Chapter 331 - Madness

“Lin Yu, I’m dying.”

Lin Yu originally did not want to pick up her call, but as the phone kept ringing, he had no choice but to pick up. He was about to tell the other party to stop spamming his phone with calls until he heard the frail and husky voice from the other end of the phone.

“Go see a doctor if you’re sick.” In the end, he was not able to hang up on her.

“I…” Thud It sounded like someone fell onto the ground.

Startled, Lin Yu asked hurriedly, “Where are you?”

“I’m at home.” Sheng Shiyun’s voice was filled with hope.

“Okay, hang on a little more.” Lin Yu hung up the call.

Sheng Shiyun held on and waited for Lin Yu in her apartment. When she heard the doorbell ring, a smile appeared on her pale face. She knew Lin Yu would come for her. She stood up immediately, only to get a dizzy spell from standing up too quickly. Still, she managed to make her way to the door.

She opened the door.

Lin Yu was not there. Instead, two people donned in hospital gowns were waiting at the door.

Sheng Shiyun’s expression fell immediately. Her vision went blank and she fainted on the spot.

When she woke up in the hospital and did not see Lin Yu, she grabbed her own hair and screamed like a madman. This scared the female patient in the next bed next to hers, and an apple fell out from her mouth.

Of course, this alerted the nurses as well.

“Are you feeling unwell?” A nurse hurried into the ward.

“Where’s my Lin Yu?” Sheng Shiyun grabbed the nurse with both arms and stared at her, without even caring that the needle on her hand had popped out.

The nurse was confused. How would she know who Lin Yu was?

“A guy came in earlier and hurriedly paid for your hospitalization and medical fees before leaving. I’m not sure if that is who you’re looking for?” the nurse answered.

Sheng Shiyun’s eyes brightened up, and she asked, “Does he look young and dashing?”

“No. He was a square-faced middle-aged man.” The nurse shook her head and looked at Sheng Shiyun’s bleeding hand, “Let me help you reinsert the needle.”

“No! Go away, I want my Lin Yu!” Sheng Shiyun slapped the nurse’s hand away.

“Miss, please calm down. Your hand is bleeding. Even if you don’t wish to reinsert the needle, we have to stop the bleeding first,” the nurse said helplessly.

“No, I want to see Lin Yu!” Sheng Shiyun cried her lungs out.

The patient in the bed beside her put on a weird expression and said to the helpless nurse, “She doesn’t seem right in the head. Did she enter the wrong ward? She should be in the psychiatric department.”

Sheng Shiyun heard her words, and she turned around and glared at her in anger. Then, she started screaming, “You’re the crazy one! Your whole family is crazy!”

The other party was scared by her actions and did not dare to speak any further.

Although the nurse agreed with the other patient’s words, she did not dare to express herself. Instead, she said, “Do you have his contact number? I’ll phone him for you.”

Only now did Sheng Shiyun calm down, and promptly recited the number that she had memorized at the back of her mind.

The nurse took out her own mobile phone and dialled the number.

Sheng Shiyun snatched her phone over, and once the call went through, a nice voice could be heard from the other end, “Hello?”

“Lin Yu, where are you?” she asked in a choked voice.

There was a moment of silence on the other end. Then, Lin Yu said, “Take care of your own health and go home once you’re feeling better. Don’t torture yourself any further and live a good life.”

“No, Lin Yu. Don’t ignore me. I was wrong. Come and visit me please. I won’t cling onto you, I just want to see you again,” Sheng Shiyun pleaded humbly.

However, only a firm and authoritative “no” came from the other end.

Sheng Shiyun was stumped, and she stared into the air for a moment, before she suddenly jumped off the bed and ran off.

“Hey! Where are you going?” The nurse ran after her hurriedly.

Sheng Shiyun ran all the way to the nearest window and climbed up even though her limbs were feeling numb. This frightened the nurse who was chasing her.

“Come down quickly! Don’t be foolish, it’s very dangerous there. Let’s talk things out!” the nurse shouted.

Lin Yu could clearly hear the nurse’s screams from the other side of the line.

“Shiyun, don’t be silly. Get down now,” Lin Yu said in a hurry.

“If you ignore me as well, what other meaning is there in life? I’m better off dead.”

“Get down quickly. If you die, then you’ll really have no other chances to see me,” Lin Yu said.

Sheng Shiyun was momentarily stunned before she said, “But even if I live, you’ll ignore me. So what if I can still see you? Lin Yu, I like you. No, I love you! I had fallen in love with you from the moment when I first met you. I had always thought that you liked me too. But once Sheng Jiaoyang returned, you got together with her. Why? How am I inferior to her? Just because she’s prettier than me? But I have her appearance now, so why don’t you like me?”

She lifted her bleeding hand and covered her face, “Don’t you like Sheng Jiaoyang’s appearance? I fixed my face to look like hers, but why do you like Xu Jiaojiao now?If you really like her appearance, I’ll go and fix my face again…”

“Sheng Shiyun, learn to let go and treat yourself better!” This was the strictest tone that Lin Yu had ever used.

Sheng Shiyun started chuckling, and with tears rolling down her cheeks, she said, “Alright, I’ll let go of myself. Lin Yu, goodbye.”


Sheng Shiyun had already jumped.

Lin Yu felt his mind go completely blank. He dashed out of his room furiously.

He hurried to the hospital and held the first nurse that walked past him. “What happened to the girl who jumped down the building?”

“She was sent to the ER…”

Before she finished her sentence, Lin Yu hurried away. He finally managed to locate the ER after asking a few more people, but there was nobody there apart from the nurses. He was forced to ask the nurse at the counter and the nurse gave him a ward number.

When he saw Sheng Shiyun, she was fully wrapped in gauze like a mummy, and her neck was wrapped in a cast for support..

“Lin Yu…” When Sheng Shiyun saw Lin Yu arrive, her eyes brightened up. She could not move her neck, and even moving her mouth too much would cause her excruciating pain, but the pain could not cover the happiness shown on her face.

“Why are you so foolish?” Lin Yu panted whilst a fiery anger ignited deep within him.

“Lin Yu, I thought that I would never see you again.” Sheng Shiyun’s eyes were filled with tears.

When he saw her tears, Lin Yu’s anger dissipated like a balloon being popped, and all he felt was helplessness.

He suddenly recalled Sheng Jiaoyang’s words: What if she used death to threaten you one day? Your heart will still go soft then.

Indeed, his heart really did soften. Though he did not want to get tangled up with Sheng Shiyun any longer, he did not have the heart to see her die.

“Can’t you just live for yourself? If your mother knew how easily you could let go of your own life, she would be very devastated!”

Sheng Shiyun smiled, “As long as you don't ignore me, I will definitely live well.”

Lin Yu let out a deep sigh. He turned around, ready to head out to ask the doctor about her condition when she started to move around suddenly.

“Lin Yu, don’t go—”

After seeing how intense Sheng Shiyun’s reaction was, Lin Yu had no choice but to stay. Helpless, he said, “Alright, I won’t leave.”

Sheng Shiyun looked at him without blinking, until she succumbed to her fatigue and fell asleep. Only then did Lin Yu leave the ward to find Sheng Shiyun’s doctor with the help of the nurse’s directions.

The doctor told him that she was lucky that she had only jumped off the third floor, and that there was a grass patch beneath where she jumped. Otherwise, blood would definitely have been spilled. However, her current condition was not any better. Her leg was fractured, and her neck was nearly broken.

Even Lin Yu felt scared after hearing those words.

“You youngsters shouldn’t play around with your own lives even if you’re breaking up. I heard from Nurse Li that the patient’s mental health isn’t good. She is easily agitated, and this results in her extreme behaviour. Please do not provoke her. When her condition is better, I’ll get the psychiatrist, Doctor Qin, to take a look at her.”

“Psychiatrist?” Lin Yu was surprised.

“I suspect that she has signs of depression, but nothing is for certain yet. It is possible that she was so stressed that she thought of giving up on her own life.”

When Lin Yu walked out of the doctor’s room, he felt extremely confused.

When he got nearer to the ward, he could hear Sheng Shiyun screams. He hurriedly rushed in.

Sheng Shiyun calmed down upon seeing Lin Yu. Only then did the nurse heaved a sigh of relief.

“Lin Yu, where did you go?” Sheng Shiyun asked nervously.

“I went to the toilet.”

“You’re lying. I called for you for a while. If you were at the toilet, you would have heard me.”

Lin Yu pursed his lips, unsure of what to say.

Sheng Shiyun panicked and said in a hurry, “I’m sorry Lin Yu. I’m not blaming you, I just… I get flustered when I don’t see you.”

Lin Yu gave a complex look to Sheng Shiyun and said, “I can’t always be with you. You have to rest well. Don’t torment yourself.”

“Okay okay okay, I will rest well.” Sheng Shiyun was afraid that she might trouble him and hurriedly promised him that she would take care of herself.

The nurse who was witnessing this scene felt sorrow well up in her. This girl allowed love to control her too much. Although the boy seemed to be of good character, she should not have lost her sense of self-love for him; everyone should live for themselves first.

“Are you hungry? I’ll get some porridge for you.”

“I’m not hungry, Lin Yu, I’m not hungry at all!” When she saw that Lin Yu was about to leave, she answered in a hurry.

Lin Yu let out a sigh. He turned around and reassured Sheng Shiyun, “I’m just going to get some porridge for you, I’ll be back soon.”

Sheng Shiyun stared at the door intensely. She didn’t even dare to blink until she saw Lin Yu return with a bowl of porridge. Only then did she relax and smile while calling out sweetly, “Lin Yu.”

Lin Yu saw her that she was in a totally immobilized state. Hence, he adjusted the bed and personally fed her porridge.

While Sheng Shiyun was fixated on Lin Yu, her heart was breeding a crazy thought: She wanted him to stay by her side…forever.

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