Chapter 19 - Choosing A Dress (1/2)

Regarding the abnormal rules given by the program team, Xiao Yang’s team suffered quite a bit.

Sheng Jiaoyang was surprised at this requirement. Compared to the superior treatment obtained by the winning party, their treatment was as different as heaven and earth.

However, she didn’t regret her willful actions in the game at all.

But, some of the other team members were quite regretful. For instance, the girl who’d complained about Sheng Jiaoyang during the game, Xiao Yang; who didn’t trust Sheng Jiaoyang, and those who’d just watched.

Even so, since things had already come to this point, there was no point in having regrets.

After Zhuo Yiyan started the timer, the first group of five girls entered the wholesale market, each person followed by a cameraman.

Sheng Jiaoyang was in the first group to enter. Although she partially ran into the market, her expression wasn’t as flustered as the others.

Ten minutes was a really short time, and it would take more than ten minutes to finish strolling around the market. Therefore, for such a brief period of time, the contestants would have to focus on the items that they wanted to choose. In that case, they would have to thoroughly consider what style they wanted to go for before entering the market.

Not to mention, it would be hard to try on a dress in ten minutes, let alone find the rest of the items that they’d need.

When the first group of five contestants entered the market, they wandered aimlessly like headless flies. Two contestants who had weak hearts immediately started crying, while another two were on the verge of collapsing.

Compared to them, Sheng Jiaoyang was much calmer as she unhurriedly walked past various women’s clothing stores. Just as the cameraman following her was about to let her know that one-third of the time limit had already passed, she turned and entered a pyjama store.

The cameraman was shocked for two seconds before he followed her in.

At that moment, Sheng Jiaoyang was holding a man’s black nightgown made from silk.

Please note that it was a man's nightgown!

The cameraman was once again shocked, and the camera motionlessly focused on the nightgown in Sheng Jiaoyang’s hands for a few seconds.

The shopkeeper was a younger woman. When she saw the camera, she immediately knew that they were shooting a show. She quickly combed her hair, and asked Sheng Jiaoyang with a smile like a spring wind, “Are you here to buy something for your boyfriend? You have a good eye, the item in your hands just arrived. This design is quite popular recently; it’s simple yet stylish. Your boyfriend would definitely look handsome wearing that. Just have a look at the texture of the fabric, how smooth it is under the light. Furthermore, its colour won’t fade no matter how many times you wash it. Pretty girl, do you want to buy one?”

“How much?”

“Three hundred and six.” The shopkeeper grinned.

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her eyebrows. “On the price tag it says that it’s only three hundred and two. Are you sure it’s three hundred and six?”

Although she didn’t care about the price difference, she didn’t like to be seen as gullible.

The shopkeeper’s smile stiffened, and she seemed embarrassed as she replied, “Oh, I must’ve remembered it wrong. It’s three hundred and two, three hundred and two.”

“This store should give a discount as it seems quite large compared to others in this wholesale market.”

The expression on the shopkeeper’s face froze, and she no longer dared to underestimate this young girl. “Then, tell me the price you want?”

“Two hundred. If you want to sell it, help me wrap it up.”

Sheng Jiaoyang knew that she could get it cheaper still, but she was too lazy to argue, and she also didn’t have any time to spare. So, she gave a price that wouldn’t be rejected.

Sure enough, the shopkeeper took out a bag and wrapped up the nightgown without demur.

As one hand took the cash, the other passed over the bag. The shopkeeper checked the money, smiled cordially, then waved her hand. “Does the pretty lady want to choose a set for herself, maybe? There are many different styles…”

“No, thank you.” Sheng Jiaoyang turned and left the store.

“Please come back any time~” the joyous voice of the shopkeeper rang out from behind her.

Sheng Jiaoyang continued heading for the next store.

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