Chapter 33 - Group Matches

“Perfect!” the stylist exclaimed, sounding pleased.

When Sheng Jiaoyang opened her eyes and saw her entirely new hairstyle in the mirror, she felt excited.

Her new hairstyle was a pixie undercut, and it was much shorter than before. Her obedient-looking bangs were now gone. Her hair was cut into sixteen layers, and the colouring was done from the inside out, transitioning from a dark grey to a shallower ash grey. A few strands of hair glided across her forehead, the tips settling perfectly above her eyebrows. Her new hairstyle was neat and tidy, adding an indescribable handsomeness to her appearance.

Her skin was white and smooth, and due to exercise, it had become firmer while her cheeks were a little thinner. With such beautiful silver hair, her features were now a bit more heroic.

“What do you think?” the stylist asked her.

Sheng Jiaoyang gave the stylist a big thumbs up.

“Hurry up and change your clothes. In a moment, a makeup artist will do your makeup.” Because Sheng Jiaoyang had previously tried to defend Qi Hua’s stylist, the stylist now had a good impression of her.

“Thanks for your help.” Sheng Jiaoyang smiled.

The stylist was a young man in his early twenties. He blushed when he saw such a smile and quickly managed to hide his flustered heart by picking up the hairstyling toolbox.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the other contestants who were still getting their hairstyles done in the dressing room before entering the clothing room next door. After putting on the clothes arranged by the stylist, she returned to the makeup artist. The makeup artist did an outstanding job applying her makeup. Highlighting all her facial features from her dashing eyebrows, her turned-up button nose, exquisite eye makeup, nude-coloured lips…

So handsome!

Furthermore, it was the kind of beauty that blurs genders!

When Sheng Jiaoyang entered the waiting room outside the studio, she caused a ripple like a stone thrown into water.

Wang Wei hadn’t bleached her hair, so after she’d finished taking photos in the studio, she’d been left to wait for the other contestants. Also, because her phone was being kept by the staff, she was killing time by chatting with another contestant from her group. Due to this, she was shocked when she saw Sheng Jiaoyang’s transformation.

“Woah! Jiaojiao, you’re too handsome to have any friends!”

Wang Wei jumped off the sofa and circled Sheng Jiaoyang. She curiously asked, “I wonder if the stylist is a relative of yours with how good you look. Have a look at Qin Yan’s short hair; it’s like an exploding lion’s head!”

Sheng Jiaoyang really wanted to remind Wang Wei about the person standing behind her. Dear, look at the expression of the person you just mentioned. Now you’ll have no friends.

“Hmph! What looks good? It resembles an old woman!” a voice that completely ruined the mood interrupted the pair.

Needless to say, the person who dared to express their temperament so unscrupulously was naturally Qi Hua. She carelessly made hasty decisions, and everyone knew what kind of person she was. It wasn’t like becoming a model was her only option, so she didn't restrain herself at all.

“Jiaojiao, hurry up and go to the studio!” Wang Wei reminded.

Sheng Jiaoyang shot a glance at Qi Hua, whose face was filled with contempt, then entered the studio.

In the studio, Dawei, the National Supermodel photographer, was examining the photos in front of the computer. Zhuo Yiyan was standing next to Dawei while pointing at the screen and discussing something. Seeing Sheng Jiaoyang walk in, both men straightened their postures.

“Jiaojiao, you’re very cool today!” Zhuo Yiyan smiled as he praised her.

“I think so too,” Sheng Jiaoyang responded.

“There have been several people photographed before you, but I think you’re the brightest I’ve ever seen!” Dawei also boasted.

“Thank you.”

“Alright, go and stand in the middle. Our photoshoot today has no theme, so you’re free to express yourself.”

Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and walked to the designated position in front of the camera.

Today, she wore a silver-grey, folded t-shirt, plus a pair of jeans with rips at the knees. She inserted her hands into the pockets of her jeans as she walked, exuding a wanton and unrestrained languidness. She looked beyond handsome.

She only changed her posture and her expressions a few times, but Dawei quickly approved her shoot and said, “I got it.” What he meant was that he’d already taken many wonderful photos.

“Well done, you can go out and rest now,” Zhuo Yiyan said.

After Sheng Jiaoyang had left, Dawei looked at a set of photos on the computer and said, “During the first photoshoot, I felt that Xu Jiaojiao was more modest. However, today she gave off a particularly different feeling, showing more personality.”

“That hairstyle is perfect for her. Although she had short hair before, compared with the current style, the change is massive.” Zhuo Yiyan stared at the 360 degree photo, deeply impressed.

“Her looks in the supermodel industry can only be considered average. After all, the average female supermodel is about 1.8 meters tall. However, her temperament is really good, and her eyes are marvellous. You can easily get a good photo without using a concave gesture.”

“Mm, I agree.”

As another contestant entered, the pair stopped discussing Xu Jiaojiao.

One by one, the contestants entered the studio and finished their photoshoot. Then, Zhuo Yiyan came out and said, “Does anyone get seasick?”

“I don’t.”

“I also don’t.”

The contestants started responding after some thought.

“I don’t know whether I get seasick or not. I’ve never been in a boat before,” Wang Wei mumbled weakly.

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at Wang Wei.

“Teacher Zhuo, will we be going out on the sea?” a contestant asked curiously.

Zhuo Yiyan smiled mysteriously once again.

Seeing his smile, the contestants felt their hearts’ thud in their chests, feeling far from reassured.

“Jiaojiao, do you remember when we chose clothes for the party? Teacher Zhuo smiled like this too, and the result? He sent us to the wholesale market. This time, I can’t imagine what we’ll face.” Wang Wei tugged at Sheng Jiaoyang’s arm with a worried expression.

Luo Yi joined in and asked, “Jiaojiao, what do you think Teacher Zhuo will take us to do?” Based on her past experience with Sheng Jiaoyang’s ability to guess everything correctly, like during the quiz game, she wanted to first test the waters.

“I’m not the director. How would I know what we’ll do next?” Sheng Jiaoyang spread her hands before her. “Everything will be alright. Why’re you overthinking it so much?”

Everyone changed back to their clothes before having lunch, and after they’d eaten, they took the bus for the show and returned to the supermodel house. The fifteen contestants who were eliminated were no longer in the villa. With half of them gone, everyone felt a little uncomfortable.

Previously, three or four people had to squeeze together in a room. Now, nearly everyone had a bed for themselves. In order to be fair, everyone re-choose their beds.

Compared to the draw last time, when Sheng Jiaoyang had unfortunately gotten herself a floor bed, this time, she was lucky. She was so lucky, in fact, that she managed to snag the only single room.

Under everyone’s envious stares, Sheng Jiaoyang moved her luggage to her new room. From now on, she was a person who could enjoy a single bedroom all to herself.

After the contestants had moved their luggage to their new rooms, Zhuo Yiyan brought everyone to the beach.

It was past three in the afternoon and the sun was shining. Some contestants began to wail for their skin.

On the beach, everyone noticed that the place had been set up. There were two sunshades separated from each other by 50 meters. One of the sunshades was surrounded by a curtain, making it impossible to see anything inside.

In the other sunshade, there were three lifebuoys.

At the same time, they also saw a yacht parked about ten or more meters away from the shore. There was a banner representing the National Supermodel show hanging on the side, and several motorboats were leisurely gliding around the large boat.

Even those who were slow-witted wouldn’t think that they were here to play. With a glance, they knew that there was something bad waiting for them.

As expected, after they arrived at the place, Zhuo Yiyan once again revealed his evil smile.

“Ladies, we’re going to have a group match here, and the winning team will advance as a whole.”

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