Chapter 302 - Birth of a Beautiful Goddess

Li Xinyan was still waiting for Yu Hong to return when she received a notice.

“In the future, all of your work will be given to Zhang Ting to manage.”

Zhang Ting was another female manager in the company who already had two artists under her.

“What happened? What about Sis Yu?” Li Xinyan was clearly alarmed.

“She was fired.”

Li Xinyan was stunned. Why was Sis Yu suddenly fired?

She tried calling Yu Hong’s phone number, but the call didn’t go through, so she could only pace worriedly in her room.

The door suddenly creaked open as somebody entered.

She hastily walked to the door, thinking that Yu Hong was coming back, only to see her assistant returning with food.

“Oh, what’s going on?” Zhou Xiaozhen was shocked to see Li Xinyan personally greet her at the door.

“I just got a call from the company saying that Sis Yu was fired. Go and find out what happened,” Li Xinyan ordered.

Zhou Xiaozhen’s face was filled with shock and disbelief.Sis Yu was fired?

“Hurry!” Li Xinyan scolded.

“Oh, oh.” Zhou Xiaozhen recovered and quickly put down the takeout before hurrying away.

Very soon, Zhou Xiaozhen returned.

“Why’d you come back?” Li Xinyan frowned until she saw that Yu Hong was standing behind Zhou Xiaozhen.

“Sis Yu, what happened?”

Yu Hong’s face was ugly as she took a seat on the sofa. “President Li called me up. I thought it was because he had some resources he wanted to give you, but I didn’t expect him to tell me that I offended somebody I shouldn’t have. Then, he fired me.”

“Offended somebody you shouldn’t have? Who?” Li Xinyan anxiously asked.

“He’s probably talking about Xu Jiaojiao.” Yu Hong’s face turned darker.

“Xu Jiaojiao?” Li Xinyan and Zhou Xiaozhen shared a wide-eyed stare.

“I thought about it carefully. Xu Jiaojiao is the only person we’ve offended recently. I just didn’t expect her to have so much power that she could even make President Li fire me.”

“Then what do we do? We could apologise to her. After all, we’re still part of the same company so she should forgive us, right?” Li Xinyan started to panic.

“It’s useless. As long as Xu Jiaojiao is in the company, Xinyan, you’ll never be able to see the light of day,” Yu Hong sighed.

Li Xinyan thought of how she was pushed under Zhang Ting, and she felt that her own future was rather uncertain. Her nose couldn’t help but turn stuffy as tears welled in her eyes.

Yu Hong reached out and gave a hug to Li Xinyan. “Xinyan, I brought you up by myself. You’re just like my little sister. Don’t worry, after I find another company, I’ll definitely take you with me.”

Li Xinyan hugged Yu Hong and started to sob.

Zhou Xiaozhen watched from the side, and was secretly feeling upset. If she hadn’t applied for a transfer back then, she would’ve been Xu Jiaojiao’s current assistant. Just look at how well that Zeng Huan is living now. However, who else could she blame but herself for being so short-sighted?

Inside a fashion magazine studio.

Peng Peng, who had just been browsing through some entertainment magazines on the display racks, suddenly received a call from the editor-in-chief, telling her to go to his office.

When the girl sitting across Peng Peng saw her get up, she casually asked, “Where are you going?”

“The editor-in-chief called for me.” Peng Peng pointed at the editor-in-chief’s office.

“Oh? Hurry along then.”

Peng Peng walked to the editor-in-chief’s office with a heart full of curiosity. When she knocked on the door, she saw the editor-in-chief smiling.

“Peng Peng, please take a seat,” the editor-in-chief said in a warm tone.

Peng Peng felt flattered as she sat on a nearby chair. Carefully, she asked, “Editor-in-Chief, did you call for me because you have some plans for me?”

“These days, Xu Jiaojiao has a lot of publicity, and news about her is very likely to explode in popularity. Her road to success is almost fantastical, so everyone is very curious about her. If we are able to secure the rights to an exclusive interview, our magazine will have the opportunity to leap into popularity,” the editor-in-chief said calmly.

Peng Peng understood that the editor-in-chief wanted her to take the interview.

“Right now, many media outlets are going crazy trying to contact Xu Jiaojiao’s manager for the chance at an exclusive interview. We’ve collaborated once before, so we have a higher chance of landing the interview. Peng Peng, I’ll be leaving this to you. If you can win an exclusive interview for our magazine, I’ll write to headquarters to recommend you as our next deputy editor-in-chief.”

Peng Peng blinked, and her heart pounded excitedly. The role of a deputy editor-in-chief was extremely enticing for her, especially since she had only worked at the company for two years. She didn’t dare to believe what she was hearing, so she probed, “But my qualifications…”

The editor-in-chief waved his hand and shook his head as he spoke, “We are not a business that is stuck in the past. Currently, we do not measure your qualifications by how many years of working experience you have. Rather, we only measure how many achievements you have.”

“Is there a time limit?”

“You just have to get it before the end of the year. Regarding your current work, if it is not urgent, you can drop them. For urgent tasks, pass it to your colleagues. I’ll have a talk with them.”

Peng Peng’s mood was soaring when she left the editor-in-chief’s office and returned to her spot. When she sat down, the girl sitting across her asked, “What happened? What did the editor-in-chief say? Was it good or bad?”

“The editor-in-chief wants me to get an interview.” Peng Peng didn’t tell her that she was offered a promotion to the deputy editor-in-chief position.

“Interview with who?”

“Xu Jiaojiao.”

“Wow! But that makes sense, she’s been really popular lately. Anything with her would turn into a selling point. Peng Peng, good luck!”

“Yeah!” Peng Peng nodded firmly. For the position of the deputy editor-in-chief, she had to work hard.

She quickly went online to find the latest news about Xu Jiaojiao. After searching around, all she found were comments from other people. She lurked around in the Jiao fans group chat and asked about Jiaojiao’s most recent works. However, the fans also didn’t know anything. They only knew that Jiaojiao had left the country again, but they didn’t know which country she was in.

No wonder everyone couldn’t find Jiaojiao.

When the person wasn’t in Jianghu[1], but Jianghu was still filled with rumours about them… such a saying aptly described Jiaojiao’s current situation.

Right now, ‘Empress’ was still very popular, and ‘Frost at Dawn’ was also recently released. Jiaojiao’s roles in both works were completely different. Wu Qinghe, Jiaojiao’s character in ‘Empress’, was arrogant and ostentatious, with an aura that suppressed all the other concubines. Whereas, Chen Xi, her role in ‘Frost at Dawn’, was a rather complex young girl, with a soft temperament but a tough backbone.

When such different roles were put together for comparison, it clearly showed how good the actress’ acting skills were. Only when both characters were acted out to the fullest could you see the extent of her skill. If all the roles were similar, or if the actress couldn’t immerse the audience into her role, it meant that her acting skills were lacking.

Nowadays, everybody believed Jiaojiao to be in the acting circle.

By now, she had already acted out three characters. The first was Zhen Xin from ‘Redeeming my IGD Boyfriend’, the second was Wu Qinghe in ‘Empress’, and the third was Chen Xi in ‘Frost at Dawn’. The three were all completely different roles, but she had brought them all to life inexplicably well.

So, not only was she great on the runway, but her acting skills were also good. And yet, her life was shrouded in mystery, making everybody curious.

The last episode of the third season of ‘National Supermodel’ was taking advantage of Sheng Jiaoyang’s popularity and airing now.

Because they’ve long announced that Xu Jiaojiao would be the judge for the finals and that the program would organise giveaways for the fans, many people followed the program.

When they saw Jiaojiao walk down the runway, everybody was stunned.

It was truly nice to watch her walk a fashion show. With such a great body, many people felt her charm.

This episode’s ratings more than doubled, but very few people cared about who the final champion was. Instead, Xu Jiaojiao’s walk made all of them curious about how she fared in the second season. As a result, ratings for season two of ‘National Supermodel’ also soared. It originally only had around ten million views, but now it directly broke through a hundred million.

Jiaojiao only made a few appearances in season three, and all the appearances were very short, so it couldn’t really show her individuality. Instead, season two of ‘National Supermodel’ really satisfied the people who wanted to see more of Jiaojiao.

The team behind ‘National Supermodel’ produced a special episode: an edited broadcast of the training period in season two. Of course, this episode was filled with many clips of Jiaojiao, letting everyone feast on the beautiful sight.

Although it’s only been a year, Xu Jiaojiao has changed a lot from when she participated in National Supermodel. At that time, she still appeared young and inexperienced. Although her talent was already starting to bloom back then, her current self was much more beautiful and familiar to the audience.

As they watched Jiaojiao change little by little in season two, the audience felt like they were watching her transformation, which was a very novel feeling for them. Furthermore, the short-haired Jiaojiao was also quite beautiful, and her unconventional androgynous handsomeness made the hearts of many young girls melt. Although, some fanboys were even more fan crazy than the young girls.

Even after watching the entirety of National Supermodel, some people still felt that their addictions were not fulfilled. Hence, people suggested that they watch the travel program Jiaojiao had guest-starred in. In the show, Jiaojiao was different from the other guests who were covered in dirt. It was almost like she was on vacation instead. Every time the camera panned towards her, the whole scene would appear different.

This was what people meant when they said you wouldn’t be hurt if you didn’t compare yourself to others. After watching Jiaojiao’s performance, everyone felt like they didn’t belong to the same world as her. Compared to her, everyone else on the show looked foolish. It wasn’t that they were purposely trying to act dumb or silly, it was just that, when they were set off against one another, they appeared dumb in comparison. The viewers all sympathized with them.

But these days, everyone found the contrast cute. Many people liked watching smart people act dumb because it meant that celebrities were also human.

As for Jiaojiao who seemed completely otherworldly, she had already ascended to become a female goddess in everyone’s hearts.

She’s a top student, has a high EQ and IQ, a pretty face, a stunning body, talent, and high-end connections. She’s absolutely flawless!

And where is our perfect female goddess now?

She and Shen Zhining had gone to a parachuting site, preparing to go parachute jumping for the first time in her life.

Just thinking about free falling from over a thousand foot high was exciting.

The excited smile on her face was obvious. Shen Zhining couldn’t move his eyes away from her as he watched her shine brilliantly.

1. Jianghu is the community of martial artists in wuxia stories.

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