Chapter 26 - Ranking (2/2)

“Jiaojiao, get up and drink some brown sugar water,” Xu Qing said as she walked into the room carrying a cup. Sheng Jiaoyang was currently imitating a corpse as she lay on the bed.

“Don’t feel like drinking.” Sheng Jiaoyang frowned. The momentum of her approaching period was tumultuous, and while not even half a day had passed, it had already taken her down.

The original Xu Jiaojiao was indeed young, but this body of hers was terrible. Her endocrine system was seriously malfunctioning, and her monthly period was like seeking one’s death. For her, who used to live like a princess, this was a cruel punishment.

“Just drink a little bit; it'll make you feel better.” Xu Qing looked at the weak Sheng Jiaoyang and felt her heart ache.

Sheng Jiaoyang sighed weakly, and pushing her body up, she leaned against the bedhead and took the cup from Xu Qing’s hand, gulping down half of it in one go.

“Take a rest, I’ll go prepare some food for you,” Xu Qing said as she stroked Sheng Jiaoyang’s head.

“Don’t feel like eating.”

“Then, would you like me to cook some porridge for you to drink?”


Watching Xu Qing’s back as she walked out, Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly felt that it wasn’t such a bad thing to be Xu Jiaojiao. She hadn’t felt the feelings of being cared for by her Mother for too long. Wealth and better living conditions weren’t equal to being loved and protected by your closest relatives.

She didn’t know whether it was due to her imagination or not, but at that moment, she didn’t feel so uncomfortable.

Picking up her phone, Sheng Jiaoyang started surfing the internet.

With regards to the entertainment news circulating Mei Niu’s relationship status, it was repeatedly being mentioned. It was still all speculations on the reason for Mei Niu and George’s break up. Something such as looking for a new flame, a third wheel had stepped in between them or saying that George’s family was against their relationship.

Unable to find any more news on the topic, Sheng Jiaoyang chose a new article that read: Select Your Favourite Supermodel. She clicked on to it to see that there was a set of photos arranged vertically. Below each photo there was a number and a name.

At the bottom, there was a link to the official website to go vote.

Sheng Jiaoyang was bored, so she clicked on the link.

She then saw the voting situation for the first time. She never would’ve expected that she had a lot of votes, and that she was in sixth place, only 20 votes away from fifth place.

Above her was Pu Mingyu, Xiao Yang was in fourth place, and Luo Yi was ranked third. In second place was the internet celebrity contestant, Yin Meiling. What was unexpected though, was the contestant who was ranked first.

It was Qi Hua!

The number of votes for her was far ahead of everyone else, beating second place by more than a thousand votes.

Before Yin Meiling had signed on to participate in the supermodel competition, she was already an internet celebrity and she was quite popular.

Additionally, Luo Yi and Pu Mingyu had been in the model circuit for a few years, and both had their own fan groups. For the three of them, it was expected that they would place high in the rankings.

Xiao Yang possessed international features, and her disposition and walking style were also good. Amongst the candidates, she was seen and easily remembered at a glance. She has quite a good number of people supporting her. It was awesome that she could be ranked in fourth place without any previous popularity.

However, it was extremely surprising that Qi Hua was ranked first.

Qi Hua’s character was spoiled, and she had been nearly angered to death by Sheng Jiaoyang the last few days, so it was hard to imagine that she was popular. Unfortunately, she was still ranked first. Despite that, since it was only the first day of voting, and she was already so far ahead, it was way too suspicious.

Sheng Jiaoyang had suspected that Qi Hua had someone backing her, and this proved it. If nothing unexpected happened and everything went as planned, Qi Hua would be sent to the finals.

Sheng Jiaoyang furrowed her brows, intrigue flashing across her eyes.

This world didn’t lack anything like the unexpected.

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