Chapter 35 - Best Photo

Sheng Jiaoyang’s team had lost, so now one of them would be eliminated.

Since Sheng Jiaoyang had immunity, she couldn’t be eliminated. As for Qi Hua, she wasn’t worried about being eliminated because she had a backer. Therefore, it was the other three who were in danger.

In the course of the competition, it was only Zhang Xue who didn’t make any mistakes, casting all blame on Luo Caimin and Huang Linying. If Luo Caimin hadn’t been so picky in the beginning, their team wouldn’t have fallen so far behind. Also, if Huang Linying had focused and hadn’t gone in the wrong direction, their group wouldn’t have been the last one.

Neither Luo Caimin or Huang Linying wanted to shoulder the blame, so they pushed it back on each other. For Qi Hua, who didn’t do her best, they all had complaints, but they couldn’t speak out and offend her.

As for Sheng Jiaoyang, they didn’t blame her as she’d arranged everyone in a round suited to their respective specialties. Furthermore, during the match, she hadn’t lost and had even cheered them all on. With all this, they wondered where they would blame her.

The result of the match would only come out the next morning, when two contestants would leave the supermodel house.

Returning to the villa, some of the contestants who felt uncertainty in their hearts’ were depressed, while the contestants that had no worries hung out for the night.

The next day.

The contestants had just eaten breakfast when Zhuo Yiyan arrived at the villa.

At the same time, he held a stack of photos in his hand.

“Morning, ladies!” Zhuo Yiyan greeted everyone with a smile on his face.

“Good morning, Teacher Zhuo!” the contestants responded.

Zhuo Yiyan stood in front of everyone and said, “First of all, I would like to congratulate team Luo Yi on moving to the next round of the competition.”

Applause filled the room.

“Alright, I need three people to come forth and collect your photos.”

Zhuo Yiyan handed Luo Yi’s team their picture before giving Xiao Yang’s team theirs. Then, his face became serious. “Now, I'll announce the names of those from the losing team who’ll be eliminated.”

Everyone looked towards the five members of Sheng Jiaoyang’s team.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression was calm, while Qi Hua wasn’t nervous at all. However, the other three couldn’t sit still due to their anxiety.

“Xu Jiaojiao!” Zhuo Yiyan called out.


“Is there a mistake?”

“Doesn’t Jiaojiao have immunity?”

Zhuo Yiyan ignored everyone’s surprised exclamations and continued, “Come and take your photo.”

So, the person who’ll be eliminated won’t have a photo! Everyone suddenly understood.

Sheng Jiaoyang stepped forward and took her photo before quietly retreating to the side. She lowered her head and looked at her photo. Photography was really an art. She looked like a fairy. Her hairstyle, facial features, expression, and bearing combined perfectly to form a stunning figure in the picture.

“Qi Hua.”

“Huang Linying.”

“Luo Caimin.”

Soon, Zhuo Yiyan finished calling out the contestants who had a photo.

Zhang Xue’s complexion turned white with disbelief. In the group match, her performance was clearly the best. However, she was still eliminated!

“Teacher Zhuo, I want to know how the results are assessed? My comprehensive score before wasn’t bad, so why am I being eliminated?” Zhang Xue questioned.

Zhuo Yiyan explained calmly, “The losing team’s elimination list isn’t based on comprehensive strength, but on the quality of your photo. This result was unanimously decided on by our five judges.”

Zhang Xue couldn’t say anything more. She just silently cried.

Sheng Jiaoyang gently sighed and walked over to hug Zhang Xue.

“Thank you!” Zhang Xue choked on her sobs.

“Show off!” Watching this scene, Qi Hua’s lips curled as she disdainfully whispered.

The person standing beside Qi Hua heard her and glanced at her without saying anything. She silently moved to the side, bit by bit, distancing herself from Qi Hua.

“Next, we’ll announce the overall ranking. This ranking combines the results of your photo, and also your group match performance.”

Then, Zhuo Yiyan slowly read out the ranking on the comprehensive list.

In first place was Luo Yi.

Second place Xu Jiaojiao.

Third place Pu Mingyu.

Fourth place Zou Anqi.

Fifth place Xiao Yang.

In the fifteenth position was Luo Caimin.

According to the competition system, the other elimination candidate was the one with the worst overall score, except for those in the winning team.

There was no need for Zhuo Yiyan to announce who the second eliminated candidate would be as everyone already knew from the rankings.

“Both of you can go and pack up your belongings,” Zhuo Yiyan said to the two contestants who’d been eliminated.

When the two ex-contestants had left, the atmosphere was inevitably tense.

Of course, Zhuo Yiyan didn’t want the atmosphere to be so stressful. It wasn’t a suspense program after all. He clapped his hands and said, “According to the rules of the competition, the contestant with the top overall ranking, and the contestant with the best photo, will each receive immunity for the next round.”

“So, this time, I thought it would be fun for everyone to try and guess who the candidate is for the best picture.”

The contestants looked at each other in dismay. In fact, all of their photos were beautiful, and they all hoped that they could get the best photo.

“It must be Jiaojiao!” The new fangirl, Wang Wei, thought of the person she worshipped.

Everyone’s gaze turned to Wang Wei in surprise. They didn’t understand where Wang Wei’s confidence came from.

Even Luo Yi and Pu Mingyu, who have a good relationship with Sheng Jiaoyang, didn’t think that she would get the best photo again. The last time she got it was just because of her skyrocketing popularity.

Sheng Jiaoyang also looked at Wang Wei, her lips rising slightly. In the past, Mei Niu had also trusted her sincerely like this. No matter what trouble Mei Niu encountered, she felt that Sheng Jiaoyang could solve it. At that time, she also wondered how Mei Niu had come to have that faith in her.

“Can I guess myself?” Luo Yi, who sat safely in first place on the rankings, chuckled as she tilted her head.

“Luo Yi, the opportunities you’ll obtain are the greatest. You’re now ranked first in the overall ranking, indicating that everything about you is outstanding,” Pu Mingyu responded.

“Luo Yi, three people from your team occupy the top five!”

“Yeah, Luo Yi’s team is the strongest. I’m really worried about the next round.”

“I think the division of teams isn’t fair. She chose her members, so naturally, she picked all the best people.”

“It doesn’t matter now, my goal is to be in the top nine. As long as I can enter the top nine, it’ll do.”

A few contestants had aggrieved expressions on their faces. Simultaneously, they felt the tension and oppression from their strong opponents.

It could be said that Luo Yi, with her popularity and strong ability, was already recognised as a popular contestant slated to win.

“Hey, Jiaojiao’s team lost their group match, and their scores will likely fall behind. The other members of her group ranked poorly, so how could she be in second place?” someone suddenly exclaimed this point.

Everyone present quickly quietened down.

Luo Yi’s self-confidence slowly dwindled, and she merely stared at Zhuo Yiyan, who’d remained silent after he’d told them all to take a guess at the results. She didn’t know why, but she had a bad feeling!

Silence represented a kind of tacit agreement. When that question was put forth, everyone had a guess as to what the answer was.

Zhuo Yiyan smiled slightly and said, “It seems that you’ve all guessed it. That’s right, this time, the person who got the best photo is Xu Jiaojiao. Congratulations!”

“I knew it!” Wang Wei was particularly excited as if she’d won the lottery.

Qi Hua stared coldly at Wang Wei. Crazy! What was there to be happy about? It's not you who got the best photo!

Some contestants started to despair. It felt like since the competition started, the immunity was constantly occupied by the same two individuals. What were the rest of them fighting for? Did they even have a future?!!

“Alright, bring your swimsuits. Today, the theme of our photo shoot is sunbathing. In a moment, we’ll draw lots to decide on the order of the photo shoot for today,” Zhuo Yiyan clapped his hands as he announced.

“Woah~ Should I wear a bikini to take a picture?”

“Today’s scale is a bit big~”

The contestants were all excited.

Of course, there were some contestants who were thinking quite far ahead. Looking at the two contestants with immunity, and then looking at themselves, they felt their confidence abruptly crash.

Sheng Jiaoyang received all kinds of gazes, yet her face remained expressionless. She didn’t know what words to use to describe her current feelings.

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