No matter who it was, they would certainly feel sad about the injustice of it all.

As soon as everyone had left, Sheng Jiaoyang started laughing.

Xiong Zi tilted its head back to look at her.

“Xiong Zi, it’s been so long since I last saw you! Did you miss me?” Sheng Jiaoyang rubbed her face on top of Xiong Zi’s head.

In response, Xiong Zi lazily lay down on its stomach.

“You know a lot! You actually know Xiong Zi’s name,” a voice suddenly called out from behind her.

Sheng Jiaoyang was startled, and together with Xiong Zi, she turned to the voice. Seeing the person standing in the doorway, Xiong Zi lay down again.

“Ning Xiaoruan? Why are you here?” Sheng Jiaoyang, however, was surprised.

“I live here!” Ning Xiaoruan pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “I don’t remember ever telling you my name…”

Sheng Jiaoyang rolled her eyes. “Of course, you told me.”

“When did I do that? Please don’t insult my IQ, alright?”

“Do you even have an IQ?” Sheng Jiaoyang cast a sidelong glance at him.


It was alright if he was despised by his cousin, but how could he accept being mocked by a little girl? Ning Xiaoruan expressed his dissatisfaction.

“Little girl, you don’t have to be so blunt.”

“Is that so? But, I think my question was sincere,” Sheng Jiaoyang retorted.

Ning Xiaoruan muttered under his breath, “When I find out her details, I won’t need my cousin to act for me. I’ll sort this girl out myself!”

“Xiong Zi is my idol’s pet. How come it’s here with you?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked as she stood up.

“Now, it belongs to my cousin,” Ning Xiaoruan proudly responded, lifting his chin.

Sheng Jiaoyang frowned, and she said unhappily, “What on earth? It should be adopted by Lina!”

“Wait a minute!” Abruptly, Sheng Jiaoyang realised something. “You said that Xiong Zi now belongs to your cousin. Since Xiong Zi is here, is this island your cousin’s?” She’d actually entered evil Demon King Shen’s territory!

“That’s right!”

Ning Xiaoruan looked at Sheng Jiaoyang. “Why are you so surprised? My cousin has money, so what’s wrong with him buying an island?”

“Is he here now?” Sheng Jiaoyang peered into the open door.

“He’s not here. He went to discuss business with Brother Nan.”

“What about you?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked curiously at Ning Xiaoruan.

Ning Xiaoruan’s expression crumbled. He really didn’t want to answer. Did he have to tell this little girl that he was left alone to look after the house because he was disliked?

Knowing that Demon King Shen wasn’t here, Sheng Jiaoyang was relieved.

“Help me take good care of Xiong Zi. If you don’t, you better watch out!” Sheng Jiaoyang bent down and rubbed Xiong Zi’s head as she fiercely threatened Ning Xiaoruan. Then, she turned around and left.

“Hey, you smelly girl!” Ning Xiaoruan gritted his teeth, then recalled that the program team had arrived to take pictures. He was suddenly curious, so he locked the door and led Xiong Zi to follow Sheng Jiaoyang.

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