Chapter 27 - Being Watched By The Great Demon King (2/2)

Shen Zhining closed his eyes and inhaled deeply; his voice was heavy as he yelled, “Ning. Xiao. Ruan!”

“Boss, please call me Peter Ning, thank you!” Ning Xiaoruan said brazenly.

“I’ll count to three. You either come over here or get lost!”



Without waiting for the number three to be said, Ning Xiaoruan was already standing next to Jing Weinan.

“I didn’t say it without a reason. You see, I like Jordan so much, but I can’t play basketball as well as him. You said that her painting style is the same as that of Sheng Jiaoyang. Is it possible to identically imitate someone’s art style? Ok, there are a lot of people in this world, but why on earth is this Xu Jiaojiao imitating Sheng Jiaoyang without rhyme or reason? Sheng Jiaoyang only returned to China six months ago and had never met Xu Jiaojiao before that car accident. How could Xu Jiaojiao be so similar to Sheng Jiaoyang? If it was the person herself, then everything could be explained.”

“Ning Xiaoruan, you can shut up now,” Shen Zhining said in a voice as light as a feather.

Feeling that he would be thrown out if he said anything more, Ning Xiaoruan blinked while looking at Jing Weinan glare at him.

Jing Weinan remained silent. Where does this person look like an educated and talented elite? Rather, he looked like a patient who’d run out of a mental hospital while suffering from serious mythomania! If he had such a rotten cousin, he would’ve hung him up and beaten him up long ago.

What ‘everything could be explained’? How do two individuals become one? Soul possession? Why don’t you demonstrate how to do it if you have the ability!

“Weinan, this matter is handed over to you for investigation. Be sure to find the mastermind behind this,” Shen Zhining said to Jing Weinan.


As Jing Weinan was leaving, he glanced at the man with glasses.

“Isn’t it already clear? What mastermind could there be? I think you guys are overthinking about this matter. She’s just an ordinary girl, yet her personality changed after having her heart broken. What’s fishy about that? To think that an optimistic girl like her, who’s confident and making great progress in becoming an idol, suddenly appeared as a scheming person in your eyes…isn’t that because your hearts are filled with negativity…?”

“Qin Ye said that he lacked an energetic and upward Assistant. How about I send you there?” Shen Zhining raised his gaze to the man chattering on and on.

“Wha…what?! Qin Ye? Isn’t Qin Ye working for that corporation with a branch office in Africa that’s expanding their business in the mining industry?”

“That’s right; that Qin Ye.” Shen Zhining gave Ning Xiaoruan a knowing smile.

Ning Xiaoruan was suddenly anxious. “Cousin, please don’t! I’ll help Brother Nan investigate. That Xu Jiaojiao is problematic, so I’m afraid that Brother Nan will lack manpower. I promise I’ll help Brother Nan investigate until the truth comes to light.”

Shen Zhining quietly stared at Ning Xiaoruan for a few seconds before saying lightly, “If you don’t find out, you’ll go straight to Qin Ye!”

Ning Xiaoruan deeply felt the malice of the words as he looked at Shen Zhining with a sullen look, tried to garner a little pity.

“Do you want to go be Qin Ye’s Assistant now?” A corner of Shen Zhining’s mouth raised.

Ning Xiaoruan escaped in fear.

Mummy, your little boy won’t inherit the family business, so quickly pick me up and take me home~

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