Chapter 351 - The Chairman Has Been Revealed

“Gu Zhou.”

Gu Zhou heard his name and turned around. When he saw Sheng Jiaoyang, he secretly felt like he was being rescued, and a smile bloomed on his face. He quickly replied, “You’re here.”

Then, he turned towards Lina and took the initiative to greet her, “Lina, long time no see.”

“It’s almost been a year!” Lina replied with a smile.

“I’m really sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding last year. Now, I can only congratulate you on your marriage belatedly.”

“We’re all friends, so you don’t need to act so politely. Thank you for your well wishes!”

The female artist that had been talking to Gu Zhou saw them chatting, but she didn’t seem to have self-awareness. Not only did she not leave, she even interrupted the conversation. “Gu Zhou, you guys really get along!”

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at her, before using her eyes to signal Gu Zhou and ask him who she was.

A trace of helplessness and frustration flickered past Gu Zhou’s face and Sheng Jiaoyang instantly understood him. This was one of the thick-skinned people who wanted to cling onto him.

Sheng Jiaoyang asked the female artist straightforwardly, “Who’s your manager?”

The female artist turned around and called out, “Sis Fang~”

Sheng Jiaoyang exchanged a silent glance with Gu Zhou. This woman doesn’t think that I want to get acquainted with her manager, right?

When Manager Fang heard the shout, she looked over and saw that the artist she was managing was standing with three big stars. She thought that there was a good opportunity for her, and walked over with a big smile.

“Feifei, what’s wrong?” Then, Manager Fang greeted the big stars.

“Just now, Xu Jiaojiao asked who my manager was, so I called you over,” Feifei replied.

Manager Fang looked at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“You should pay more attention to your artists’ manners. If they don’t have good manners, then don’t let them come out and ruin our company’s reputation,” Sheng Jiaoyang said bluntly.

Manager Fang and Feifei were both startled and the people around them who noticed what Sheng Jiaoyang said were also surprised. Nobody thought that Jiaojiao would not spare the manager any face at all. Everyone in this circle knew that one ought to behave with propriety in these kinds of events. Things that were said in private events could easily leak out and turn into disputes.

“Gu Zhou, let’s grab a drink?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Gu Zhou calmly.

“Alright.” Gu Zhou wasn’t mad at her for her words, and even felt that the anger he had been building up in him had been completely washed away.

They walked towards the buffet table.

Only then did Feifei finally react. A mix of embarrassment and anger appeared on her face, and she glared furiously at Jiaojiao’s back before complaining to Manager Fang, “Sis Fang, I want to tell Daddy! I have to get him to freeze Xu Jiaojiao’s resources!”

Manager Fang sensed the surrounding gazes and her face turned ashen as she said, “You should go and talk to him then, I just saw Director Zhu standing there and talking with a few people.” She pointed in a direction.

Zhu Feifei quickly walked in the direction that Manager Fang pointed at, and sure enough, she saw her father chatting with some of the other board members.

“In the big meeting tomorrow, we’ll definitely get Li Yu to give us an explanation.”

“I wonder if the chairman will appear.”

“If it’s like the previous years, they’ll just have somebody take their place in the meeting again.”

“Our chairman is really mysterious. I really want to know who he is. Why doesn’t he want to reveal himself to us?”

“Haha, maybe he has a special identity.”

“Daddy!” Zhu Feifei rushed into the embrace of a middle-aged man with a potbelly.

“Woah, Old Zhu. Your treasured daughter’s here.”

Director Zhu hugged Zhu Feifei and told her, “Feifei, hurry and greet these uncles.”

How could Zhu Feifei spare the time to greet them? All she could think of were her own sufferings, and tears appeared in her eyes as she complained, “Daddy, somebody bullied me.”

“Who dared to bully you? Who was it?” Director Zhu frowned.

“Somebody actually dared to bully Feifei! Tell me who they are, and when we return, I’ll make sure to freeze him/her!”

“Right, we’ll help you take revenge,” some of the board members who had a good relationship with Director Zhu said.

Zhu Feifei immediately felt her confidence grow. “It’s that Xu Jiaojiao! She actually said I didn’t have any manners! Then, she even told Sis Fang not to bring me out in public, so as to avoid ruining our company’s reputation.”

Director Zhu was furious. “That Xu Jiaojiao really has guts! Since she dares to talk to my treasured daughter like that, I’ll definitely make Li Yu freeze her at the meeting tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow, Li Yu might not even be the President anymore. At that time, you can deal with Xu Jiaojiao however you wish,” another board member said.

“However, Xu Jiaojiao’s popularity is really high right now. If we freeze her, won’t our company be losing out on a great money maker?”

“Old Liu, you probably don’t know this but Xu Jiaojiao actually didn’t sign a contract to become an artist of our company, so her earnings have nothing to do with us!”

“How could that be possible?” Director Liu was astonished.

“I only found out after I looked into the matter. Li Yu really seemed to have sold his soul to Xu Jiaojiao. She didn’t sign the contract, so not a single cent could be made from her. Yet, he actually gave Xu Jiaojiao two of our best resources! Old Zhu, the female lead role your Feifei wanted was also snatched away by Xu Jiaojiao!”

“Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend has a lot of influence. He’s the new master of the Shen Corporation, so Li Yu’s probably doing this to earn his favour.”

“What’s the point of fawning over him? It’s not like President Shen has any ties to the company, so what’s he doing it for?”

Zhu Feifei listened to them talk, and she felt like her head was going to explode. Don’t tell me that they are not going to help take revenge? She pulled on her dad’s hand. “Daddy, I don’t care, I have to make her apologise to me today in front of everyone!”

Director Zhu nodded, “Alright, you can go, I’ll look for Li Yu.”

In their eyes, Xu Jiaojiao was somebody that Li Yu supported and uplifted. Before hitting the dog, you had to find their master, so if they wanted to cause trouble with her, they naturally had to find Li Yu first.

“President Li.”

Li Yu was just about to go on stage when he heard someone shout out for him. He stopped and looked over, only to see a few of the board members walking towards them aggressively. The one leading them was Director Zhu, who wholeheartedly wanted his daughter to become a big star.

“Oh my, you guys look like you’re on a mission. Did something happen?” Li Yu looked at them with a strange smile.

He naturally didn’t have any good opinions about these board members who always wanted to meddle with the company. However, since they were usually restrained, he didn’t tear apart their masks.

“Feifei, tell President Li what happened.” Director Zhu pushed Zhu Feifei gently.

The surrounding chatter suddenly quietened down, as everyone turned to watch them.

Everybody knew about Zhu Feifei’s identity, so everybody normally indulged her a little. When they saw how Zhu Feifei looked like she had suffered a big grievance, they all felt that something fun was going to happen. They were all wondering who had the guts to offend her.

It must be known that Zhu Feifei’s father was on the Board of Directors, and he had a good relationship with the other board members. Offending him would be the same as offending the entire board.

“President Li, you have to control Xu Jiaojiao properly. She went too far!” Zhu Feifei said.

Li Yu raised a brow while secretly thinking that what Zhu Feifei asked of him was impossible, for he could control anybody but Xu Jiaojiao. She’s his superior, and whether he could continue working was completely up to her.

“What did she do? Did she do something overboard?” Li Yu asked with interest.

Zhu Feifei clearly didn’t think he would be so interested, and she choked for a moment before speaking, “Originally I was chatting with Gu Zhou when Xu Jiaojiao insisted on barging in. Alright, if she wants to talk, then go ahead. I even wanted to happily chat with them together but then, Xu Jiaojiao suddenly asked me who my manager was. I thought she wanted to meet my manager so I called Sis Fang over, but I didn’t expect—”

Zhu Feifei clenched her teeth as she snapped furiously, “That she would actually tell Sis Fang that I had no manners, and that Sis Fang shouldn’t bring me out, so as to avoid ruining our company’s reputation. I just wanted to chat with her, yet she actually said such malicious words to me! Who’s the one with no manners?!”

Li Yu smiled. He had personally experienced Xu Jiaojiao’s poisonous tongue, and she had left him fuming many times before. Now that he saw that somebody else in his exact position, he felt indescribably satisfied.

“President Li, why are you smiling? Xu Jiaojiao is too arrogant. If you don’t discipline her properly, she won’t even regard you as anyone important!” Zhu Feifei said.

“Discipline? Nonono, I don’t dare to discipline her.” Li Yu shook his finger.

Director Zhu was even more furious, and he mocked, “Is President Li afraid of Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend? Outsiders who don’t know any better would probably think that you are a dog of Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend since you fawn over him so much.”

Li Yu was just mocked, but didn’t seem angry at all. Instead, he even replied with a beaming face, “Right, I am fawning on him. What can you do about it?”

“You!” Director Zhu couldn’t get any angrier.

“Li Yu, if the chairman knows you’re wasting the company’s resources to curry favour, do you think you will still be able to remain as the president?!” another board member shouted out.

Li Yu continued to smile. He looked at them like they were frogs stuck in a well before he walked up and got ready to deliver his speech.

“Good evening everyone. I am Li Yu.” Li Yu stood in front of the microphone and made a brief introduction to get everyone’s attention.

“Just like the previous banquets, before the feast begins, we have to sum up how well we did in the previous year. Last year, many of our artists made great achievements. The shows that our company invested in also had very high ratings, especially ‘Redeeming my IGD Boyfriend’ and ‘Empress’.”

He paused, and when he saw that nobody reacted, he took the lead in clapping. After everyone joined in, he said, “Today, our chairman is also present. Next, I would like to invite her up on stage to say a few words. Please clap to welcome her.”

Everybody was startled, before bursting out into a round of enthusiastic clapping. Everyone was curious to see the chairman.

The mysterious chairman will be revealed! This will be explosive news!

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