Chapter 176 - Being Extreme

Knock, knock! Knocking sounded at the door.

The door finally opened.

A tall person was standing on one side of the door, facing a short person on the other side. Both people were examining each other.

“What's the matter?” Shen Zhining's tone revealed an obvious dissatisfaction.

Xiao An pulled a long face. Leaning past Shen Zhining, he saw Sheng Jiaoyang sitting on the sofa, straightening out her hair. “Mum!”

Sheng Jiaoyang heard it and looked towards the door, flashing a smile towards Xiao An as she stood up and walked over.

“What's the matter, Xiao An?”

Xiao An tugged on Sheng Jiaoyang's hand, saying, “Let’s sleep.”

“Okay, let’s sleep.” Sheng Jiaoyang held Xiao An's hand. She then took two steps before turning her head to tell Shen Zhining, “I asked Felix earlier, he said the house next door was cleaned up two days ago. You can go back to your own place.”

After speaking, she pulled Xiao An away.

As he watched their backs, Shen Zhining smiled shallowly.

The next day, Sheng Jiaoyang started to act. What she’d said yesterday to Sheng Xun about her jewellery and other precious goods all being recorded was true. Back then, she did it because she had congenital heart disease and it could flare up at any time. She didn't want to leave her things for those hateful people, so she’d made a list of all the things she brought to the Sheng Family's house and left her will with a lawyer. She also told the lawyer that when he received the news of her death, he was to hand this will to her grandfather.

Now that the things on her side had been solved, it was time to manage some people.

Towards her matters, Grandfather Yang naturally cooperated with her fully and contacted the lawyer. Then, they could confront the Sheng Family together.

The Sheng Family's house wasn't big. After all, it was bought using a loan when Sheng Xun had just started working. However, Sheng Xun didn't move even after he became rich.

The Sheng Family's housekeeper had been changed, and now the housekeeper was a girl in her twenties. She didn’t recognise Grandfather Yang, but she did recognise Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Ah, you are, are…Xu Jiaojiao!” The young housekeeper's eyes shone as she looked at Sheng Jiaoyang.

Just now, when she saw so many people heading towards the door, the young housekeeper was scared to the point where she was preparing to close the door. But, when she noticed the superstar that had appeared on television before, she didn't say another sentence before letting them in.

The two elders in the room were watching television in the living room and heard the sounds of movement. They turned their heads and were shocked to see so many people entering, only relaxing when they saw Grandfather Yang.

“Why did the in-laws visit?” And why did they bring so many people?

“Where’s Sheng Xun?” Grandfather Yang's expression was indifferent.

“Mister went to work,” the young housekeeper said.

“Call and tell him to come back.”

The two elders of the Sheng Family anxiously looked at Grandfather Yang, asking carefully, “For what matter did you come to find Sheng Xun?”

“He's the master of the family, so I only want to talk with him,” Grandfather Yang replied strongly.

Liang Xiaohui and Sheng Shiyun came home before Sheng Xun.

Once the two walked in and saw the situation inside the house, their complexions changed.

“Mum?” Sheng Shiyun cried out, anxiously pulling on Liang Xiaohui's sleeve.

Liang Xiaohui glanced at Sheng Shiyun, obviously signalling for Sheng Shiyun to calm down. She took a deep breath, then walked towards the two elders of the Sheng Family. Although she wanted to greet them, they didn’t even bother to look at her.

Not long after, Sheng Xun returned home.

Upon seeing his house full of people, Sheng Xun's expression didn't change. He’d already prepared his heart earlier.

“Father,” Sheng Shiyun greeted softly.

Grandfather Yang looked at him briefly and said, “I want to go to Jiaoyang's room to sort out her things.”

“…Okay.” Sheng Xun remained quiet for a moment before agreeing.

Grandfather Yang glanced meaningfully at Sheng Jiaoyang, motioning for her to bring them upstairs to check her things.

Sheng Jiaoyang nodded and called the lawyer. She walked a few steps and stopped before looking at Sheng Xun. “How about you go with us? That way you won’t be suspicious that we took more things than we ought to.”

“No need.” Sheng Xun’s gaze darkened.

“You should go with them,” Grandfather Yang spoke up.

Sheng Xun looked at Grandfather Yang before following them up the stairs.

Old Madam Sheng was a bit nervous and repeatedly looked at Liang Xiaohui. Liang Xiaohui, except for nodding determinedly to indicate that she had a plan, didn't dare to say anything.

Grandfather Yang wasn’t blind and naturally saw Old Madam Sheng’s actions. However, he didn't care. In the past, he’d at least shown a bit of respect to Sheng Xun’s parents, but ever since Jiaoyang had suffered injustices in this house, he didn't have any positive feelings towards this family.

A different scene was unfolding in Sheng Jiaoyang’s room upstairs.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn't immediately pack up her things, and instead, she looked around the room. This room contained too many of her childhood memories. After today, she’d never come back, making her feel a bit reluctant. She stopped at the wall with the family picture hanging on it. There was her as a child, Sheng Xun, and also her mother, Yang Suxian.

“Mum, Dad has never taken a picture with us.”

“Your dad is very busy!”

“But, I want a picture of the entire family, a big photograph of our entire family! Then, I'll hang it in my room.”

After that, they took this family photo together.

Sheng Jiaoyang let out a breath, reaching out her hand to take down the picture.

“What are you doing?” Sheng Xun berated.

Sheng Jiaoyang's hand stopped at the edge of the photo frame. She turned her head to look at Sheng Xun, the corners of her mouth lifting slightly. “I’m taking this away, of course.”

“What will you do when you have that?”

“In the end, it's better than leaving it to you! After Jiaoyang’s accident, did you ever come to this room? Since you don't care, why should I leave this photo? To gather dust?” Sheng Jiaoyang ridiculed him.

Sheng Xun's face revealed a painful expression, and he lost a bit of self-control as he shouted, “What do you know?!”

Sheng Jiaoyang disregarded him, and not bothering to look at his expression, she determinedly took down the family photo. She gently put the photo on the bed, and lowering her head to look at it, she smiled happily as she softly said, “No one understands this kind of emotion better than me.”

She watched her mum pass away with her very own eyes.

After many days, the father who loved her changed.

For two years, she’d endured grievances that many couldn’t imagine, and faced nothing but coldness from her father, the man who should’ve loved her most. He went from avoiding, neglecting, and finally ignoring her.

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her head and blinked, forcing the unshed tears back into her eyes. She turned her body and started to pack her things. Everything that she wanted to take was placed on the bed.

The last thing she grabbed was a thick notebook in the hidden drawer of her wardrobe.

“How did you know that there was a hidden drawer?” Sheng Xun looked at her, shocked. His gaze fell onto the notebook in her hand, feeling that it was familiar. “That is…”

“Originally, this was supposed to be read by you.” The corners of Sheng Jiaoyang's mouth pulled into a self-mocking smile. “However, I overestimated you greatly.”

The year she’d left the country with her grandfather, she didn't bring this book and had purposely put it in the secret drawer. She’d hoped that one day, when her father missed her, he’d come into her room and see it. This hidden drawer was a secret that was only known by them, and one that Sheng Xun had made himself. He’d told her that whatever secret she wanted her dad to know, she could just put it here.

“What is it?” Sheng Xun's eyebrows raised, a few memories flitting past his mind. But, it had been too long, so his memory was unclear.

“You’ve already lost the chance to know.” Sheng Jiaoyang used one hand to hold the notebook. With the other, she grabbed the picture as she asked the lawyer to bring the things which she’d put on the bed downstairs. She didn't look at Sheng Xun again as she went to leave the room.

Upon reaching the door, she stopped. She then turned around and looked at the room reluctantly one last time before firmly walking downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, she asked An Jing to take the notebook and the framed picture to the car.

“Have you finished sorting things out?”

“There isn't anything good to sort out.” Other than a few things that held meaning, she wasn’t going to bother taking whatever clothes were here. Then there were the pieces of jewellery which were worth a lot.

The lawyer and Sheng Xun came down the stairs.

“Lawyer Lu, is the inventory correct?” Grandfather Yang looked towards the lawyer.

Everyone looked at the lawyer. The three people standing beside Liang Xiaohui were shocked as Grandfather Yang had even brought a lawyer over!

Lawyer Lu didn’t answer immediately. He took out two jewellery boxes and gave them to Grandfather Yang. Then, he opened his briefcase and took out a document, saying, “Those two things are on the list, but it’s a pity as there's still nine more items that couldn't be found.”

“What list?” Liang Xiaohui asked, starting to panic.

Lawyer Lu glanced at Liang Xiaohui calmly, and faced with everyone’s attention, he unhurriedly said, “I received Miss Sheng Jiaoyang's trust and took care of this list which documents all of her property. This list only includes the valuable items that she left in her bedroom of this house, the total worth estimated to be around 11.6 million dollars. The two items found are worth 5 million dollars, and 1.3 million dollars, respectively. However, there are items that are altogether worth 5.3 million dollars that still haven't been found.”

“There are still nine more things.” Grandfather Yang's tone was unclear when he repeated these few words.

Sheng Xun looked at Liang Xiaohui coldly.

Liang Xiaohui could barely stand, and cold sweat dripped down her forehead despite it being winter.

Old Madam Sheng's expression was full of shock and panic as she mumbled, “It's wrong, it must be wrong! How could there be so much? There were obviously only four things!”

“Mother, since you said there were only four things, then where are the other two items?” Sheng Xun asked coldly upon hearing Old Madam Sheng.

“I-I…” Old Madam Sheng couldn’t help but look at Liang Xiaohui.

Sheng Xun's tone was solemn as he said, “Why are you looking at her? Didn't you say that the jewellery was taken by you?”

Old Madam Sheng trembled, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Old Master Sheng berated him, “Sheng Xun, what kind of tone are you using to speak to your mother?!”

Clap, clap, clap! Grandfather Yang clapped three times, coldly smiling as he said, “Splendid! However, Sheng Xun, I didn't come to watch a drama about family morals. I only want Jiaoyang's things. If you can't find everything, then I can only report it to the police. If you still want a bit of face, then you should work hard to find it all. I won't give you a lot of time.”

“You shouldn’t be so extreme!” Seeing that his wife was on the verge of passing out, Old Master Sheng was angered to the point of trembling.

“I’m being extreme? Heh, you nest of thieves, so what if I’m being extreme?” Even though Grandfather Yang was sitting in his wheelchair, his words projected a domineering air.

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