Chapter 177 - The Evidence

“You’re going too far by saying that! We have yet to find out what’s going on!” Old Master Sheng was furious upon being branded a thief. Of course, even if he believed that they weren’t innocent, he wouldn’t just admit it.

“Do we even need to investigate it? The jewellery has been seen on their bodies.” Grandfather Yang pointed to the mother and daughter pair. “If they didn’t take the items, then who else could it be? Is there anyone else in your family?”

Come to think of it, they realised that there was still an outsider left in the family; the young housekeeper.

Upon being glared at by everyone, the young housekeeper said nervously, “I-it’s not me, I only cleaned the room whenever Miss Jiaoyang was around. I haven’t gone in since.”

“Who can prove that you didn’t go in?” said Liang Xiaohui suddenly.

“M-madam?” The young housekeeper looked at Liang Xiaohui in fright, her face becoming ghastly pale. This wasn’t an ordinary theft as those pieces of jewellery cost more than five million. They were extremely expensive and she couldn’t shoulder it!

Sheng Xun only stared at Old Madam Sheng before asking in a cold yet calm voice, “Mother, you said that there were only four pieces. Where are the other two?”

“I-I…” Old Madam Sheng trembled as she said, “I gave them to your elder brother and his wife.”

Old Madam Sheng knew that these things were valuable to Jiaoyang, but she never expected them to be so valuable. They were worth millions of dollars! It scared her so much that she almost fainted.

“How could you be so careless?” Old Master Sheng looked at his wife, his gaze filled with reproach.

“How would I know that they were so expensive? Moreover, I’m Jiaoyang’s grandmother! What’s the harm in me taking some of her jewellery?” Old Madam Sheng couldn’t accept the fact that her husband would side with a stranger.

Sheng Xun closed his eyes. He felt that he didn't have the face to confront Grandfather Yang anymore.

“Madam, as a lawyer, I have to remind you that there’s something wrong with your words. Despite the relationship you and my client have, as long as it’s not between my client and the authorised person, you aren’t allowed to take my client’s things without permission. Your actions were illegal and are viewed as an act of theft. Since you stole belongings worth such a considerable amount, once we appeal the case, you’ll be sentenced to jail,” said Lawyer Lu with a solemn voice.

Old Madam Sheng inhaled deeply, struggling to catch her breath. She tugged on Liang Xiaohui’s hand as if she was clutching onto her last life-saving straw. “Xiaohui, tell them! I really only took four things. You saw me take them, so you have to help prove it!”

Liang Xiaohui’s face stiffened. She saw everybody staring at her and braced herself before saying, “Mother really did take only four things.”

“She only took four, so the remaining pieces were taken by you!” Grandfather Yang finished.

“Don’t slander me, my jewellery was what my mother gave me,” Liang Xiaohui hurriedly said righteously.

“Then, you’re certain you didn’t steal any jewellery?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.

Liang Xiaohui nodded. “Yes.”

“If you didn’t, then it was…” Sheng Jiaoyang’s finger pointed at Sheng Shiyun. “You!”

A flash of panic appeared on Sheng Shiyun’s face before she became angry. “Xu Jiaojiao, don’t start randomly blaming people. If you want to accuse somebody, you need proof. You guys are just relying on the list of items Sheng Jiaoyang left to say how many things were in her room, but we only saw four things. What proof do you guys have to say that these things were originally in her room?”

“Shiyun’s right. Do you guys have any evidence showing what Sheng Jiaoyang left in her room? If you don’t, you don’t have the qualifications to-” Liang Xiaohui hadn’t finished speaking when she was interrupted by Sheng Xun.

“Shut up!” Sheng Xun glared at her.

“Sheng Xun, Xiaohui isn't wrong. If you want to do something, then there must be proof,” Old Master Sheng said.

“You want proof?” Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips curved into a mysterious smile. “If I bring out evidence, then the ones who lied must take responsibility.”

Liang Xiaohui’s eye twitched as a bad feeling appeared in her heart. However, no matter how much she thought, she couldn’t think of any evidence that Xu Jiaojiao could produce. She’d already checked, and Sheng Jiaoyang’s room didn’t have any surveillance cameras.

“There’s a surveillance camera hidden inside the bedroom,” Sheng Jiaoyang said.

“That’s impossible!” Liang Xiaohui couldn’t help but shout.

“It seems like you’ve already searched the room,” Sheng Jiaoyang sneered.

Now, the current question at hand was if the bedroom really did have surveillance cameras or not.

Grandfather Yang looked at Sheng Jiaoyang. He also wanted to know if there was a camera or not. If there wasn’t, it would be troublesome because if the Sheng Family just stubbornly denied everything, they couldn’t do anything,

Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t worried as she took in the Sheng Family’s expressions before finally turning to Liang Xiaohui. “Well, did you check the dressing table drawer?”

Liang Xiaohui’s face instantly paled at the same time as Sheng Shiyun’s. The pair’s expressions were identical.

“There’s a recording device inside the drawer, shall we go take a look?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked, her voice teasing.

Her smile was cold. When she’d made her will, how could she not have covered all the bases? Although it was originally to know if people had entered her room while she was gone, she didn’t expect it’d to be of use now.

Sheng Xun stared at this girl who seemed to know Jiaoyang’s room like the back of her hand. If it wasn’t for him having personally gone to Jiaoyang’s funeral, he would’ve thought Jiaoyang had revived.

“I don’t believe it!” After despairing, Sheng Shiyun began to question the other’s words. She felt that Xu Jiaojiao was deliberately lying to make them expose themselves as she hurriedly ran upstairs.

Everybody was silent as they waited for Sheng Shiyun to return.

But, after a while had passed, Sheng Shiyun still hadn’t come back down. Liang Xiaohui was worried that something had happened to her and went up to look, only to find Sheng Shiyun sitting in front of the dressing table, all of its contents on the table.

“Shiyun, what happened to you?” Liang Xiaohui approached worriedly.

“Mum, Xu Jiaojiao wasn’t lying. There really was a recording device inside the drawer.” Sheng Shiyun looked at Liang Xiaohui, seemingly about to cry. “We’re finished.”

Liang Xiaohui didn’t dare to believe it as she looked inside the drawer. But, sure enough, in the corner of the drawer, there was a bright light.

Her face turned ashen as she lost all hope.

The two didn’t come down for a very long time, clearly showing the result.

Sheng Xun’s face was pale as he stared at his mother, who’d betrayed him, but still had him count money for her before turning to look at his father speechlessly. Finally, he turned to Grandfather Yang. “Father, I’ll give you an outcome tomorrow.”

“Alright. If you don’t give me a satisfactory result, I won’t give you any mercy.” After speaking, Grandfather Yang left with his group.

The house was suddenly silent.

The anger in Old Master Sheng’s heart still hadn’t calmed down as he complained to Sheng Xun, “He really is ruthless! You’ve been his son-in-law for over a decade, yet he treats you so badly!”

“If we didn’t wrong him first, why could he treat us like that?” Sheng Xun’s eyes were red as he looked at his parents.

“Son, I’m sorry. I didn’t think that it’d cause so much trouble.” Old Madam Sheng’s eyes were teary.

“What’s the use in saying that now? If you wanted jewellery, you could’ve just asked me for it! Did you even think about me when you took Jiaoyang’s jewellery?” Sheng Xun questioned hoarsely.

“Sheng Xun, you can’t blame all this on your mother. Jiaoyang left, and her belongings were still here. It’s not strange for your mother to give them to others. You’ve never shown any care for Jiaoyang over the years, so who knew you’d care so much?” Old Master Sheng said.

Old Madam Sheng nodded as she cried. Her husband's words were exactly what she’d been thinking.

Sheng Xun’s lips curved into a self-mocking smile as he looked at them. “So, everything’s my fault? You two don’t have to say it. I only have myself to blame, right?!”

After saying that, he went upstairs.

Old Master Sheng looked at his weeping wife and said, “Before, we used to say that Liang Xiaohui was a good daughter in law. But, from this, we can see that Liang Xiaohui’s schemes are truly deep. She told you there that there were four items and split them with you, taking the rest for herself and making you bear all the guilt.”

Old Madam Sheng wiped her tears and replied, “I trusted her too much.”

“Quickly, go and contact our relatives. Since you sent them the jewellery, you should explain what happened and get it all back!” Old Master Sheng reminded her.

“How would I even ask?” Old Madam Sheng sighed.

“You’ll still have to do it, even if you can’t. You gave it out, so you have to get it back,” Old Master Sheng urged.

After going upstairs, Sheng Xun went to Jiaoyang’s bedroom. Everything was removed from the drawer, but the mother-daughter pair was nowhere to be seen. His expression turned cold as he headed to Sheng Shiyun’s room to find them.

“Do you two plan on waiting for the police to come before coming clean?” Sheng Xun stared at them coldly.

Sheng Shiyun cried, “Dad, I’m sorry!”

“Then, when you stole Jiaoyang’s things and used them, did you feel a single trace of guilt?”

“Daddy, I’m sorry, I was just jealous of her. We were both your daughter, but why is it that since we were little, she lived the life of a princess? Everything she had and ate was the best of the best. Her jewellery was worth millions, while all my things were old and worn. Daddy, I’m also your daughter!” Sheng Shiyun wailed, revealing her true thoughts.

Sheng Xun was unmoved, even sneering as he ruthlessly said, “Who’s to blame? You can only blame yourself for being born into the wrong fetus.”

It wasn’t just Sheng Shiyun who suffered a great shock. Liang Xiaohui also felt like her heart was being crushed with a stone as she stared at the cold-faced man with a warped expression on her face.

“Where’s the rest of the jewellery?” Sheng Xun asked bluntly.

Liang Xiaohui smiled strangely as she said, word by word, “We’ve already sold it all. Even if you beat me to death, I won’t be able to get it back.”

Sheng Xun’s fists were clenched as he forcefully restrained his temper and nodded. “Good, very good. Tomorrow, sign the divorce papers and I won’t hold you two responsible.”

“…Sheng Xun, in your heart, are we really so worthless? Right now, Shiyun’s your only daughter!” Liang Xiaohui felt as if she was about to go mad.

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