Chapter 23 - Investigating Someone (2/2)

Suddenly, she came across an entertainment news article.

Her gaze hardened.

[International supermodel Lin Na and her rich boyfriend have announced their peaceful breakup!]

What happened? Why would Mei Niu and George break up? Before she’d returned to the country, they were still very sweet to each other.

Sheng Jiaoyang could still remember what had happened when they’d dropped her off at the airport.

Mei Niu had hugged her and said that she didn’t want to let her go. Then, George had jokingly said, “Hurry up and go, you can come back when Lina and I hold our wedding.”

At that time, Mei Niu had rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but laugh. Anyone could see that she was looking forward to her marriage to George.

The two were obviously looking forward to marrying each other, so why did they break up?

She hadn’t heard of any conflicts between the two before she’d gotten into an accident, so it must be something recent.

The next time she saw Mei Niu, she should just reveal her identity.

In this world, other than her Grandfather, the only other person who knew her the best was Mei Niu. From elementary school to university, they’d spend more time together than their closest relatives. Furthermore, there were many common secrets between them.

Just as Sheng Jiaoyang was worrying, in a certain villa, Xu Qing had encountered trouble.

“You’ve only been here for several days, yet you’re already requesting a leave of absence? Who’ll come and clean the house if you’re gone?” asked a woman donned up like a lady. She was sitting on the sofa and cast a sidelong glance at Xu Qing.

“I…there’s a few matters to deal with at my home.” Xu Qing lowered her head.

“Aren’t you single? Who else is in your home?”

Xu Qing kept silent; she didn’t want the person before her to know of Jiaojiao’s existence.

“Xu Qing, is it that you find this job too tiring, or do you still have feelings for my husband?” the woman casually asked as she looked at her nails.

“I don’t!” Xu Qing quickly denied.

“Then that’s good. You’ve seen it these last few days right? My husband cares a lot about my family. Even after so many years, he still brings back a gift for me and Wenwen every time he goes on a business trip. So, you shouldn’t have any ideas that you shouldn’t have. My husband chose to divorce you because he didn’t like you, that’s all. And I, as his most beloved wife, saw how desolate and pathetic you were, so I offered you some light work at my home. You shouldn’t ever bite the hand that feeds you!” the woman arrogantly said, her words carrying a double meaning.

Xu Qing bit her lip and didn’t respond.

The woman lifted her chin in triumph before she waved her hand in dismissal. “Fine, if you want to ask for leave, it’s okay. For the next two days I’ll just call in a temporary worker to take care of the villa.”

“Thank you!” Xu Qing turned around and quickly left.

“Wait!” the woman suddenly said before continuing, “You don’t plan to quit, right?”

"I’m not." Xu Qing inhaled deeply before walking out of the villa.

The moment she stepped out the door, tears rolled down Xu Qing’s cheeks.

If it wasn’t due to a lack of money, she wouldn’t have taken the job. She didn’t want to see these people who’d hurt her in the past.

However, for her daughter, no matter how much she suffered, it would be worth it.

Beep beep!

As she was walking, she heard the sound of a car alarm.

Xu Qing wiped her tears away and turned to look, only to see the car of the Pan family’s Mistress trailing behind her with Xiao Song behind the steering wheel.

“The Madam told me to give you a ride, so don’t refuse the Madam’s kindness. Hurry up and get in!” Xiao Song said.

Since he’d said that, Xu Qing didn’t refuse and quickly entered the car.

However, she only let Xiao Song drop her off at the gate of her neighbourhood.

Xiao Song sized up the area, then turned his car around to return to the villa and report to the Madam.

“Ming Hua Garden on College Road?” After hearing Xiao Song’s report, the woman that was trimming a flower branch narrowed her eyes.

She’d lived here for so long, so she knew of all the high-end districts nearby.

That woman, Xu Qing, lived in such a high-class district, but was dressed as a poor-looking woman to find a job, and she just so happened to run into her by chance? Who would believe that she wasn’t harbouring any ulterior motives?!

Picking up her phone, she dialled a number.

“Hello, Lao Zheng, I need your help investigating someone.”

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