Chapter 346 - A Trap

“Are you alright?” The first thing that Shen Zhining did after running over was to check on Sheng Jiaoyang and ask if she was alright.

Sheng Jiaoyang shook her head, and she was just about to speak up when a group of people approached them.

“Your Highness, why did you want to drive Fendi away?”

“Your Highness, what offence did Adeline commit?”

“Your Highness…”

Prince Wight raised his hand and signalled for them to be silent. Once they stopped talking, he said, “The three of them offended my Princess, so they will never be invited to any banquet I host again. There’s no need to try and convince me otherwise. Don’t worry, I won’t pin their mistakes on any of you, and all of you are still my guests. I hope that you’ll let them own up to their own mistakes.”

The parents of the trio looked at each other in dismay. Originally, they felt great honour when their daughters were specially invited to attend the wedding. They had even been bragging about their daughters’ good relationship with the Prince and Princess. They never would’ve thought that their daughters would be forced out of the wedding venue, and even become blacklisted by the Prince.

Many of the surrounding guests also heard the debacle, and their gazes turned into ones of ridicule.

The parents of the trio felt humiliated.

Felicia’s mother still felt slightly unresigned, and she whispered a question to Princess Wight, “Princess, may I ask what Felicia did to make you so mad? Please let me know, so I can teach her properly when we return.”

Daisy raised her chin and beckoned to Sheng Jiaoyang, “Jiaojiao, come over here.”

Sheng Jiaoyang walked to Daisy.

Daisy hugged Sheng Jiaoyang before looking at the parents of the trio, “Jiaojiao is like my sister. When I was in dire straits, your daughters wanted to humiliate me, but Jiaojiao stood up for me, protected me, and didn't trample on my dignity. The reason why I invited them for my wedding today was because I wanted to settle our grudges once and for all. However, they suddenly acted so outrageously that I had no choice but to kick them out. Not only did they insult my good sister, but they were even disrespectful towards me, so I decided to cut off ties with them.”

Sheng Jiaoyang turned to look at Daisy. She has really grown up. In the past, she would’ve never said something like this. Instead, she would probably only say something simple like ‘I found them very unpleasant, so I got rid of them’. However, she has now learnt to twist words effectively, so now, she can hold the moral high ground and make herself appear as the justified party.

Sure enough, the parents of the trio were left unable to reply, and a look of shame hung over their faces.

“You guys have taught your daughters such 'good manners',” Shen Zhining’s face was cold, and his lips curled up into a sneer, “My girlfriend has nothing to do with your daughters, and yet, out of the three times they had met, your daughters attempted to harm her twice! I still haven’t taken revenge for their earlier attempts to humiliate my girlfriend, but now they even want to cause trouble at Wight’s wedding? If you don’t give me a proper explanation today, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

“Mr. Shen, who’s your girlfriend?”

Shen Zhining reached out his hand to Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang fluttered like a butterfly to his side and held his hand. Then, she stood beside him, and they looked like an extremely intimate couple.

The parents of the trio suddenly realized who their daughters had offended.

Prince Wight also spoke up, “Zhining is my best friend, and Jiaojiao is Daisy’s closest friend. They’re also our wedding witnesses… so whoever wants to antagonize them will also be antagonizing me!”

The faces of all the parents quickly turned ugly, and they silently scolded their daughters in their minds.

To make up for their daughter’s offences, the three families could only use money to avoid trouble.

Of course, Felicia and the others would remain on His Highness’s blacklist. That wouldn’t be changed no matter how much they spent.

During the banquet, many people came to take photos with the Prince and Princess.

Once these people got a photo with the Prince and Princess, they also dragged Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining in for more photos.

Prince Wight even posted their group photo on his twitter and publicly thanked them. After all, it was because of those two that he and Daisy could get together.

Domestic reporter Xiao Mei had been waiting for news about the wedding the entire time, and once she saw Prince Wight’s post, she immediately took a screenshot of his twitter feed and reported it.

At roughly the same time, Lina also found out that Sheng Jiaoyang had attended Prince Wight’s wedding, so she gave her a call in the evening.

“Why didn’t you inform me when you came here?” Lina complained.

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed: “I’ve literally just arrived a day ago. First I went to see Malik’s art exhibition, and then I had to attend Prince Wight’s wedding immediately afterwards. You’re pretty busy yourself, so I wanted to wait till the wedding was over before I contacted you.”

“Hey hey, since when did you become the Princess’s good sister? How come I didn’t know about it?”

“The Princess is Daisy. Remember how I once told you about a person named Daisy who liked Shen Zhining and wanted to pay me to leave him? It’s the same girl. You met her at the mall before.”

“Her? I thought her family owed hundreds of millions of dollars? Wow, the Prince still wants to be with her. That’s true love right there!”

“Zhining already helped pay back Daisy’s debt so that she can be with Prince Wight without any burden on her shoulders.”

“What? Why did your Demon King Shen help pay back her family’s debt? Could it be that…”

“Alright, don’t think so much. Although Zhining is helping Daisy pay back her debt, Prince Wight is the one actually handing over the money. He’s just borrowed the money from Shen Zhining first,” Sheng Jiaoyang laughed as she interrupted Lina.

“Oh, so he was borrowing money. But your boyfriend really is generous. How can he just easily lend out tens of millions of dollars? Is he not afraid that the other party wouldn’t be able to return it? If I had known that he was so generous, I would’ve gone to borrow some money from him too.”

Sheng Jiaoyang was startled, “Are you in need of money??”

“Oh, nahh, I was just joking.”

“Really?” Sheng Jiaoyang raised a brow.

“Of course. Our company is making a lot of profit, so how could I be short of money?! Besides, I’m still a brand ambassador. Just the money from that is enough for my needs.”

Why does she feel like Lina was trying to cover things up?

A trace of doubt flashed in Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes but she didn’t press Lina or question her further on the phone. It was better to discuss things face to face tomorrow.

While they were on their way to the hotel, Sheng Jiaoyang told Shen Zhining about her plan to meet Lina tomorrow.

“Tomorrow?” Shen Zhining raised a brow.

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at him doubtfully.

Shen Zhining grabbed her hand, “How about two days later?”

“Are you busy tomorrow?”

“Yeah, during today’s wedding, I agreed to meet up with someone tomorrow to discuss a potential collaboration.”

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked. “No worries, there’s no big issue. Just go for your appointment. I’ll look for Mei Niu first, and you can come find me when you’re free.”

Shen Zhining agreed with her suggestion. After all, he couldn’t just stick by her side 24/7.

“Alright, then be safe.”

“Don’t worry. My bodyguards aren’t just for show.”

Early the next morning, Sheng Jiaoyang went to the airport with her bodyguards.

Once she arrived, she went straight to the company. She had already been here with her current identity, so the staff at the company all recognized her. Thus, they allowed her to go straight to Lina’s office.

“Mei Niu, I’m here~”

As soon as Sheng Jiaoyang entered the office, she felt a strange atmosphere engulf her. Lina, who was sitting behind the desk, didn’t look very well. Beside her was an assistant who was holding onto a document.

Lina quickly forced a smile onto her face when she heard Sheng Jiaoyang’s voice. “Come take a seat first. We’ll go for lunch in a bit.”

“What happened? Did you run into some trouble?” Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t forget the solemn expression that Lina had just now.

“It’s nothing. It’s just a minor trouble that I can deal with.” Lina glanced at her assistant, Sudan, and signalled him to bring the file out of the office.

Lina looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, and a teasing smile appeared on her face, “Why didn’t your boyfriend come with you? I always see him sticking so close to you, so why did he suddenly let you come alone today?”

“I didn’t come alone, my bodyguards are just waiting outside. Besides, I’m not a little kid who needs a guardian with me wherever I go. You’re exaggerating about Zhining, he doesn’t stick to me all the time! Now I’d say George is the one that wants to stick close with you 24/7!”

Lina’s expression changed slightly when Sheng Jiaoyang mentioned George. Although she quickly hid it, this change didn’t escape Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes.

“How’s the clothing brand going?” Sheng Jiaoyang changed the topic.

“We ran into a bit of trouble. Paul had originally sketched us an entire collection of designs. but it was taken by his assistant and sold to RICHAD. Unfortunately, Paul hadn’t patented the designs, so it was stolen over by them, just like that.”

When she heard this, Sheng Jiaoyang frowned. Was Lina’s solemn expression earlier caused by this?

“When did this happen?”

“Just two days ago.”

“Have you thought of any countermeasures yet?”

All of a sudden, Lina started smiling as she said, “But the good thing is, the designs in Paul’s collection all have a trademark that he had registered long ago. The other company doesn’t know this, and they thought it was an entirely new collection. So once they’re done copying it, we can go ahead and sue them.”

“What if they’re more cautious and copy it without Paul’s trademark designs?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.

Lina’s smile became even brighter, “I’ve seen Paul’s collection, and half of its brilliance comes from those trademark designs. If they don’t copy it, the design wouldn’t be nearly as good, and would make RICHAD seem rather mediocre.”

Sheng Jiaoyang also smiled. She thought that Paul was one of those designers who were only interested in whole-heartedly pursuing their arts, but she didn’t expect that he was actually also cautious and prudent as well. He had probably suffered quite a bit before becoming so cautious.

In any case, this wouldn’t affect their company’s progress.

Instead, they can use this chance to attack RICHAD’s reputation. As long as they win the lawsuit, they wouldn’t need to spend so much money on advertising their new brand.

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