Chapter 23 - Investigating Someone (1/2)

Five days had passed since the party, and during these days, the production team hadn’t allowed the contestants to rest and had arranged full courses and training every day.

Now, no one was unfamiliar with walking on a runway and shooting photos.

Soon, the day of the final assessment arrived.

This time it was a lot simpler. Everyone had five minutes to work with a photographer to take a photo, and the photo would then be posted on the official website and the official Weibo account. Netizen would vote for the best five photos, allowing those five people to enter the top 15. Additionally, professional judges would rate each photo, and then choose another 10 contestants based on the overall scores.

From the current 30 contestants, half of them would be eliminated.

This part of the competition was very cruel, but it was also quite fair. Each training assessment was broadcasted live. Under the supervision of netizens, the judges gave relatively fair scores, avoiding any prejudices due to personal emotional factors. Therefore, this comprehensive performance test was the best method to reflect one’s strength and level. Moreover, netizens had to vote for the best photo online, and they could deduce the popularity of the contestants based on the voting results.

The program had always followed the preference of the audience, so the popular contestants would go further in the competition.

The photos were taken in a studio, and order to reflect fairness, the poses and backgrounds were selected by the contestants themselves. They could choose to have a backdrop based on their outfit, so this way, even if the photos didn’t look good, they couldn’t blame on the production team.

After a busy day, the half-month training camp would come to an end.

The production team gave the contestants a two-day vacation. At the end of the two days, the contestants would return to face the results. Who would leave and who would stay; it wasn’t something that they were able to control.

When they were leaving the villa, many contestants cried because they knew that once they walked out, they may really have to leave the supermodel home forever.

“Jiaojiao, where are you going after this? Do you want to join us?” Luo Yi pulled Sheng Jiaoyang as she asked.

“No, I want to go home.”

“Okay, I have your contact details anyway, so if anything comes up, we can contact each other by phone.”

“Mm, see you!”

After those that had a good relationship finished saying goodbye, everyone parted ways.

As for Sheng Jiaoyang, she went back to her new home where she hadn’t even lived for two days. She didn’t see Xu Qing anywhere, and it was only then that she remembered that Xu Qing had left to be a maid.

During this half a month she’d gotten used to being surrounded by many people, and now that she was all by herself, she felt a bit uncomfortable. There was a kind of empty feeling in her heart.

She thought for a moment before picking up her phone and calling Xu Qing.

After a while, the call was finally picked up.

“Jiaojiao, has your competition finished?” Xu Qing’s surprised voice could be heard from the phone’s speaker.

“I can take a break for two days.”

“Is that so? Well then, I’ll request two days off to accompany you!”


After hanging up, Sheng Jiaoyang accidentally caught a glimpse of the smile spreading across her face on a nearby mirror.

She was left in a daze after realising how happy she was to know that someone would accompany her.

It seemed that she’d completely adapted to her current identity.

Now, she could calmly treat herself as Xu Jiaojiao. Since it was an arrangement given by God, then she would willingly accept it. And, since she was no longer in a poor environment, she would strive for things to continue improving.

The only worry she had left was her Grandfather’s health. Grandfather would be turning 70 this year. In the past few years he’d suffered multiple shocks from first his wife’s death, and then his daughter’s death. His body was gradually deteriorating. Now that she’d had an accident as well, how could her Grandfather accept it?

She really wanted to fly abroad to find her Grandfather and tell him in person that she was still alive and well!

However, she didn’t have a passport or visa. Most importantly, she wasn’t yet 18 years old and was still under the responsibility of a guardian.

“What should I do?”

Sheng Jiaoyang lay down on the sofa, pulled out her phone, and absentmindedly surfed the web.

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