Chapter 173 - Enemies on a Narrow Road

The champagne tower appeared exceedingly beautiful in the light of the sun.

With each person given a glass, it quickly disappeared into memory.

“Congratulations on your wedding!”

“May your hearts be as one, till death do you part!”

The bride and groom raised their glasses as they went about greeting their guests. However, upon reaching Pan Zihui and his wife, nervousness and apprehension started to surface within Xu Qing’s heart.

“Congratulations, Xu Qing! You’re indeed as charming as ever to have a second wedding at this age!” Jiang Yin said in an ambiguous tone.

Xu Qing pursed her lips in response. She was naturally able to spot the hidden meaning within Jiang Yin’s words. This lady had once trampled all over Xu Qing’s dignity and treated her like trash. Now, Jiang Yin still kept up the same look of ridicule she’d worn ages ago. Every human has a tolerance level, and Xu Qing was already driven to her limits.

After being mocked and ridiculed once more by Jiang Yin, Xu Qing wanted to leave this place that very instant. Now, having managed to find her happiness and the support of her daughter, her future life wouldn’t be any poorer than Jiang Yin’s. Therefore, there was no need for her to act subserviently! At this moment, the words said by her daughter rang within her head, “You truly deserve everything that you currently have in your hands, and that’s something fate had no part to play in.”

“Thank you for your compliments. Speaking of which, I’m really grateful to you. If not for your interference, I wouldn’t have met my destined half.” Xu Qing looked towards Li Weiqi with warmth and gentleness brimming in her eyes. Sensing her gaze, Li Weiqi turned around. As their gazes intersected, an indescribable feeling of bliss proceeded to envelop them.

Pan Zihui gripped the wine glass in his hand tightly as he watched the scene unpleasantly. All of a sudden, he realised that this was the first time that he’d seen her in a wedding dress. Yet, he never expected that she’d be wearing one to get married to someone else. A long time ago, while in school together, he was deeply in love with her. During that time, there were quite a few people who were pursuing her. Therefore, he’d coerced her to sign a marriage certificate during their internship with the promises of holding a grand wedding, letting her wear a wedding dress, and enjoying the blessings of their families and friends, all for the sake of tying her to him. Nevertheless, they never managed to start their blissful lives together as he’d broken that promise and betrayed her love.

Radiated by the sun, the woman dressed in the snow white wedding dress was just as gentle and moving as before. Being tempered by time, she appeared much more resilient and mature. Despite no longer possessing the youthful look of a teenager, the happiness etched on her face made it hard for people to tear their eyes off her.

From the expression on her face, he knew that she’d managed to put her past relationship away and accept a new man in her life.

At this point in time, Jiang Yin was feeling exceedingly unpleasant after being mocked by Xu Qing. In her mind, Xu Qing had a weak personality and didn’t dare to argue with people. Therefore, she’d assumed that the latter would remain silent. However, who’d have thought that she wouldn’t only dare to retort, but even publicly reveal Jiang Yin’s interference! The judging gazes around them made her both angry and embarrassed, making her feel as if she’d just been publicly humiliated.

“What do you mean, interference?! Don’t spout nonsense! Don’t assume that being the bride gives you the right to make irresponsible remarks!” Pan Mingyue, who’d just arrived, shouted furiously.

“Can you tell me your birthday?” asked Xu Qing in a gentle tone.

Jiang Yin’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing her reply as she didn’t know what Xu Qing was planning. Just as she was about to call Pan Mingyue over, the latter had already replied with her birthdate.

“The 19th of February. What about it? Why are you asking me about my birthday?” asked Pan Mingyue.

Nodding, Xu Qing took a deep breath before turning towards Pan Zihui. “Zihui, you should be able to remember the day of our divorce, right?”

Immediately, an unnatural expression appeared on his face.

“Enough, Xu Qing! What are you trying to prove with this question? Are you saying that you still have unresolved feelings for my husband?” Jiang Yin quickly retorted.

A frown appeared on Xu Qing’s face as she looked towards Li Weiqi worriedly. However, her anxiety immediately disappeared upon seeing the encouraging gaze coming from him. Smoothening her frown, not a shred of fear was present in her eyes as she looked towards Jiang Yin and replied, “I understand. After all, you’re the one who snatched someone’s husband, so it’s extremely normal for you to worry about other people snatching him away from you. However, there’s no need to place those worries on me. My Weiqi is young, handsome, capable, and also has a good family. I’ve stayed single for all these years just to wait for his arrival, and now, I’ve finally managed to wait till this day. We’ll be extremely blissful for the rest of our lives.”

This was a perfect rebuttal!

Sheng Jiaoyang, who was walking over to aid Xu Qing, immediately burst out in laughter. Finally, her mother was no longer willing to let people bully her like a weakling! In fact, even she probably could not come up with a better rebuttal! Look at everyone’s expression! Tsk tsk! Spectacular! Truly spectacular!

“You…” Jiang Yin’s face was filled with a mix of embarrassment and anger.

Holding Jiang Yin’s hand, Pan Zihui whispered to her, “Stop talking. We were originally in the wrong.”

Jiang Yin’s mouth hung agape in shock. Nevertheless, after seeing his already defeated expression, she couldn’t help but close her mouth in helplessness.

At this point in time, Pan Mingyue was left feeling shocked from this exchange of words. Looking at her parents, she felt that her views had been completely rewritten with new ones.

“Apologies.” Xu Qing uttered a single word before locking hands with Li Weiqi and walking away.

Sheng Jiaoyang was able to relax after seeing Xu Qing handling her ex-husband in such a confident fashion. Indeed, once confidence was present, fear would be absent.

“You and Pan Mingyue are half-sisters sharing the same father!” Just as she was about to return to her grandfather’s side, Sheng Jiaoyang was obstructed by someone she was familiar with, Qi Hua.

“What about it?”

“I never thought that Pan Mingyue’s mother was the 3rd party! You really are very pitiful to not have a father by your side since you were young. Yet, Pan Mingyue was able to enjoy growing up in the loving company of a father and mother.”

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her eyebrow and asked, “Why are you saying all of this to me?”

“Don’t you see? I pity you!” replied Qi Hua in an indignant fashion.

“…” Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Sometimes, you really draw out the most irksome reactions from people!” said Qi Hua. “However, since I’m generally magnanimous at heart, I’ll not quarrel with you over this.”

Finishing her sentence, Qi Hua raised her chin and walked away in an arrogant fashion.

Sheng Jiaoyang laughed in spite of this as Qi Hua truly had a bossy attitude.

At this moment, her handphone started to ring. Pulling it out of her clutch, she discovered it was a call from Lina. Moving to the side, she picked up the call.

“I’m at the entrance,” Lina’s voice rang out from the phone.

“Okay. I’ll go pick you up.”

Standing at the main entrance was Lina, with a travel-worn expression on her face. Upon seeing Sheng Jiaoyang, Lina lunged over and hugged her. “Am I late?”

“Nope. You should be able to offer a toast before the ceremony is over if you hurry.”

“It'll be rude if I continue wasting time like this. Hurry up and bring me to your room. I gotta shower.”

As she was dragged along by Lina, Sheng Jiaoyang replied helplessly, “Don’t worry. Since you’ve already missed the ceremony, there is no rush.”

“What do you mean? Making a toast during and after the ceremony are two completely different matters!”

“Why would I care about such trivial matters? You know that my mum’s not going to care about it, right?”

“But I care!” replied Lina as she dragged Sheng Jiaoyang towards her bedroom.

Flipping open her cupboard, Sheng Jiaoyang found a set of clothes for Lina. After Lina completed her bath, Sheng Jiaoyang handed over the clothing, piece by piece. While doing so, her gaze swept coincidentally across Lina’s neck. Despite not having much of a former image, she knew that there was something wrong with the mark on Lina’s neck.

“Is there something wrong with your neck?” she purposefully asked.

Lina immediately froze in the act of putting on her clothes. Turning around, she looked towards Sheng Jiaoyang and responded, “Aren't you asking the obvious?"

“I was actually waiting for you to tell me. However, it’s been a very hectic past few days for me, so I didn’t have the time to ask you. Who was the man that you kissed? Your current boyfriend?”

“No.” Lina resumed getting dressed.

Sheng Jiaoyang clicked her tongue a few times before saying, “Mei Niu, are you planning on giving up a tree to save a forest?”

Lina rolled her eyes and replied, “I’m not public transport that anyone can hop onto.”

“Remember that I’m still a minor, alright? Bye! Pay attention to your words.”

Tossing a down-filled coat over her shoulders, Lina extended a finger and raised Sheng Jiaoyang’s chin up while saying, “Minor? You’ve already seen quite a few naked male bodies, and you still have the cheek to say that you’re a minor?”

“Hey hey hey!” Sheng Jiaoyang almost tripped. “What ‘already seen quite a few naked male bodies’?! Those were just male models, and they were wearing underwear! Based on what you’re saying, you’ve seen way more naked male bodies than me.”

“Okay okay okay. It’s my mistake. Let’s go before the crowd leaves,” said Lina as she pushed on Sheng Jiaoyang’s shoulder to get her to move.

“Hey, you’ve made progress, Mei Niu! You actually dare to avoid my question! There’s no avoiding this, okay? You better give me a good explanation when we get back,” replied Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Okay, I will. Why would I keep it from you?”

Leaving the room, Sheng Jiaoyang and Lina held hands as they walked towards Xu Qing and Li Weiqi, attracting quite a few looks in the process. The scene of these two esteemed and uniquely gifted beautiful women walking by was just like the spectacular scenery of winter appearing before one’s eyes, something which would naturally draw the attention of people.

“Sorry for missing your wedding ceremony,” said Lina as she arrived before Xu Qing and Li Weiqi.

With a faint smile, Xu Qing replied, “Don’t worry, you’ve arrived just in the nick of time. I'm sorry for the trouble you’ve gone through to participate in our wedding ceremony.”

“It’s not troublesome at all.” Taking a glass from Sheng Jiaoyang, Lina raised it into the air while saying, “Let me toast for your good fortune and blissful lives!”


Having made her toast, Lina moved away from Sheng Jiaoyang. However, before she’d taken more than a few steps, she was stopped by Zhang Aiyan.

“Lina, Lina, would you mind taking a picture with me?” Having managed to catch an international celebrity, Zhang Aiyan was currently feeling rather emotional.

Due to the power of a shared photograph, Liang Dahui had also brought her family over.

“Jiaojiao, this is my niece, Sheng Shiyun. This should be the first time you two met, so you can get to know each other,” said Liang Dahui as she introduced the girl standing by her side.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked towards Sheng Shiyun. Since the last time she’d seen Sheng Shiyun, the younger girl appeared to be slightly skinnier than a few months ago. Furthermore, she’d also purposefully dressed herself up for today’s meeting.

All of a sudden, the corner of her lips curled upwards as she swept a deep and ambiguous look across Sheng Shiyun’s jewellery, a dim glow flashing within her eyes.

“Have we met before?” asked Sheng Shiyun.

“Yes, we’ve indeed met before.” A somewhat cheeky smile appeared on Sheng Jiaoyang’s face as she replied with a single word, “Louboutin.”

Sheng Shiyun’s smiling expression instantly changed as she remembered that day this summer. Her milk tea was knocked over by a person when she was out shopping with Lin Yu in a jewellery shop. This incident had left a lasting impression on her as her old, yet considerably precious shoes, couldn’t be worn again. Her heart had ached for quite a long time after this, and had also caused her crush to grow estranged from her.

“It’s you!” growled Sheng Shiyun between her clenched teeth.

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