Chapter 340 - That’s Right

The meals were delivered in bento boxes, and in each box was an appetizing and well-balanced meal that consisted of a chicken drumstick, minced meat, and fresh vegetables.

Every person in the venue got a bento box. This meant that roughly 300 meals were delivered to all the fans, staff, and security guards. This was quite a big deal.

The whole venue was filled with the delicious smell of food.

While the fans were eating their bento, Sheng Jiaoyang took the opportunity to have a rest.

“Are you hungry?” Shen Zhining held her master hand and started massaging her wrist and fingers.

“Initially I wasn’t hungry, but now that I smell food, I’m hungry.”

Shen Zhining turned around and looked at his subordinate who was holding onto the food. His subordinate immediately understood what he wanted and brought the food to him.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked curiously at Shen Zhining as he opened the bento box. There wasn’t fast food inside, but a mixed fruit platter cut into bite-size portions.

“Have some fruit first. I’ll take you out for a sumptuous dinner later.”

“I want to have dinner at the Jiao Family Restaurant.” Sheng Jiaoyang made a slightly difficult request, as that restaurant usually did not accept customers after 7 PM.

Shen Zhining glanced at his watch, only to find that it was already after 6 PM. Then, he looked up, and was greeted by the sight of Sheng Jiaoyang looking at him in such a way that she was practically saying, “You’re done for!” He chuckled and pinched her cheeks lightly before he stood up to make a call.

“Ahhh, did you see that?”

“I saw it! They’re so cute!”

“I’ve been blinded!”

The fans who had been constantly paying attention to the Peerless Couple caught their intimate interaction, and they all felt extremely excited.

Sheng Jiaoyang only had two pieces of fruit before she resumed the autograph session, as she wanted to head for dinner as early as possible. Fans who had yet to finish their bentos had to hold onto it while moving along the line. As a result, they could not ask for hugs or add in other requests, and this sped up the autograph session by a lot.

Shen Zhining returned to Sheng Jiaoyang’s side to find that she hadn’t touched much of the fruit platter. Hence, he picked it up and started feeding her. Sheng Jiaoyang was focused on signing, and he was focused on patiently feeding her.

Some fans secretly caught this moment with their phones, and thought that it was even more exciting than taking a photo with Jiaojiao. They were extremely excited to share these photos on Weibo.

The fans had the simple and pure desire of wanting to share their beloved celebrity’s love. Moreover, they wanted to prove those so-called 'prophets', who predicted that lovey-dovey couples were short-lived and that the Peerless Couple would break up eventually, wrong.

Sheng Jiaoyang was initially uncomfortable with being fed, but when she saw how unperturbed Shen Zhining was, she let him continue.

Once Sheng Jiaoyang finished penning down her last signature, she stood up and announced the end of the fan meeting.

“Thanks for the dinner, Mr. Shen!” the fans shouted out in unison.

Sheng Jiaoyang was startled, and after she deciphered what they had shouted, she laughed and asked Shen Zhining, “Everyone thanked you for dinner! Is there anything you wish to say?”

Shen Zhining took the microphone from Sheng Jiaoyang and looked at all the fans, “No need to thank me. If all of you are still here next year, I’ll bring you on an overseas trip.”

Everyone, including Sheng Jiaoyang, was stunned. Subsequently, thunderous cheers burst out within the venue.

After Shen Zhining gave his response, he handed the microphone to the staff and walked out with Sheng Jiaoyang in his arms.

Liu Lu turned around to Zheng Yuan and said, “Er Jiao’s boyfriend is filthy rich!”

“He’s not only filthy rich, but rich and powerful. He doesn’t treat people to meals for no reason. He stated that we must still be around next year, which means that we must still be supporting Jiaojiao then.”

“Even if he didn’t make that promise, we will still continue to support Er Jiao. Look at the other celebrities who got married into wealthy families, are any of their husbands as supportive of their own wives, as Mr Shen is to our Jiaojiao? I haven’t seen any yet.”

Zheng Yuan didn’t rebut her words, for she was right. She had never seen anyone else care for their partner so much, to the extent of taking care of their fans.

All the fans started talking about it, and many even brought it up to Weibo.

In the car, Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Shen Zhining and asked, “Are you really going to send my fans on an overseas trip next year?”

“If they are still as supportive as they are now, I am willing to put in the effort to make all of you happy.” Shen Zhining said lightly and confidently.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked down and smiled. “If you do this, you’re going to spoil all of us.”

“Please remove the words ‘all of us’.”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked up and saw that Shen Zhining was looking back at her with a deep gaze. “I don’t like it when others distract you, but if I treat your fans as your employees, then I’ll feel better. So, if they behave well, it wouldn’t matter for me to reward them in your stead.”

“Employees?” It was the first time that Sheng Jiaoyang heard someone describe her fans in such a way.

She thought it over for a while, before she suddenly smiled, “It’s great to have staff like this. We don’t have to pay them and they would still do their part. At the end of the year, we can just reward a few who performed well and that would motivate everyone to continue working hard without complaints.”

“They can’t be considered real employees, because they don’t create revenue for you.”

“No revenue? I don’t agree. If a celebrity breaks away from their fans, how much revenue can he or she generate? They won’t be able to generate much unless they have their own resources like me. Fans are the celebrities’ hidden wealth. The number of fans can serve as a measurement of the popularity of the celebrity, and popular celebrities would naturally bring in huge financial benefits.”

Shen Zhining watched as she spoke with a leisurely tone, and his lips started to curl upward into a smile.

“What are you smiling at? Did I say something wrong?” Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brows.

“No, you’re absolutely right.”

When the chauffeur, Man Jun, heard that his own boss was so unprincipled, he now saw his boss in a new light. He then looked straight ahead, not once looking into the rearview mirror.

When they reached the mouth of the alley that led to the Jiao Family Restaurant, Shen Zhining alighted first, before he headed to open the door for Sheng Jiaoyang on the other side. Then, he reached his hand out towards Sheng Jiaoyang and said, “Please, my princess.”

It was the first time Sheng Jiaoyang heard him address her like that, and it felt as if she had just downed a huge mouthful of honey, filled with a cringy sweetness. The corners of her mouth curled up, and she placed her hand in his open palm and allowed him to help her off the car.

Man Jun and the other security guards looked at everything around their surroundings but their boss. Although they really wanted to see for themselves if their boss had been replaced by someone who looked similar to him, their rationality drove them to look away.

“It’s nearly 8 PM now. Are you sure Steward Jiao kept the restaurant open?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked as they arrived at their entrance to the restaurant.

Just then, Steward Jiao’s eldest son came out and welcomed them, “You’re here. The food has already been prepared for you.”

They walked into a private room, and Shen Zhining took the initiative to help Sheng Jiaoyang remove her coat.

The dishes had already been laid out on the table. There were a total of eight dishes, with a good balance between meat and vegetables. The dishes were also perfectly portioned for two.

The security guards were ushered into the room next to theirs, and a similar meal was prepared for them.

“It’s been a while since I ate their food.” Sheng Jiaoyang exclaimed as she took her seat and looked at all the delicious dishes before her.

She had been extremely busy in the past year. She filmed two TV series, a movie, and even participated in various variety shows. She also had to attend various award ceremonies. If it were not for Shen Zhining, she would not know when she could have the food at Jiao Family Restaurant.

Shen Zhining grabbed her most favorite dish and placed it in her bowl. “We can come more often if you want.”

“I think next year might be a busy year too.” The year was not yet over, and she already has a TV series and a movie planned for next year.

Shen Zhining did not persuade her to take it easy. Instead, he encouraged her, “That’s good, that means you can achieve your goal sooner.”

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Shen Zhining in surprise. “I thought you would advise me not to work too hard, and that you would say that you will take care of me or something like that!” He had said those words before, which proved that he had once thought that way. So why is he encouraging her to work hard now?

Shen Zhining only laughed. Of course, he did not want to see her work so hard, but he already knew that it was useless to persuade her. Since she had set her mind on doing her best in this profession, he would rather support her and help her achieve her goals faster, so that she would not still be slogging her guts out in the future.

After dinner, they headed back home.

It was already 10 PM by the time they returned, and after washing up, it was already 11 PM.

Sheng Jiaoyang leaned against the headboard and picked up her mobile phone to reply Shen Zhining’s goodnight message.

Although it had been quite a tiring day, she still had a great time meeting with all her fans. She even got to enjoy her favorite dishes.

When she logged onto her private Weibo account, she saw that the fans who attended the fan meetup were proudly sharing all the photos from the event. She even saw some fans who could not attend the meetup express their envy, and there was even a huge clamor as fans suggested for her to do a nationwide fan meeting tour.

The gifts that she had given to her fans, as well as Shen Zhining’s promise to bring her fans on an overseas trip next year, had become hot topics.

Some videos from the fan meeting had also been shared. In these videos, it could be seen that Sheng Jiaoyang was very amiable with her fans, and that she had put in a lot of effort into her gifts for her fans. It was clear to everyone that she had her fans in mind, unlike some others who enjoyed their fans’ love and adoration publicly, but privately loathed their fans’ fangirling or fanboying over them.

The saying, ‘Jiao fans must be the happiest fans around’, was not just a saying that Jiao fans knew about. It was a saying widely spread amongst the other celebrities’ fans as well. In everyone’s opinion, this saying was in no way false.

After Sheng Jiaoyang liked a few posts, she was about to turn in for the night. However, she suddenly spotted that Shen Zhining liked someone’s Weibo post, and even left a comment.

That person’s Weibo had a picture of Shen Zhining feeding Sheng Jiaoyang a piece of fruit, and it was uploaded with the caption: I have a feeling that my goddess will soon become someone else’s wife.

And what was Shen Zhining’s response?

Two words: That’s right!

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