Chapter 16 - Games (2/2)

The video continued to play once both teams had chosen their answers.

The scene was now downstairs in a parking lot, and was focused on a man exiting a car while holding a bouquet. In the next second, the woman walked out of the building wearing a smile on her face as she met the man. She accepted the bouquet and asked, “Where are we going?”

The video ended.

“Both of you answered correctly, so that’s one point for each team. Currently, Luo Yi’s team has two points. Now, please listen to the third question: What brand of perfume was placed on the dressing table in the video?”

Everyone exploded in an uproar.

“I just focused on the woman!”

“The camera was moving too fast! How could I pay attention to what was on the table?!”

“My god, this has caught me off guard! How can I now think of the brand of perfume?”

“I didn’t manage to see any of the stuff on the dressing table.”

It wasn’t just the contestants who were bewildered; the viewers who’d been watching the supermodel live broadcast were also confused.


[This god-like question…]

[Please accept my admiration!]

[Hahaha, they’re dumbfounded~~]

[I was having breakfast with my family and accidentally spat out the porridge in my mouth onto my father’s face when I heard the male god’s question! Unfortunately, my father was sitting in front of me…I don’t think I’ll live to see tomorrow’s sunrise…]

[I thought the first two questions were easy! As it turns out, the most difficult question was left till last. 23333333]

Zhuo Yiyan ignored the contestants’ complaints, and went on to say, “To make it fair, the team representatives will say their answer at the same time. Note that you can only answer once, and that it can’t be changed. You have two minutes to discuss it between your team members, and after that I’ll count to three and you’ll say your answers.”

The two teams gathered together to discuss possible answers.

Because Sheng Jiaoyang was the youngest in her team, the other team members thought that she was too inexperienced to know the answer. Due to this, they didn’t have any expectations and didn’t pay her any attention.

“Time’s up!” Zhuo Yiyan announced loudly.

Both teams were quiet.

After observing her team members discussion, and seeing that they had the wrong answer prepared, Sheng Jiaoyang couldn’t endure it any longer and said, “Leader, I know the perfume’s brand.”

“What is it?” Xiao Yang stared blankly for a moment before hurriedly asking.

“Charming Angel in the SL series of perfume brands developed by Lina,” Sheng Jiaoyang said with certainty.

A flash of surprise flashed across Zhuo Yiyan’s eyes. This question was designed to make things difficult for the contestants as the perfume wasn’t yet for sale in the country, and the perfume hadn’t even been on the market for a month. Basically, only a few people knew about it, unless they were a die hard fan obsessed with Lina.

“You still won’t admit to Lina being your idol? If she’s not your idol, then why do you understand her so well? Your walk is like hers, and you even know the perfume she developed. Really, this little hypocrite!” Wang Wei was sitting beside Sheng Jiaoyang and lightly nudged her with her shoulder, a teasing expression on her face.

Hearing her strange tone of voice, Sheng Jiaoyang felt cold and shivered as goosebumps rose on her arms.

Zhuo Yiyan clapped to get everyone’s attention, and said, “Alright, tell me your answers. Three, two, one!”

“Charming Angel!” the two Leaders answered in unison.

Zhuo Yiyan rewound the video, and paused when the perfume appeared.

The perfume bottle had a unique silhouette on the sides, like a pair of wings. If one looked carefully, you could see the letters S and L imprinted on the bottle. From its appearance, this bottle of light pink perfume was more like a piece of art.

“This perfume only launched in Paris at the beginning of this month. I’m amazed that Jiaojiao could recognise it at a glance. Congratulations, each team scored one point,” Zhuo Yiyan said with a smile.

Luo Yi’s team cheered once again, while the atmosphere in the other team wasn’t so good.

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