Chapter 309 - Travelling Through Time and Space to Love You

"We're going to sleep now. You should rest early too. Good night~"

It looked like the delicate and cute Jiaojiao was waving at the camera. In the audience’s eyes, it looked like she was communicating with them. They couldn’t help but feel warm in their hearts.

The fans were extremely satisfied after watching the scene of their idol waving at them. As for the rest of the viewers, her frank and sincere personality also made them view her favourably.

Suddenly, the whole screen went dark.

At first, the netizens thought that their mobile phone had switched off on its own. Only when they clicked on the screen did they notice that it was the scene on-screen that had turned dark.

[Haha, I thought that my phone was switched off]

[Why is it so dark after the lights were turned off?]

[It’s so dark. Can we still see Driver Shen drive his car?]

[Commenter above, you’re thinking too much. Even if he wants to drive the car, it’s impossible to drive it on the show. After they are done with the program, it won’t be a problem even if he were to drive the train.]

[Hahaha, I can’t stop laughing after reading the words ‘drive the train’.]

[Uhhh, why didn’t the scene change after they turned off the lights? The other couples are so pitiful. They didn’t have many scenes.]

When many viewers were starting to notice this, they suddenly heard a sound.

"Can you fall asleep knowing there’s a camera in our room?" It was Jiaojiao’s voice.

"Yup. With you here, there are no issues," Driver Shen responded.

"Are you excited now that you’re going to appear on TV?"


"You can feel excited too??"

"I’m also a human being."

"I didn't think that there was anything that interests you."

"There is."



A few lines of naughty subtitles suddenly popped up at this moment: I don’t care whether you are drunk or not. Anyways, I am drunk.

[Anyways, I am drunk.]

[This episode should be called Driver Shen teaching everyone how to flirt with a girl.]

[If the dialogue isn’t scripted, then I concede to Mr Shen.]

[Jiaojiao, it turns out that your Mr. Shen is such a person!]

[Is the Peerless Couple planning to electrify us all the way to the end?]

[I’m a fan of Boss Shen! We were once love rivals, but you’re my idol now!]

Although the camera view had switched to the other couples, the main topic of discussion still remained with the Peerless Couple’s earlier abusive PDA.

At this point, the progress bar of this episode was already at 80%.

Hence, comments such as ‘The progress bar isn’t going to hold up’, and ‘Please hold up, progress bar!’ appeared on the bullet screen.

Then, the camera flashed, and it was already the morning of the next day.

The first thing the viewers saw was the morning routine of the Bickering Couple, who were bickering even when they just got out of bed. Then, the scene switched to Team Bewitching, before switching to Team Gemini.

Finally, the camera naturally switched to the highly anticipated Peerless Couple.

The window curtains weren’t drawn at this moment, and with the lights off, the room was still a bit dark, but it was still possible to see things roughly.

On-screen, one could get a full view of the bed.

The snow-white quilt was puffy. The Peerless Couple looked very sweet with their heads close to each other.

Soon, there was movement. Jiaojiao sat up first. Her eyes weren’t fully open yet when she dazedly looked around. It was as if she hadn’t figured out where she was yet.

“You’re awake?” Shen Zhining asked in a low and gravelly voice.

OMG! The audience immediately felt as if their ears were about to get pregnant. [1]

Jiaojiao finally woke up. Her eyes were squinted as she searched for her phone on the bedside cabinet. After she found it, she unlocked the screen. “Oh, it’s already eight o’clock. It’s time to get up.”

“Did you have enough sleep?” Mr. Shen, who always pampered his wife, was obviously not concerned about the time.

"Even if I didn’t sleep enough, I can’t sleep anymore. We can’t keep the others waiting," Jiaojiao said sensibly.

"Then, tell them not to wait for us anymore."

"That won’t do. We agreed to record one episode. Quickly get up!"

Then, the camera flashed. The two had already changed their clothes and Jiaojiao was already doing her makeup.

"Help me take a look. Are my eyebrows drawn properly?" Jiaojiao raised her face at Mr. Shen.

Mr. Shen cupped her face and carefully examined her eyebrows. "One side is drawn a bit lower."

"Ah?" Jiaojiao grabbed a mirror and looked at it herself.

Mr. Shen, however, took over the eyebrow pencil in her hand and raised her face towards him. Then, he drew her brows for her with an extremely focused expression.

When the audience saw this, they undoubtedly felt that they had been fed a mouthful of sugar again.

[Noooo, my progress bar…I want to keep on watching.]

[I really like the Peerless Couple after watching this episode. I hope that they could continue recording and become regular guests.]

[Alas, my progress bar, please hold up! Why is this episode so short?]

[I haven’t watched enough, noooooo~]

[It's a pity that they only recorded one episode. It’s such a pity!]

[How I wish that time would stop and freeze the screen at this second.]

The progress bar finally couldn’t hold up anymore. After everyone went out and gathered in the hall, the trailer of the next episode came up.

“We still have to play a game before breakfast.” The director’s face appeared on-screen.

It was another game to test the couple’s tacit understanding.

Which couple would get an abundant breakfast and which one would rank last?

Stay tuned for the next episode.

That was all for today's episode.

The audience, who didn’t want the Peerless Couple’s appearance to end, let out a sigh of relief. It turned out that the Peerless Couple hadn't left yet, and they would appear again in the next episode.

The Peerless Couple wouldn’t end up last again, right?

All the viewers wondered about this. While pondering about it, everyone went on Weibo and started to tag the program team’s director and the Peerless Couple in their posts.

The term ‘Peerless Couple’ quickly rose to the top of the search list.

As a result, more people started to watch that episode.

Afterwards, the number of ‘Peerless Couple’ fans grew larger in waves.

As there was a lot of news about breaking up, divorce, and lawsuits against previous partners dominating the headlines, it seemed to demonstrate that the saying: ‘reality is cruel’, was true. However, everyone wanted to see more beautiful things in their lives. Therefore, when such a sweet and real couple with three peerless traits—good-looking, elegant, and tall—appeared in front of everyone, the audience highly revered them.

The drama ‘Empress’ was also a hot topic lately. The character ‘Imperial Consort Wu’, who had a strong presence, also often appeared in the GIFs that netizens sent to each other. Every expression of Imperial Consort Wu, like her frowns, glares, tsundere, disdainful, bossy, and domineering looks had been made into GIFs.

Ever since the promotion of this TV series, everyone already knew the fate of Imperial Consort Wu. Although the grand finale hadn’t aired yet, everyone knew that Imperial Consort Wu would die on the battlefield.

As a result, the netizens heightened their creativity and made a cross-over video between Imperial Consort Wu’s death and the Peerless Couple. The video was titled ‘Travelling Through Time and Space to Love You’.

This fan-made video was edited in a superb manner, and it was very creative to boot! As soon as it was uploaded online, the click-through rate skyrocketed, and it was constantly forwarded and recommended by the fans on their Weibo. Those who weren’t aware of the facts actually thought that Jiaojiao had filmed another drama.

The clip’s editor had amazing editing skills. All the online videos that Jiaojiao had appeared in before were reorganized and edited into the clip. In some parts, even the lines and dubbing were changed accordingly to suit each scene.

The video began with a shot from the Empress’ trailer. It was the scene where Jiaojiao, acting as Imperial Consort Wu, was dressed in martial attire, looking valiant and formidable. She led her subordinates into the range of the enemy army. The thousands of enemy troops were preparing an ambush.

Next, a rain of arrows fell onto her subordinates, with many having their hearts pierced. Imperial Consort Wu, whose back was covered with many arrows, was supporting herself with a flag as she knelt on the ground and slowly closed her eyes. A lot of memories flashed through her mind at this moment. There were scenes where she was graceful and overbearing. There was a scene where a man wearing the emperor’s costume held her hand intimately. There were scenes of her in the cold palace, where those lowly concubines she disdained in the past slapped her. As soon as she closed her eyes, the various images that flashed by also disappeared and the frame went completely black.

Then, when the frame lit up again, Imperial Consort Wu appeared again, now dressed in modern clothes. A dumbfounded expression hung on her face, as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing in front of her. The fans knew at a glance that this was a scene from the movie ‘Frost at Dawn’, where Zhang Pojun was killed by a hit and run.

Subsequently, there was an inner monologue in the form of subtitles: Since I have arrived at such a mysterious place, I might as well take things as they come.

Then, the frame flashed, and our imperial consort was now participating in a supermodel competition. Her inner voice sounded out again: I want to broaden my horizon in this vast world. However, I just travelled through space and arrived here, with neither resources nor money. I heard that there is a generous reward for this competition. So, I have to win no matter what.

This scene was cut from ‘National Supermodel Season Two’, and the inner monologue was dubbed in afterwards.

Some scenes of the competition quickly flashed by. The only scene that didn’t flit by quickly was the scene of Jiaojiao walking down the runway. This was followed by the scene where the host announced that she had won the championship.

The video then cut to the scene where Imperial Consort Wu was walking on a romantic street in a different outfit and appearance. This shot was obviously taken from the perfume commercial that Jiaojiao had filmed. A few other scenes were taken from this commercial, including the shot of a mysterious man appearing on the scene and walking towards her.

"Hello," a very pleasant voice greeted her.

Imperial Consort Wu turned around and froze for a moment. She then revealed a smile and returned the greeting, “Hello.”

During the entire scene, the man’s face wasn’t exposed on-screen. While she was in a daze, a few scenes of her being intimate with the emperor, whose face wasn’t shown, appeared. It made the audience associate the man who appeared in front of Imperial Consort Wu as the one who she’d once loved in another time and space.

The frame went black again. Another monologue appeared on the screen in the form of subtitles: Since the Heavens made me meet you again, please cherish me this time, Your Majesty.

Then, a man’s deep voice sounded out, "This time I won’t let go of your hand. Even if you want to go to the heavens, I will accompany you."

When the frame lit up, a silhouette of a girl was charging forward, and she almost bumped into two people. Then, the faces of the two were finally exposed on-screen. It was our imperial consort and a particularly handsome man.

"Ah, I'm sorry," the girl hurriedly apologized.

“It’s okay.” Imperial Consort Wu nodded in response and then walked away, her arm hooked around her partner’s arm.

Afterwards, the background changed to a luxurious hall. The gorgeously dressed Imperial Consort Wu and the man, whose face was finally revealed, were dancing together.

Finally, the man whispered in Imperial Consort Wu’s ear, “I love you.”

And Imperial Consort Wu’s ears and cheeks turned red instantly.

[The End]

1. Feeling as if your ears were about to get pregnant is Internet slang to describe hearing crisp and numb sounds, which makes one feel pleasure and enjoyment. Usually used when one hears a sexy and pleasant voice that makes one become so immersed in it that they are unable to extricate themselves.

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