Chapter 189 - Looking at the Scene

Sheng Jiaoyang went to Shen Zhining’s place, but she brought Xiao An along.

There was no change in Shen Zhining’s expression when he saw the two of them. He didn't seem surprised that she’d brought Xiao An over. He just told Felix to prepare an extra bowl and cutlery.

Sheng Jiaoyang felt a bit perplexed by his normal behaviour. He asked her over to have dinner together?

Because most of the dishes on the table were her favourite foods, Sheng Jiaoyang relaxed her guard while eating and stopped fretting about why Shen Zhining had called her over.

When Shen Zhining finished eating, he suddenly asked, "Xiao An, did you eat your fill?"

Xiao An nodded.

Sheng Jiaoyang instantly raised her guard. Here it comes, he’s trying to divert Xiao An’s attention and make him go play elsewhere.

"Do you want to watch your mother's drama series?" Shen Zhining added.

Sure enough, he wants to drive Xiao An away! Sheng Jiaoyang looked at Shen Zhining with an ‘I’ve seen through your tricks’ expression.

Xiao An, who rarely spoke, surprisingly showed great interest and responded, "Yes!"

Sheng Jiaoyang held Xiao An’s hand and suggested, "Then, let's watch it together. It just so happens that I haven't watched it yet."

Shen Zhining glanced at her, the corners of his lips slightly arching upwards.

Afterwards, they proceeded to the bedroom.

"Why aren’t we watching the drama in the living room?" Holding onto Xiao An’s hand, Sheng Jiaoyang stood by the bedroom door and refused to go in.

This place had cast a shadow over her. She was almost devoured by Bastard Shen the last time she was here.

Shen Zhining stopped and turned to look at her with a smirk. "What? You think my bedroom is a tiger's den and don't have the courage to enter?"

"Who says I’m lacking courage?!" Sheng Jiaoyang pulled Xiao An into the bedroom. She normally wouldn’t get agitated by others so easily, but somehow, Shen Zhining was able to spur her into action with just his words.

A light flickered across Sheng Jiaoyang's eyes when she saw the image projected on the wall.

"You’re watching the drama?" She turned to look at Shen Zhining.

Xiao An looked up at the projection on the wall and saw a familiar-looking person on screen. His expression instantly lit up with excitement.

Shen Zhining didn’t answer her question. Instead, he went to pick up the remote control and entered a few numbers.

Sheng Jiaoyang led Xiao An to the couch in front of the bed, intentionally sitting in a corner and letting Xiao An sit in the middle. As such, Shen Zhining could only sit next to Xiao An if he wanted to join them.

Shen Zhining glanced at the remaining spot and slightly raised an eyebrow. However, his expression remained indifferent as he sat beside Xiao An.

The three of them were sitting side by side on the couch as they watched the drama. No matter how one looked at this lovely scene, they looked like a family of three.

The first episode started.

The beginning scene was a long shot, showing the back of a slim figure with long black hair walking into a cherry blossom forest. Then, there was a close-up shot, where the girl turned around with a few strands of hair dancing to the tune of the breeze. Her features were delicate and picturesque, and her pink lips were slightly parted as if she was about to say something.

However, there was no one behind her.

"Where did Jiayi go now?" There was a hint of helplessness in her eyes.

When she found Jiayi, she saw him standing under a cherry blossom tree with his head lowered as he played with his cell phone. From afar, the boy appeared tall and handsome, the sight extremely pleasing to the eye.

"Jiayi, didn't you notice that you were left behind?" The girl walked over and reached out to poke Jiayi’s face.

The camera shifted from Liao Jiayi's face to the screen of the mobile phone he was holding, which displayed an in-game fighting scene.

Afterwards, there were various scenes where the female lead noticed that every time the male lead let her down, it was to play the game. The female lead’s helplessness from the beginning slowly turned into a deep hatred for the game, feeling that the game was wasting her boyfriend's precious time and that it was the biggest obstacle for her to get along with her boyfriend. As a result, she started to think of ways to attract her boyfriend's attention.

One day, the female lead took her boyfriend out to play. When they got back to the hotel, she specifically changed into a sexy shoulder strap nightgown and approached her boyfriend, who was playing the game. Suddenly, the video was paused on this scene.

"What’s wrong? Did the video freeze?" Sheng Jiaoyang, who was engrossed in the drama, turned her head and asked.

Shen Zhining didn’t answer and instead asked, "Xiao An, do you want to see your mother act?"

"Yes!" Xiao An instantly nodded.

Shen Zhining got up. He took out a small bag and handed it to Sheng Jiaoyang. "Go and change into this."

"What?" Sheng Jiaoyang was at a loss. She took the bag and fished out the garment…

It was a shoulder strap nightgown, exactly the same as the one she’d worn for that scene.

Sheng Jiaoyang finally understood Shen Zhining's intentions.

He actually wanted her to repeat that scene with him as the male lead!

"This doesn’t seem right, Xiao An is still a child." Sheng Jiaoyang was glad that she’d brought Xiao An along as she could use him as an excuse to block Shen Zhining’s advances.

"Xiao An, do you want to see mum and dad act, or do you want to watch TV?" Shen Zhining was a step ahead and directly used Xiao An to deal with her.

Xiao An was too young to really understand what the two adults were talking about. Thus, he naturally chose what he liked and answered, "I want to see Mum and Dad act."

The corners of Shen Zhining's lips curved slightly.

In this instant, Sheng Jiaoyang felt that Demon King Shen never ceased to amaze her.

When a ferocious lion possessed the cunning of a fox, who could escape its attacks?

Sheng Jiaoyang changed into the shoulder strap nightgown and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bathrobe.

Meanwhile, Shen Zhining was currently sitting at the head of the bed with a book in his hand. However, his eyes were fixated on her approaching figure.

"You should focus on reading your book, don’t look at me."

Shen Zhining's brow moved slightly. He remained silent and looked down at the book in his hand.

Sheng Jiaoyang glanced at Xiao An, who was staring at them with sparkling eyes. She took a deep breath and approached Shen Zhining, but before she could speak, she heard him say, "You didn’t wear a bathrobe on-screen."

"…" Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression stiffened.

"Take it off." Shen Zhining was calm and unruffled as he stared at her.

Sheng Jiaoyang was speechless. She no longer procrastinated and took off the bathrobe, throwing it to the side.

"Remember, you mustn’t talk or look at me."

Shen Zhining looked down at the book, but he didn’t turn a page.


"Don't call another man's name. If you do, I can't cooperate with you," Shen Zhining interrupted.

Sheng Jiaoyang took a deep breath and inwardly told herself to calm down. She faked a smile and nodded. "Okay, continue reading."

Shen Zhining’s eyes flashed with humour and he continued reading.

Sheng Jiaoyang adjusted her mood and tried her best to treat the meanie in front of her as her lover. "Zhining, let’s have a talk, alright?"

"Okay," Shen Zhining replied without looking up.

According to the drama, she’d now snuggle up to him for more attention.

Sheng Jiaoyang sat down next to Shen Zhining, placed her fingers on his shoulder, and then slowly slid them towards his chest as if she were playing the piano. She leaned closer and tilted her head to say coquettishly, "Zhining, I'm a little cold."

According to the plot, the male lead would respond without looking up, "Oh, then get dressed quickly and don't catch a cold."

Sheng Jiaoyang was recalling the drama when her sitting position suddenly changed, and before she could react, she was already being pressed down on the bed by Shen Zhining.

"If you're cold, I'll warm you up,” he whispered teasingly by her ear.

I'll warm you up.

Warm you up.

Warm you up.

His words echoed in Sheng Jiaoyang's head. She currently felt like crying, but there were no tears.

She was tricked by Bastard Shen!!

"You're not following the plot!" Sheng Jiaoyang glared at him.

Shen Zhining chuckled, and the sound of his laughter tickled her eardrums like a soft brush. "Sorry, I couldn’t help myself earlier. Let’s redo the scene."

"Get up, I’m not going to do it again!" Sheng Jiaoyang angrily protested.

Shen Zhining didn’t get up. He held her down with one hand and stroked her cheek with the other. He then said with a deadpan expression, "The way the male lead reacted in the drama is too fake, this is a normal reaction. If you don't believe me, ask Xiao An whether this is more exciting or not."

"Xiao An, am I right?" Shen Zhining turned to look at Xiao An and asked.

Xiao An nodded honestly.

"…" Sheng Jiaoyang was feeling both mad and helpless inside.

A faint smile appeared on Shen Zhining's face. He leaned his head against the side of her face and asked quietly, "Are you still cold?"

Sheng Jiaoyang felt her back go numb. His magnetic voice combined with the words he whispered under his steamy breath was flawless, and she couldn’t stand it.

"Since it's an act, you have to follow the script. It's unscrupulous to change it without permission!" Sheng Jiaoyang tried her best to find another topic to talk about in order to suppress the heat in her heart.

Shen Zhining’s lips curled upwards as he slid the hand stroking her cheek down the side of her face to play with her exposed shoulder. He then languidly replied, "I'm not an actor. I don't need to abide by your work ethic."

Sheng Jiaoyang was speechless.

All her eloquence was nothing compared to one sentence uttered by him.

"Xiao An! Xiao An is still here, so don’t do this." Sheng Jiaoyang had no choice but to use Xiao An as her shield again.

Shen Zhining was like Tathagata, who suppressed the Monkey King at the foot of Five Finger Mountain. He calmly sent Xiao An away with one sentence. "Xiao An, Dad wants to discuss life with your mother. Go find Uncle Felix and let him take you out to play."

Talk about your sister! Sheng Jiaoyang blushed and pushed him. "I'm going back with Xiao An to rest."

Xiao An looked at Shen Zhining before shifting his gaze to Sheng Jiaoyang. In the end, he walked out of the bedroom while peeking behind him every three steps.

"Xiao An…" Don't go!

"Now we can have a good chat."

"About what?" Sheng Jiaoyang stared at him. Seeing that he was getting closer and closer, she quickly pressed her hand against his chest.

Shen Zhining glanced down at her hand with a look of disapproval. Then, he looked into her eyes and said, "I've heard that when actors act as lovers in a drama, it's easy to turn the act into reality. Say, isn’t this a perfect depiction of our situation?"

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked repeatedly before asking, "You must be tired of talking in this position. How about getting up first and then we can continue our conversation?"

Shen Zhining followed along and replied, "I am a little tired."

Afterwards, he seized Sheng Jiaoyang’s hand as his upper body plopped down on her. "I’ll feel better like this."

Sheng Jiaoyang, who felt as if she was under a heavy boulder, was speechless.

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