Chapter 356 - This Year's Birthday

December 30th was Xu Jiaojiao's Lunar birthday, and it happened to be on the same day as the Lunar New Year’s Eve.

On this day, Sheng Jiaoyang woke up to many blessings from her fans, friends and family.

Last year, Sheng Jiaoyang did a live broadcast to celebrate the occasion, and this year, her fans vigorously requested for another live broadcast.

Jiaojiao usually didn’t do any live broadcasts, and even her Weibo was rarely updated. If Jiao fans wanted to know how she was doing, they could only browse online for her news.

Although her recent drama was a big hit, her fans were still not satisfied, and they wanted to see more of her.

After some deliberation, Sheng Jiaoyang finally decided to do an hour-long live broadcast at the vigorous request of her fans. Her stream would go live in the afternoon this time, instead of the evening broadcast she did last year. Xu Ping also sent out an advance announcement to inform fans of the event.

This year's live broadcast was different from last year’s. This time, Sheng Jiaoyang had dragged Lina along, and she was going to stream in her studio.

Thanks to the advance notice and her current popularity, a few hundred thousand netizens joined the live broadcast room as soon as it started, and the number was still growing rapidly. The total number of viewers quickly exceeded that of last year’s broadcast.

"Wow, Jiaojiao, you’ve just turned on your stream, but you already have so many viewers eagerly waiting to watch you live broadcast."

Lina glanced at the number displayed on the tablet.

Comments exploded on the bullet screen.

[I thought Jiaojiao would ask her boyfriend to join the live stream.]

[As expected, best friends are the best!]

[Lina is so beautiful!]

[Lina and Jiaojiao are so close! Lina chose to spend this special day together with Jiaojiao.]

After looking at the barrage of comments, Sheng Jiaoyang placed her hand around Lina's shoulder and smiled at the camera. "Hi everyone! This is my Mei Niu, Lina."

Lina also placed her hand around Sheng Jiaoyang’s shoulder before leaning her head on the latter’s shoulder, like a cute and helpless-looking little bird.

[My Jiao’s attacking prowess is so powerful!]

[I’m loving Mei Jiao more and more now.] [1]

[They look so good together.]

The commenters were very active. Some of them had even started sending virtual gifts.

Lina looked at the comments and read out some of the interesting ones, "Will the Peerless Couple appear on-screen today?"

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled, "No, he still has some work to do."

Her words turned the bullet screen’s atmosphere in a different direction.

[Let’s cheer for President Shen, who’s still working hard to earn money for his wife during the Lunar New Year.]

[Mr. Shen is really hardworking. He’s still working busily during the holidays.]

[It must be because Jiaojiao is hanging out with her best friend and neglecting Mr. Shen. Therefore, he still goes to work on a day like this.]

[As the saying goes: The more outstanding a person is, the more hardworking he or she is.]

Lina now realized that her role in this live broadcast was to act as a reporter for fans and ask questions on their behalf. She picked up another question and read it out, "Jiaojiao, if Lina and your Mr. Shen fell into a river at the same time, who would you save first?"

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked before innocently replying, "I can't save anyone, because I can't swim."

After a short pause, she raised her hand and cupped Lina's face before affectionately saying, "So, Mei Niu, you'd better swim back by yourself!"

[666666] [2]

[Sh*t, if Jiao were a man, she would definitely be an expert at picking up ladies.]

[Let go of Lina, I’ll let you hold my face instead!]

[OMG! If Er Jiao continues attacking like this, can Lina still remain straight? Won’t she become bent?]

"I won’t become bent, because I’m already bent." With that, Lina deliberately bent her waist.

Sheng Jiaoyang burst into laughter.

Afterwards, she turned to the camera and earnestly said, "Dear Jiao fans, thanks for watching my live broadcast, and special thanks to those dear fans who sent me birthday gifts. I will convert the gifts I have received today into money, and donate it to charity projects."

Today wasn’t just the last day of the year, it was also Jiaojiao's birthday. Countless fans had sent virtual gifts through the bullet screen, and all kinds of virtual gifts were sent in a lightning-quick manner, nearly filling up the entire screen in just a few seconds. Suddenly, the icon of a single luxury car virtual gift popped up on the screen, before the screen was suddenly flooded by a huge surge of luxury car virtual gift icons.

Everyone in the live broadcast room soon took note of the gifter’s ID: ‘Mr. Shen’.

Mr. Shen?

"Is this the same Mr. Shen I have in mind?" Lina teased Sheng Jiaoyang.

She was asking the obvious. Which other Mr. Shen would be so generous and spend so much money on Jiaojiao’s live broadcast?


Shen Zhining is actually watching my live broadcast?

Sheng Jiaoyang thought it was a magical occurrence. She lightly coughed and said, "Mr. Shen, I have received your heartfelt intentions, so there is no need to continue sending any more gifts."

[Haha, I just want to laugh for no reason. Just a second, let me laugh…LOL!]

[Tsk, tsk, my heart is aching already.]

[Can we consider this as the Peerless Couple appearing on screen together?]

[Isn't Mr. Shen busy at work? It turns out that this is his ‘work’!]

[Mr. Shen said: Alright! Honey, wash up and wait for me, I will give you the biggest gift tonight.]

[We already know it’s you. There’s no need to bury your head in the sand. Who else could it be besides Mr. Shen?]

Some netizens were dirty-minded enough that their words made people’s hearts skip a beat and blush.

Sheng Jiaoyang also blushed at their words. She quickly changed the subject and proposed to the viewers, "It seems boring if we just chat for the entire stream. Would you like to see me draw something?"

[Chatting is good.]

[I like chatting, and it would be best if we could chat on forever.]

[Although I also want to see Jiaojiao draw, I prefer chatting with Jiaojiao.]

[How is this boring? It's quite fun!]

[Jiaojiao, if you stop talking, how bored would Mr. Shen be?]

Sheng Jiaoyang ignored the many commenters who stated that they wanted to continue chatting and picked up the few comments from netizens who expressed their interest in seeing her draw and said, "Since my lovely fans want to see me draw… Mei Niu, you will act as my model and I'll draw a sketch of you."

Lina smiled. She knew that Jiaojiao deliberately changed the subject, but she didn't expose her. She played along with Jiaojiao and promised to be her model.

Sheng Jiaoyang set up the webcam properly and started to draw while occasionally glancing at Lina.

The viewers, who were still complaining a moment ago, gradually changed their mind as they saw her skill in drawing. They started to praise Jiaojiao for her style and the super-fast drawing speed. They only saw the paintbrush sliding and gliding across the blank canvas rapidly, and a portrait gradually appeared, at a speed visible to the naked eye. After finishing the rough outline, Sheng Jiaoyang added more detail to the painting, and gradually, Lina’s facial features became more apparent, and her expressive eyes gradually came into view.

At this moment, there were not many comments flashing across the bullet screen, as everyone was focused on the portrait that was rapidly coming to life on the canvas.

[The portrait looks so realistic, it truly is a perfect representation of Lina!]

[If it were a color portrait, it would definitely look even more vivid.]

Everyone acknowledged her painting skills after seeing her draw so well and so quickly.

Finally, Sheng Jiaoyang signed the portrait and said, "I will choose one person amongst the viewers, and send this portrait to him or her as a gift."

The bullet screen was once again filled with a barrage of comments. Many netizens started typing comments like, ‘Ahhhhh’, and ‘Kyaaaa’, to express their excited screams.

Amidst the ‘screams’ of the fans, a comment with a panicked emoji was especially eye-catching. It read: \(º □ º l|l)/ Mr. Shen is also amongst us, please don’t cheat and pick him so that you can keep the goodies within the family\(º □ º l|l)/.

Sheng Jiaoyang read the comment and laughed, "Don’t worry, Mr. Shen is mine, so I won’t count him as part of you guys."

[They were caught off guard, and PDA was shoved down their throats.]

[‘Mr. Shen is mine…’ Why was I suddenly and inexplicably fed with PDA?]

[This PDA attack is a cold slap to my face.]

[Warning! There are PDA torturers roaming about here. Warning! There are PDA torturers roaming about here. Warning…]

[I was initially relieved to see that Mr. Shen didn't show up, because it meant that I didn't have to be abused by the Peerless Couple. I was truly too naive and foolish.]

Lina laughed heartily beside Sheng Jiaoyang when she saw those poor commenters wail in anguish.

Sheng Jiaoyang then chose a lucky fan amongst those present.

"Time’s almost up. It was nice chatting with everyone today. Finally, Mei Niu and I wish you all a harmonious New Year! May all your wishes come true!"


[Please continue the live broadcast, don't leaveeeee!]

[You’re leaving so soon? Impossible, Jiaojiao's clock must have been adjusted a few hours ahead. Clearly, only five minutes have passed!]

[Last year’s live broadcast clearly lasted for three hours, so why has the time limit shrunk this year?]

[My wish is for this live broadcast to go on forever. Can Jiaojiao help me realize this wish?]

[Er Jiao, Happy New Year~]

[The live broadcast is coming to an end. Moi is unhappy~]

The comment section exploded with comments again. The majority of comments were essentially asking Jiaojiao to continue with the live broadcast.

Knock, knock! Suddenly, knocking sounds could be heard.

Sheng Jiaoyang reached out to turn off the live broadcast while shouting, "Come in, the door is unlocked."

The viewers then saw the door open and a familiar figure enter the screen a second before the live broadcast was cut off.

[It’s Mr. Shen!]

[The Peerless Couple unexpectedly appeared together at the last second.]

The live broadcast was over, but the heated discussion amongst the viewers wasn’t over. Soon, the keywords, ‘Jiaojiao’s birthday live broadcast’, made it to the top searches list.

At present, netizens held different views on Jiaojiao’s frequent appearance on the headlines.

In the past, many passers-by were disgusted by the fact that Jiaojiao was often on the hot searches list even though they didn't know her state of affairs.

Nowadays, everyone was aware of Jiaojiao’s strength in many different aspects, so they were no longer surprised when they saw her name pop up on the hot searches list.

Lina tactfully walked out of the room when Shen Zhining came in.

Sheng Jiaoyang took the tablet off the stand. Though she saw Shen Zhining, there was no change in her expression.

Shen Zhining walked over and embraced her from behind. He placed his chin on her shoulder and asked, "I'm yours, but what about you?"

His breath softly tickled her ear and Sheng Jiaoyang shrank her neck back. She then turned her head to look at him. Their noses almost touched as she lightly smiled and said, "I'm also yours."

Shen Zhining couldn't hold back his desires. He cupped her face with one hand and kissed her on the lips.

It was quite tiring to kiss with her head twisted to the side. Hence, Sheng Jiaoyang turned around and placed her hands around Shen Zhining's neck before responding to his passionate kiss.

Fortunately, the live broadcast had already been turned off. Otherwise, the netizens would have been tortured to death by their sweet and passionate kisses.

While some people were happy on this day, there were some others who were down.

In an apartment located somewhere in the city, Sheng Shiyun huddled herself into a ball at the corner of the sofa while shivering.

She wore quite a few layers of clothes and a down-filled jacket, but she was still feeling cold and shivering uncontrollably.

In fact, she wasn’t shivering because of the cold weather. The chills she was feeling came from her cold surroundings and the coldness in her heart.

At this time two years ago, her whole family was still celebrating Lunar New Year together. Her father hadn’t passed away, her mother hadn’t gone to prison, and her grandparents still loved her. Now, however, there was nothing left, and she was left all alone.

"Lin Yu…that’s right, I still have Lin Yu." Sheng Shiyun quickly crawled up and searched for her cell phone.

1. Mei Jiao is the nickname the fans gave to Lina and Jiaojiao by combining the first part of Mei Niu and Jiaojiao: Mei Jiao.

2. 666666 is an internet buzzword meaning well-played, amazing. The word originated from the game League of Legends, where players used 666 to praise others for playing well, and sometimes it is used for mocking their play in a sarcastic way.

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