Chapter 303 - Parachuting

“Wow, Zhining, you can parachute jump alone?”

When Sheng Jiaoyang found out that Shen Zhining had parachuted alone before, she was filled with amazement and admiration.

“I’ll take you parachuting today.” Shen Zhining rubbed her head.

“Erm…” Sheng Jiaoyang’s face turned a little strange.

Shen Zhining raised a brow, “What, you don’t trust me?”

Sheng Jiaoyang gave him a fawning smile, “It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s just that jumping alone and jumping with somebody would definitely be different, right? I’m afraid… something will happen.”

“Even if something happens, dying together wouldn’t be too bad,” Shen Zhining smiled casually.

“Zhining, you really want to parachute together with me?”

“Scared?” Shen Zhining looked at her.

Sheng Jiaoyang was spurred by his provocations, “You think I’m scared? Fine, let’s go!”

“This way-” Suddenly, they heard a familiar voice coming from behind them.

Shen Zhining pulled Sheng Jiaoyang in front of him and wrapped his arm around her protectively, while avoiding the person who was charging at them like a tiger.

“Oh, sorry.” The young girl took the initiative to apologise after she almost ran into them.

A cameraman was following behind the young girl, and when she stopped to say her apologies, so did he, as well as the large team following behind him.

“It’s fine.” Sheng Jiaoyang turned to glance at the group.

The camera shook wildly to the side, as the cameraman tried to prevent an accident. However, the lens ended up focusing on a familiar face.

“Woah, you’re Xu Jiaojiao?!” The young girl’s eyes widened in astonishment.

The others also looked over.

Almost everybody could recognize Jiaojiao now, including the film crew and the director who were following behind the girl.

“What are you guys filming?” Since they’ve already recognized her, Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t just ignore them.

“We’re filming ‘Journey of Love’. It's a show about a couple’s travelling journey,” the young girl said with a smile.

It was obvious just from the name. Sheng Jiaoyang nodded with understanding. She grabbed Shen Zhining’s hand, and was about to continue on their journey.

“Are you guys about to go parachuting?”

From their uniforms, it was obvious that they were preparing to parachute.

Sheng Jiaoyang just nodded politely with a smile.

“That’s great, let’s go together! With more people, it wouldn’t be as scary,” the young girl said excitedly.

Sheng Jiaoyang saw that there were three couples and said, “A helicopter can’t fit that many people. We’ll go on ahead first.”

Then, she left with Shen Zhining.

“It doesn’t look like she welcomes us,” the young girl pouted.

“Don’t think too much. She’s right. A helicopter really can’t fit that many people. With their own instructor and cameraman, where would so many people sit?” another female actress said.

That’s true. The rest suddenly understood.

“We are so lucky. It’s such a big world, yet we still ran into each other,” somebody else said with a smile.

“Director, it’s better to invite them to be a guest star for the episode,” someone at the back suggested jokingly to the director.

Two people with relatively simple thoughts cheered in agreement. However, the other four looked rather unhappy.

An episode’s length was limited. The travel clips and scenery would take up a good chunk of it, so each couple didn’t have much screen time to begin with. If you added on another pair of guests, the other couples would barely get any screen-time in the episode, especially since that pair of guests would be Xu Jiaojiao, who is very popular recently, and her boyfriend. They would definitely get the most screen-time to raise ratings.

But the director was tempted by the idea, and he began discussing it with a few of his staff as they walked.

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining were already on the helicopter. Because Shen Zhining would be jumping with Sheng Jiaoyang, the two were buckled together. Shen Zhining sat behind Sheng Jiaoyang and hugged her. The cameraman had already finished setting up the camera, and he was ready to record the entire jump.

When the helicopter reached the height where they could only see clouds, they prepared to jump.

Sheng Jiaoyang was really excited. When the door opened and the wind blew at them, she felt like her heart was already flying in the wind.

The cameraman jumped off first, then Shen Zhining hugged Sheng Jiaoyang and walked to the door. They jumped off, and they were followed by yet another cameraman that jumped after them.

The instant they jumped off the helicopter, Sheng Jiaoyang felt her whole body become weightless. However, as Shen Zhining was behind her and she had blind trust in him, she actually felt very safe, and just enjoyed the feeling of free-falling.

“Afraid?” Shen Zhining asked her.

“It’s very fun!” When she opened her mouth, a gust of wind rushed into it, so she quickly shut her mouth.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s voice only contained excitement and joy, so Shen Zhining could finally let go of the worry in his heart.

After arriving at a certain height, Shen Zhining opened his parachute and the two gently floated down. Once the parachute was opened, the difference in the speed of their descend became even more obvious.

The crew of ‘Journey of Love’ had already changed into parachuting gear, and they were getting ready by the landing pad when they saw three descending parachutes. From their view, the small figures in the sky gradually turned bigger as they drew closer to the ground.

“They’re coming down!” the young girl from earlier shouted loudly.

The surprising thing was, they saw that one of the parachutes was carrying two people, while the other two parachutes were carrying cameramen who were specialized in filming parachute jumps.

Once the parachuters drew closer, the people on the ground could finally see the landing.

“Wow! They didn’t bring an instructor along. They actually performed the landing by themselves.”

“My god, they’re just too brave.”

“Dear, do you dare to jump with me?” an actress asked the man beside her.

“I’m afraid we’ll end up going splat,” the male actor replied with a face full of fear.

As the crowd chattered, the team landed successfully.

Sheng Jiaoyang plopped onto the ground, and she told Shen Zhining helplessly, “My legs have gone soft.”

“Weren’t you not afraid?” Shen Zhining asked jokingly.

“It’s a psychological reaction, I can’t do anything about it.” Sheng Jiaoyang spread her arms out.

Shen Zhining teared down the bandage strapping them together before wrapping her arms around his neck and picking her up.

This boyfriend move was extremely powerful, and it stunned the surrounding onlookers. It was also completely recorded by the film’s cameraman.

“How manly! Man Zi, you’d better learn a little!” The actress who was part of the third pairing said to her boyfriend.

“Alright, I’ll work hard. After parachuting, I’ll try to get up without your help,” the male actor replied.

Another male actor said, “That guy looks really fit, and he has guts too. How could he have landed so casually? I wonder what he does. Could he be an expert in extreme sports?”

“Idiot! Haven’t you seen the gossip magazines? There's long been news about the identity of Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend. His net worth is at least billions of dollars.”

“Wow! Then isn’t he the tall, rich, and handsome Mr. Perfect you girls always want?”

“That’s right, that’s exactly a Mr. Perfect right there. Hubby, you gotta work hard and fight for our son to become tall, rich, and handsome.”

“Although I don’t have wealth comparable to him, I still fulfill two of the three criteria.”

“Are you taller than him? Are you more handsome than him?”

“…No.” At least this idiot still had some self awareness.

“Hmph, if you don’t, then don’t boast, or you’ll just be making a fool of yourself.”

“Dear, is it really ok for you to belittle your husband like this? How many guys can you find that can reach that level?”

“Why would I go searching for them? Tall, rich, and handsome Mr. Perfects have never been common to begin with. Anyways, Xu Jiaojiao’s boyfriend just aligns perfectly to my ideal version of Mr. Perfect.”

“Your standards are too high then. I’m really worried for our son now. Can our genes go that far?”


The husband and wife, who were always quarrelling, began quarreling again.

The young girl smiled and said, “Liu Qian, your standards really are too high. According to your standards, what are the average looking but rich people called?”

“Local tyrants!” Liu Qian replied without thinking.

Everybody was left speechless.

Sheng Jiaoyang and Shen Zhining finished changing out of their gear. When they came out, they saw the director of ‘Journey of Love’ waiting for them.

How did she know he was the director? Naturally, it was because he introduced himself first.

The director invited them to join the show. Sheng Jiaoyang was just about to decline when Shen Zhining suddenly agreed.

“Zhining?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Shen Zhining in surprise. She was originally worried that Shen Zhining wouldn’t want to, but didn’t expect for him to accept.

Shen Zhining’s expression remained the same. “Having more video recordings is good, we can let our children watch it later.” Of course, this was just an excuse. The real reason he agreed was because, through the show, he could tell more people that the girl by his side was his!

Sheng Jiaoyang’s face turned strange. Children? Isn’t this thinking too far ahead? That’s something way too far into the future.

The program director revealed a big smile. Such an easy and direct answer was really a pleasant surprise.

“Then, for your compensation…”

“Forget it, we’re just here for an episode. Just covering the trip is fine,” Sheng Jiaoyang said generously. Of course, what she was doing wasn’t that simple. Giving some benefits now would be good because there were chances that they might work together in the future. After all, she still had a drama that wasn’t released yet, and who knows if it would be released on this channel or not.

The director was astonished, but he quickly recovered and a smile graced his face, “Then I’ll plan it out.”

After the director left, Sheng Jiaoyang asked Shen Zhining, “Will you be okay with the camera following you around all the time?”

“For you, I’ll have to get used to it,” Shen Zhining replied very calmly.

Sheng Jiaoyang thought of her own work and realised it really was so. It would be hard for Shen Zhining to avoid the cameras if he was with her, so he would have to adapt at some point.

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