Chapter 2 - The First Step Of A Transformation (2/2)

The hairdresser standing behind Sheng Jiaoyang was shocked.

Curious, the flamboyant assistant walked over and was also stunned.

Even Xu Qing, who was waiting next to her could hardly conceal the astonishment on her face.

“Okay, cut this hairstyle.” Sheng Jiaoyang put down the pen, her slender fingertip pointing to the picture on the white paper as she glanced at the hairdresser. “There’s no problem, right?”

The hairdresser pulled himself together, then exclaimed in admiration as he looked at Sheng Jiaoyang, “There’s no problem! I just didn’t expect a beautiful woman like yourself would also be an art student.”

Too much nonsense! Sheng Jiaoyang leaned against the back of the chair, and seeing that the hairdresser was passing around her drawing for others to see, she impatiently urged, “I’ll trouble you to hurry up.”

“Yes! Right away!”

Xu Qing was filled with mixed feelings as she watched on from the sides. Around this time two days ago, she’d gotten a phone call to tell her that Jiaojiao was in the hospital receiving emergency treatment. She was so scared that it felt like half her soul left her body. Although raising her daughter all alone these past few years had been tough, she thought that it was worthwhile. Besides, Jiaojiao was a hard-working child, and her academic grades had always been outstanding. She never would’ve thought that her sensible daughter would be hit by a car and sent to the emergency room!

The traffic police had let her watch the surveillance video of the car accident. The one at fault wasn’t the driver, but Jiaojiao! At the time of the crash, Jiaojiao had been crying and wasn’t looking where she was going while crossing the road. The driver had braked suddenly, but they still hit Jiaojiao, causing her to fall to the ground and knock the back of her head against the road. This resulted in her receiving a slight concussion, but luckily, no other injuries. Unfortunately, the driver of the car hadn’t been so lucky. Due to such an immense shock, the driver had suffered a severe heart attack.

She didn’t know what had happened to her daughter that day, but while she wanted to ask, she didn’t dare. Since it was able to upset her daughter so much, it was clearly a topic that would be too distressing to remember.

Fortunately, it seemed like Jiaojiao had become more cheerful…unfortunately, she felt like couldn’t understand her daughter at all.

She didn’t know that Jiaojiao could actually draw! Previously, Jiaojiao had never once drawn anything at home. As soon as she had graduated from school, Jiaojiao had thrown away all her notebooks and exercise books, and sold the rest of her study materials to second-hand stores. There was now no trace of Jiaojiao ever having studied before.

Seeing Jiaojiao’s appearance slowly transforming under the hairdresser’s scissors, Xu Qing felt somewhat guilty. All this time, she’d been unable to provide a good living for her daughter due to her limited capabilities. In order to save money, she’d even had to cut her daughter’s hair.

“Done!” The hairdresser’s voice interrupted Xu Qing’s thoughts.

Sheng Jiaoyang opened her eyes, and what greeted her from the mirror was an entirely new her. A thin layer of bangs rested against her forehead and outlined her beautiful eyes, making them more prominent. Meanwhile, short strands of hair gracefully framed her cheeks, causing her small and exquisite chin to appear quite delicate. The overall look resulted in a charmingly short hairstyle, perfect for a young girl.

“How is it?” the hairdresser asked expectantly.

“Passable,” Sheng Jiaoyang answered indifferently.

“Such a beautiful woman like yourself is definitely suited to be in movies, right?”

“Out of the question,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied as she glanced at the hairdresser. “I’m not a star, and I don’t like to pose for strangers.”

With just one glance, Sheng Jiaoyang could tell that the hairdresser wanted to take a picture of her to use as advertising.

“Then, could you give this drawing to us as a commemoration of your visit?” the hairdresser asked, unwilling to give up.

“What will you give me in exchange?”

The hairdresser stared at her blankly. He apparently hadn’t expected that she would ask for something in exchange for the drawing, but he quickly responded, “We won’t charge you for our services this visit.”

“Deal. I can also draw you one more if you fix her hair too.” Sheng Jiaoyang pointed at Xu Qing.

“No problem!” The hairdresser immediately agreed.

“No, no need…” Xu Qing quickly waved her hand.

“It’s free, so why not take advantage of this chance?” Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Xu Qing strangely, and without waiting for her to respond, she started to draw another portrait.

If she had enough money, she would’ve dragged Xu Qing to all sorts of shops to have her entire look remodelled. Her original beauty had been squandered away and had now faded into the appearance of an old woman.

Xu Qing’s hairstyle was more complicated compared to Sheng Jiaoyang’s as her hair didn’t just need a new style, it also had to be permed. The hairdresser, however, didn’t complain at all. His hands efficiently transformed Xu Qing’s hair according to the design on the paper, but because it had to be permed, the hairstyle ultimately took almost four hours to complete. Halfway through, the salon had even offered to buy them each a fast food meal.

A hairstyle could really affect the appearance and temperament of a person. After Xu Qing’s hairstyle had been changed, it was like she was a completely different person compared to her previous hairstyle of a simple ponytail.

The hairdresser admired his masterpiece while praising, “Beautiful woman, with your talent, you could be a designer!”

Standing to the side, the flamboyant assistant couldn’t help butting in, “With her height, she could totally be a fashion model! Look at the current ones. Compared to the average celebrity, they’re more famous.”

“Those are world renowned supermodels. With so many models in the world, how many of them are actually able to achieve that level of fame?” the hairdresser’s mouth twitched as he spoke.

“But, models can make money quickly. Wasn’t there an event that was recently announced? One that’s looking to recruit the contestants as supermodels? The winner can get two hundred thousand dollars as a prize, while second and third place also receive prize money. Currently, many people have registered; even my younger sister was in a rush to sign up. Beauty, you should also try! Who knows, maybe you could win!” the flamboyant assistant grew more excited as he spoke, his cadence picking up speed as he carried on.

“My daughter was just admitted to F University.”

Xu Qing couldn’t stop herself from interrupting as she’d always been of the opinion that studying was the proper way to advance in the future. Moreover, her daughter had just taken one of the more prominent university’s exams.

The flamboyant assistant still wanted to say something, but once he noticed the hairdresser’s glare, he resentfully shut his mouth.

“Hahaha, with just a look I know that your daughter will have great prospects in the future,” the hairdresser said while laughing.

“Many thanks!” Xu Qing’s expression was much better after hearing that.

“Let’s go,” Sheng Jiaoyang said as she stood up.

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