Chapter 342 - Nurturing a Talent

Peng Peng hastily stood up when she saw Jiaojiao walking over.

“Take a seat, there’s no need to be so polite.” Sheng Jiaoyang sat on the other end of the sofa.

Sheng Jiaoyang was very casual, but Peng Peng felt very nervous.

Peng Peng sat back down and said politely, “Jiaojiao… no, Miss Xu. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t leak your real status out!”

“Why are you suddenly acting so distant?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked with a smile.

“I…” Peng Peng smiled with embarrassment, “I also find it a bit weird to call you Miss Xu. I don’t think any fan would address their idol in such a professional way. I’ll stick to calling you Jiaojiao then. I hope you won’t mind.”

“There’s no need to speak so politely too. It sounds very awkward. Have you thought about the topics and questions you wanted to interview me about?” Sheng Jiaoyang took the cup of tea that Zeng Huan brewed for her and slowly took a sip.

“Yep. If any of my questions make you uncomfortable, you don’t have to answer them. I will automatically move on and ask a different question.” After receiving the latter’s approval, Peng Peng turned on her recording pen and began the interview.

Now that Peng Peng knew about Jiaojiao’s true identity, she felt that Jiaojiao’s time was even more valuable. Hence, she consciously sped up the interview and didn’t tary. Thus, the interview was wrapped up in less than twenty minutes.

After concluding the interview, Peng Peng stood up and gave Jiaojiao a respectful bow. Then, with a voice full of appreciation, she said, “Jiaojiao, I knew from the start that you were intentionally giving me opportunities. That’s why I took the initiative to personally request for an interview. Now, I want to thank you, not as a fan, but as Peng Peng. Thank you!”

A faint smile appeared on Sheng Jiaoyang’s face. “I’m always willing to give promising youngsters a chance. Of course, that is on the condition that they have aspirations. You just happen to fit the criteria.”

Peng Peng giggled, “Jiaojiao, I’m older than you, okay? Hearing you call me a youngster makes me feel like my twenty years on Earth is all in vain.”

“You’re pretty good. If you no longer want to work in the magazine industry, you can just contact me.” Sheng Jiaoyang made it clear to Peng Peng that she greatly appreciated her.

Peng Peng was startled. Jiaojiao’s offer was very enticing, but she still tactfully declined, “I’d really like to work for you but currently, I still want to see how far I can get with my own abilities. I also want to work on and improve my skills.”

Sheng Jiaoyang gave an understanding nod, and didn’t pursue the matter any further.

“Jiaojiao, I still have something else I want to say as a fan.”

“Oh? What is it?” Sheng Jiaoyang was curious.

“Earlier, the president and vice president of the Jiao fan club’s core group discussed how we would continue developing and growing the fan club in the future. We all decided to work hard on our own careers, so that we can become as outstanding as you. We want to work hard and carve out our own strengths and specialties so that we can excel in our industries. Although our dream might be unattainable, as long as we all work hard, we can also become strong and ambitious people. This way, we can better support you and back you up firmly!” Peng Peng was full of ambition and drive when she said this, almost as if she was swearing an oath.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled. Indeed, her fans were really cute.

Peng Peng paused for a moment before continuing, “During the meeting, I also set down my personal goal. One day, I will become someone influential in the media industry, so that no matter who dares to slander you, I can beat them!”

Xu Ping, who was sitting at another corner, suddenly saw Peng Peng in a new light. Before, she had thought that Peng Peng was too rash, and that she would do anything to achieve her goals. But after finding out that she was actually a hardcore fan of Jiaojiao, her impression naturally changed.

Furthermore, Xu Ping was really pleased by Peng Peng’s words. When she thought about all the Jiao fans, each with their own strengths and specialities, standing up and fighting together to support Jiaojiao, her heart started thumping, and it made her feel hotblooded and excited.

Zeng Huan also saw Peng Peng as somebody on their side, and she poured her a new cup of tea.

“You have a good heart and good intentions, but it’s still better to work hard for yourself rather than others. Life only has meaning when you’re living for yourself.” Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t look especially moved. She always listened to such declarations, but she had never fully entertained or trusted them.

Verbal promises could be said as many times as you want to, but it would never compare to taking action and creating results.

Furthermore, the adoration that fans had for celebrities was always unstable. After a period of excitement, there would usually come a day when even the most hardcore fans would suddenly lose interest in their favourite idols.

However, such fans were usually referred to as fake fans. Their previous excitement and support for their favourite celebrity wasn’t completely sincere. Rather, it was just a period of infatuation. True fans would continue loving their idols even decades after their death.

Peng Peng stuck out her tongue and nodded in reply, “Mmhm, Jiaojiao’s right. People should put their own lives first.”

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled. Peng Peng really was talented at interacting with people.

“Jiaojiao, if I may be so bold as to ask, could you help me shoot a magazine cover?” Peng Peng put up a brave smile, “You wanted to help me grow, so how about you give me another little push? This time, our editor-in-chief said that if we can top the sales chart at the end of the year, he’ll recommend me to become the deputy editor-in-chief.”

Peng Peng was really good at understanding people and knew that Jiaojiao liked how straightforward she is so she didn’t try to hide anything and directly stated her purpose.

“You…” Xu Ping couldn’t help but speak up. However, before she could speak any further, she was interrupted by a beep.

The beep came from the intercom.

Sheng Jiaoyang got up casually and answered the call, “Who is it?”

After hearing what the other party had to say, she replied, “Alright. Have them wait a moment, I’ll call people to pick them up.”

After hanging up, Sheng Jiaoyang turned to Xu Ping, “Sis Ping, go and receive Qin Anliang and her group.”

Xu Ping got up and made to leave.

Peng Peng hastily stood up as well, “Since you are busy, I won’t bother you. I’ll make my leave first.”

Sheng Jiaoyang leaned on her office table as she looked at Peng Peng, “We’ll discuss the issue of the magazine cover at a later time. If I’m free tomorrow, I’ll tell Sis Ping to contact you.”

Peng Peng’s eyes lit up, and she couldn’t help but a smile, “Jiaojiao, thank you so much!”

Sheng Jiaoyang lightly waved her away.

Peng Peng left with Xu Ping.

Zeng Huan laughed, “Reporter Peng’s a really interesting person. Now, I suddenly really want to see the day when experts from all walks of life come together and unite under the Jiao fans banner. Hehe, that scene would be so awesome.”

“It’s a pity that Peng Peng is just a reporter,” Sheng Jiaoyang sighed.

“I really don’t think it’s much of a pity though. Although she’s only a reporter now, she might not be one in the future. Her goal is to become the deputy editor-in-chief. Wait… no, becoming the deputy editor-in-chief is just a small target of hers. She definitely wants to become the editor-in-chief. That’d be pretty good. If she could become the editor-in-chief, wouldn’t that mean that the whole publishing company would be on our side?” Zeng Huan managed to get herself excited.

Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at Zeng Huan. “Alright, that’s enough. Tidy up the coffee table and prepare another cup of tea.”

Meanwhile, the elevator had arrived. Peng Peng and Xu Ping then entered the elevator together.

“Sis Ping, I’m really sorry that I skipped over you and contacted Jiaojiao directly, but I didn’t have a choice. The magazine’s deadline is really close, and if I didn’t get Jiaojiao’s exclusive interview, I’d definitely miss this chance for a promotion.” Peng Peng apologized to Xu Ping again sincerely.

Xu Ping inspected Peng Peng seriously, and her opinion of this young girl changed entirely. When she was her age, she was still working as a little assistant. It was only after three years that she woke up and started to really plan out her life.

“How many years has it been since you’ve graduated?” Xu Ping asked.

“Almost two years. Wow, time really passed by quickly.” Peng Peng sighed regretfully.

Xu Ping felt even more regretful. It was rare to find somebody who would embark on her own path so soon after graduating. No wonder Jiaojiao wanted to give Peng Peng a chance.

When they reached the first floor, Peng Peng bid farewell to Xu Ping.

“If Jiaojiao has time tomorrow, I’ll contact you. Even if she doesn’t have time, I’ll still notify you, so just wait for my call,” Xu Ping said rather affably.

“Alright. Thank you Sis Ping! I’ll see you later!” Peng Peng said excitedly.

Peng Peng glanced back a few times as she left Entertainment International’s building. With a heart full of excitement, she immediately called the editor-in-chief to relay the good news.

“Are you sure you can get Xu Jiaojiao to be our model for the magazine cover?” A hint of hesitation could be heard in the editor-in-chief’s voice.

“I’m sure. Jiaojiao agreed. However, she’s really busy these days with her new drama, so maybe…”

Peng Peng still hadn’t finished her words when the editor-in-chief interrupted her, “Didn’t you say you were sure? Why are you saying that she might not model for us now? Once you get a confirmation tomorrow, tell me right away. Don’t make any guarantees right now.”

Peng Peng was momentarily at a loss for words, but she also knew the editor-in-chief really valued Jiaojiao, so she could only hurriedly offer some words of comfort, “Editor-in-chief, let me finish. When I said maybe, I didn’t mean that she might not model for us. What I meant was that she might not be free to do the photoshoot tomorrow. Try and see if you can get the photographer and stylists to be on standby. If she’s free tomorrow, we can find a nearby studio so that the shoot wouldn’t take too long.”

After listening to her clarifications, the editor-in-chief released a sigh of relief, “So that’s what you meant. No problem, I’ll get Xiao Hai and A’Fang to hurry over.”

“Alright, then I’ll send the location of my hotel to Xiao Hai and A’Fang.”

“Peng Peng, it’s been hard on you. I won’t forget your contributions.” The editor-in-chief calmed himself down and regained his composure.

“Editor-in-chief, thank you for supporting me. I didn’t do this alone, our success is mostly due to your hard work and planning.”

A big smile grew on the editor-in-chief’s face. Clearly, he was very happy with Peng Peng’s flattering comments.

Peng Peng snorted gently after she hung up and glanced at the headquarters of Entertainment International. The editor-in-chief was too unreliable. In the end, she still had to rely on her own capabilities.

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