Chapter 324 - Losing Everything

The Sheng Family elders were infuriated, and Sheng Xun's second sister-in-law quickly urged, "Eldest Brother, Eldest Sister-in-law, take Father and Mother back home to rest. I'm afraid that they won't be able to withstand any further agitation."

Sheng Xun already drew up a will, so harping on this matter would be fruitless. In addition, the two elders were given five million RMB as financial support. Hence, Sheng Xun's eldest brother and his wife exchanged gazes, and promptly helped the two elders out of the ward.

"I will give you guys three days to move out of the house. Otherwise, don't blame me for calling people to chase you out," Sheng Jiaoyang said as they were walking away.

"Xu Jiaojiao, stop being so uncompromising! What can you gain from doing this? They are your grandparents too!" While Sheng Shiyun was speaking, she was secretly glancing at Lin Yu. Her comments were intentionally made for Lin Yu's ears, so that he would be able to see Xu Jiaojiao's true colors.

Grandfather Sheng turned his head and glared at Sheng Jiaoyang with apparent fury, "Our Sheng family will never acknowledge you."

Sheng Jiaoyang rebutted with a sneer, "Do you think I care?"

Exasperated, the elders, their eldest son, and his family, left in a huff.

"Xu Jiaojiao, are you really going to disregard all familial ties?" Sheng Shiyun rebuked.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt like she was hearing the biggest joke of the century. She held her stomach as she burst out laughing. After laughing till she couldn’t take it anymore, she looked up at Sheng Shiyun and coldly sneered, "I'm not related to any of you. What familial ties are you talking about?"

"Xu Jiaojiao, you are heartless!" Sheng Shiyun spat through her gritted teeth.

"Thanks for the compliment," Sheng Jiaoyang rebutted haughtily.

Sheng Shiyun was greatly angered by her remarks. Aggrieved, she looked at Lin Yu and whined, "Lin Yu, look at her, she's really being too much."

Lin Yu, who had been keeping his silence the entire time, finally said, "Shiyun, I need to talk to you."

Joy crept up Sheng Shiyun's face as she nodded repeatedly.

Lin Yu looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, "Jiaojiao…"

"Go ahead, you don't have to inform me," Sheng Jiaoyang gave Sheng Shiyun a meaningful gaze. She already knew what Lin Yu wanted to say to her.

There were now two fewer people in the ward.

Sheng Jiaoyang's gaze then fell on Sheng Xun's second brother, and his family of three, who were still in the ward.

"Jiaojiao, this is my daughter, Sheng Jia. Jiajia, aren't you a big fan of Jiaojiao? Why are you so quiet now that you are looking at your idol? Are you too excited?" Sheng Xun's second sister-in-law promptly urged Sheng Jia and gave her a light push.

Sheng Jia understood her mother's intention. She promptly took a step forward and said, "Jiaojiao, I'm a huge fan of yours."

Sheng Jiaoyang gave an affirmative nod, but remained silent.

Sheng Jia looked towards her mother.

"Jiaojiao, your Second Uncle and I are really happy that you are able to get Third Brother's inheritance. If there's anything that you need us to do in the future, let us know. We will surely help you."

Sheng Jia glanced at her mother. She was impressed by her mother's glib tongue, and her ability to curry favour in such a subtle manner. She then looked towards Xu Jiaojiao who was seated on the sofa. Xu Jiaojiao clearly had a much smaller stature, since she was seated down while they were standing up. Yet, the aura she projected was so domineering it gave others the feeling of wanting to look up to her.

Outside the ward, Sheng Shiyun followed behind Lin Yu as they walked down the walkway and turned the corner. They arrived at an isolated spot near a window, which was relatively far away from the ward. Here, no one could hear their conversation.

"Lin Yu, what do you want to tell me?" Sheng Shiyun looked at Lin Yu with an expectant gaze. What she wanted to hear most at this current moment were his words of consolation and comfort.

Lin Yu turned to look at Sheng Shiyun and asked, "Why did you want to disfigure Jiaojiao?"

Sheng Shiyun was instantly thrown into a panic. How did he know about this?

"No, I didn't…"

"Stop trying to deny it. I already know everything," Lin Yu cut her off coldly.

A myriad of expressions flashed through Sheng Shiyun's face, before it finally settled on a look of dejection. There were only two words echoing loudly in her heart: It's over.

She knew Lin Yu very well. Hence, she had always pretended to be weak, docile, kind, and understanding before him.

"If I knew that the reason you were so insistent on participating in that episode was to get close to Jiaojiao and plot against her, I wouldn’t have done you the favour.” Lin Yu cast a disappointed look at Sheng Shiyun.

"Lin Yu, I can explain. It wasn’t my idea. I only knew about the plot after it had happened."

"After it had happened? Then why did you insist on being on the exact episode where Jiaojiao was the guest?”

"I, I…" Sheng Shiyun's mind turned completely blank. She couldn't find a reason to defend herself.

Lin Yu closed his eyes and calmly responded, "I have heard enough of your lies. I don't want to hear them again anymore."

Sheng Shiyun hurriedly promised, "I will definitely not lie to you anymore."

Lin Yu maintained his expression, "Don't look for me ever again."

Sheng Shiyun felt as though she had just been struck by lightning. She was terrified.

"In the future, I don’t want to know whether you are doing well or not. I will not help you anymore. I will no longer allow myself to be used. You’re on your own," Lin Yu turned and walked off.

Sheng Shiyun watched Lin Yu fade off into the distance, and she cried out feebly in despair, "Lin Yu…"

Lin Yu did not turn around.

Sheng Shiyun weakly supported herself by pulling herself up using the windowsill. Now, she truly understood the feeling of being abandoned by the entire world.

Sheng Jiaoyang cocked her eyebrow in surprise when she saw Lin Yu returning so soon. "Done talking?"

"Yeah. I will never see her again."

Lin Yu took his words seriously. Sheng Jiaoyang narrowed her eyes. She didn’t feel the smallest bit of sympathy for Sheng Shiyun. If you really love someone, you should be more truthful. Then, perhaps there might be a silver lining.

"What if one day, she threatens you with her life?" Sheng Jiaoyang asked facetiously.

Lin Yu froze. This question had never crossed his mind.

"You will still be soft-hearted then," Sheng Jiaoyang concluded. If Sheng Shiyun really threatens Lin Yu with her life, as the soft-hearted person that he is, he will definitely not leave her to die. And the moment he gives in, is the moment when Sheng Shiyun will continue to cling onto him.

"That will never happen." Lin Yu shook his head.

There were some things in life that you would never wish to see happen, but they always do.

Of course, this would be a tale to tell later.

The sound of footsteps announced the arrival of Shen Zhining. As soon as he entered the ward, he swept his gaze past everyone, although his gaze lingered on Lin Yu for a few moments. Finally, he looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, and felt especially relieved when he saw that she looked alright.

For the past few days, Sheng Jiaoyang kept saying that she wasn't bothered about Sheng Xun’s condition and ultimate fate. But if she really wasn't bothered by it, she wouldn't have visited Sheng Xun every day. Shen Zhining was in the middle of a meeting when he received a message from Sheng Jiaoyang, informing him that Sheng Xun had passed away. Immediately, he postponed the meeting and hurried over.

He turned towards Sheng Xun's body and gave a respectful bow.

"You are?" Sheng Xun's second brother asked with a puzzled look.

Sheng Jia tugged at her father's sleeve and softly whispered, "He's Jiaojiao's boyfriend!"

The Peerless Couple was so popular now, that almost every Internet user would know of them. Moreover, President Shen was so handsome, and he had such unique and sharp features, that if anyone took a single glance at him, they would never forget how he looked.

Sheng Xun's second brother scrutinized Shen Zhining closely and thought, How awesome would it be if a man of such talent was Jiajia's boyfriend.

Sheng Xun's second sister-in-law observed the situation, and decided to curry favor with Sheng Jiaoyang. Hence, she said, "Jiaojiao, you guys can go home first. We will tie up the loose ends here."

Sheng Jiaoyang only looked at them nonchalantly and said, "I still have some time to spare, so I will stay and wait for the staff from the funeral parlor."

Sheng Xun's second sister-in-law sulkily smiled, "Jiaojiao sure is filial." After saying that, even she herself found it embarrassing.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned to Lin Yu and said, "Lin Yu, you don’t have to stay."

Lin Yu looked at Shen Zhining. With Sheng Jiaoyang's official boyfriend here, there was really no reason for him to continue staying here. Hence, he said goodbye to Sheng Jiaoyang and left.

Shen Zhining walked towards Sheng Jiaoyang and sat down beside her. He didn't say anything, and only held her hand in his.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Second Uncle’s family and said, "You guys can go."

"Then we shall head back first," Sheng Xun's second sister-in-law was tactful enough to bid her goodbye.

As soon as they left the ward, Sheng Xun's second brother immediately asked his wife, "Why didn't you talk to her about getting Jiajia an internship?"

His wife rolled her eyes at him and said, "Don’t you know? Haste will ruin everything."

"Mother is right. What would they think of us if we hastily asked her to arrange a job for me? It's better to build up a good relationship with her first. Also, it's still not time yet for my internship!"

Sheng Xun's second brother nodded. But very soon, he was reminded of another matter. "If Father and Mother learn that we are trying to get into the good graces of Xu Jiaojiao, will they give us a single penny?"

"Are you a fool? Your parents only have eyes for their grandson. How much do you think they will even give us? Fifty thousand or a hundred thousand? We can also save up that tiny amount in a year or two. Who cares about that trivial sum of money? In the future, if Jiajia has a promising career, becomes a huge celebrity like Xu Jiaojiao, and finds a handsome and rich boyfriend like hers, all we need to do is lift a pinky to get millions, much less talk about a paltry sum of tens of thousands of dollars."

Sheng Jia looked at her mother with an adoring look. "Mother, I didn't expect you to be so farsighted!"

"Of course! Who do you think your mum is?"

"Madam Zhou Hong, you would be a perfect manager," Sheng Jia flattered.

"Sure, I will be your manager next time."

Sheng Xun's second brother listened to the conversation between his wife and daughter with a smile on his face. They continued talking as they walked away, completely clueless that they had just walked past Sheng Shiyun, who had her back against them.

Sheng Shiyun turned to look at the happy family of three, and did not know what to feel in her heart.

Ever since she was young, she had not experienced or enjoyed the joy of being in a complete and harmonious family. Ever since childhood, the phrase her mother often repeated the most often was, “You have to listen to me obediently, or your father would not come and see you”. In the end, even after Sheng Xun brought them home, her mother would still tell her that she must be obedient and behave properly, or her grandfather and grandmother wouldn’t like her.

I have been really obedient, but did Father show any concern for me? He would rather leave all his inheritance to an illegitimate daughter than leave me with a single penny. Grandfather and Grandmother are only concerned about their grandson, and they have never cared about my wellbeing.

Xu Jiaojiao is such a warped person! Yet, why do so many people like her? Even Lin Yu…

Sheng Shiyun's expression became twisted. I can lose everything but I cannot lose Lin Yu!

She turned to look in the direction of the ward, her gaze overflowing with hatred.

"Xu Jiaojiao, you reduced me to nothing. I will surely let you have a taste of what it feels like to have nothing!!!"

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