Chapter 18 - No Harm Without Comparison (2/2)

Time passed quickly with everyone chatting, and the bus finally stopped.

“Everyone, follow me!” Zhuo Yiyan got up and walked off the bus first.

“Huh? Isn’t this Anyuan Plaza?” A few people noticed the sculpture in front of them.

Zhuo Yiyan didn’t say anything and grandly led everyone inside the shopping centre, heading straight to a brand-name clothing store on the third floor.

“What I’m going to tell you guys now is that since Luo Yi’s team won today’s game, their reward is that they’re allowed to select their dress, shoes, and accessories for tonight's party in this store. Take note that you must choose something that suits you. Tonight, there will be people judging how you style yourself, and this score will be added in your overall performance evaluation.”

Zhuo Yiyan explained everything clearly to the contestants.

Seeing all sorts of items in the store, those who were allowed to choose an outfit were naturally overjoyed, while Xiao Yang’s team that had missed this opportunity began to feel anxious.

They felt that something bad was waiting for them.

“Teacher Zhuo, what about us?” Xiao Yang asked anxiously.

“You’ll wait for the other team to finish picking their clothes, then I’ll take you to the next place,” Zhuo Yiyan said.

“Our clothes aren’t going to be selected from here?”

“Why do I have an ominous feeling?…”

In the store, the contestants who were allowed to pick out clothes were elated, but the ones who’d lost the game were even more upset.

“It’s like watching others eating meat while not even getting soup to drink. This feeling is particularly unpleasant.” Xiao Yang’s team members were all wearing a mourning expression.

Sheng Jiaoyang went to Zhuo Yiyan, and said, “I want to go buy a pair of contact lenses.”

“We’ll only stay here for half an hour.” Zhuo Yiyan lifted his hand to glance at the time. “You must be back quickly.”

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t move.

Zhuo Yiyan looked puzzledly at Sheng Jiaoyang. “What is it?”

“No money,” Sheng Jiaoyang answered boldly.


Zhuo Yiyan stared blankly for a second. He then turned around to ask the staff to watch out for the contestants before taking Sheng Jiaoyang to get contact lenses.

He’d suddenly remembered that the girl’s financial circumstances weren’t too good. In this large shopping mall filled with high-end products, perhaps she couldn’t even afford a pair of glasses.

However, when Sheng Jiaoyang had said that she had no money, she’d actually meant that she hadn’t brought cash or her ATM card along with her, and her phone had been handed over to the production team for safekeeping. Therefore, this became a beautiful misunderstanding.

Having Zhuo Yiyan along as a companion made it much faster, and in less than half an hour, Sheng Jiaoyang had gotten herself a pair of contact lenses.

When the pair returned to the contestants, the two garnered a lot of attention. Some people were speculating and gossiping behind their backs.

During this half an hour, Luo Yi’s team had chosen the items that they’d liked, and there were at least two bags in each person’s hand. On the other hand, the other team was unhappy and envious.

Zhuo Yiyan ignored their mood and just led everyone back to the bus so that they could leave for the next place.

Seeing that the buildings on the side of the road were getting smaller and older, the faces’ of Xiao Yang’s team members changed.

After arriving at their destination, Zhuo Yiyan explained the rules to Xiao Yang’s team. Some of the contestants’ eyes were already wet with frustrated tears.

No comparison, no aggrievement!

Compared with Luo Yi’s team, their treatment was simply intolerable.

Luo Yi’s team had gotten to choose high-end products from a brand-name store in a big shopping centre, while they had to choose the clothes they’d wear tonight from a wholesale market in ten minutes. Moreover, each person was only getting 500 yuan!

It’s ten minutes, ten minutes!!

What good items could you find in a wholesale market in ten minutes?!

Additionally, what could they buy with a meagre 500 yuan? Was that enough to outfit a person from head to toe?! Was. It. Enough?!!

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