Chapter 17 - Intentionally (2/2)

Sheng Jiaoyang was silent for two seconds, then suddenly, a smile spread across her lips. “Okay, as long as I know the answer, it’s no problem.”

Their side sighed in relief, while Luo Yi’s team became nervous.

“Luo Yi, Jiaojiao wants to help her team.” Pu Mingyu felt a little worried.

“There’s nothing we can do about it.” Luo Yi spread out her hands. “I don’t believe we can’t answer the next three questions by ourselves!”

“I hope the questions are easy,” Pu Mingyu sighed.

The big screen in front of them started playing the fifth video. The opening scene showed a gorgeous runaway, and then followed a parade of models as they strutted down the catwalk.

After the video was finished, the questions began once more.

The first question was: What colour was the bracelet worn by the fifth person to appear on the stage?

The second question was: Amongst the male models, there was one female model; when did the female model make an appearance?

Lastly, the third question was: When the designer appeared at the end of the show, he stated how many shows he’d handled in his lifetime. The show the contestants had just watched was number…?

The third question was to test their memory. The second question was to test their eyesight, and the first question was to test both eyesight and memory.

Most people nowadays had memories weaker than that of a fish. Even after reading a mobile number, many were unable to recall it the next second. What's more, the stage was set with such a dazzling background, so how could they remember the order of each person’s appearance and the colour of the jewellery that they were wearing?

“Oh my goodness, why did this kind of question appear?!”

“I’m going to collapse!!!”

“There was indeed quite a pretty figure amongst the male models, but how can I remember in which order she appeared?”

“I never realised that I actually. Have. No. Brain!”

Almost everyone was driven mad by the situation.

While everyone looked miserable, there were two people who were actually smiling discreetly. The two of them continued smiling until they noticed each other.

As everyone wailed, these two people were undoubtedly wearing lofty smiles, and wouldn’t have minded if they didn’t notice each other.

Sheng Jiaoyang pushed her glasses higher up her nose, flattened her mouth, and regained her expressionless look.

Zhuo Yiyan was feeling funny. The more he examined the girl’s arrogant yet adorable appearance, he really felt that she resembled his beloved cat. It was like a single meow that expressed love and hate for him.

“Jiaojiao, do you know the answer to these three questions?” Wang Wei turned her head and asked.

“I know,” Sheng Jiaoyang nonchalantly answered.

Wang Wei’s eyes lit up. Leaning close, she quietly said, “Whisper the answers to me, then I'll tell our Leader.”

Sheng Jiaoyang decided not to mess around with them any longer, and whispered the answers to the three questions.

This time, Luo Yi team had no external help. It suddenly felt like they were wearing an outfit far too small; when they tugged it down, they were left exposed on top, but when they pulled up, they neglected to cover their lower parts. These three questions made them extremely grumpy.

The group of stupid girls guessed and decided on three answers gathered from bits and pieces from their memories.

Conversely, Xiao Yang’s team was relaxed.

Learning from the previous lesson, when she didn’t listen to Xu Jiaojiao’s answers resulting in their bitter defeat, even if she was somewhat sceptical, Xiao Yang still chose the answers given by Xu Jiaojiao.

Green; four; six.

The answers given by Luo Yi’s team were: Royal blue; five; six.

The video was replayed, and the fifth person was wearing a green jade bracelet, the female model appeared fourth, and finally, the designer made a speech, saying that this was his sixth show.

Xiao Yang team’s answered all three questions correctly, while Luo Yi’s team had one correct answer.

“Congratulations to Luo Yi’s team, you won by one point,” Zhuo Yiyan said with a smile as he shut off the projector.

The members of Luo Yi’s team were relieved, and following that, they became excited.

Xiao Yang’s team was greatly disappointed. Many were blaming Xu Jiaojiao in their hearts. Had she only told her team the answers sooner, then their team would’ve already won. Of course, the most resentful person was the girl who’d caused Sheng Jiaoyang to behave as she did. As Wang Wei had said, wasn’t it just one question? What did she have to complain about that she’d discriminated against her own team?

“Teacher Zhuo, what’s our reward?” Qi Hua went to Zhuo Yiyan and asked.

“I’ll tell you later,” Zhuo Yiyan replied mysteriously.

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