Chapter 145 - Variety Show

"Welcome to ‘Endless Joy’!"

"I’m Huanhuan~" exclaimed the female host.

"I’m Lele," the male host said.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Wu Tianyi." A tall and handsome guy appeared behind the two hosts and winked at the audience, causing an uproar.

Huanhuan then asked, "Everyone must be curious as to why we’ve changed our show’s name, right?"

"Tianyi’s appearance probably made the audience forget our show’s original name," Lele followed along and said.

"I don't believe it. Everyone, please prove to Lele that you haven’t lost your head because of Tianyi! The original name is—" Huanhuan pointed the microphone towards the audience.

"Extreme Joy!" the audience shouted cooperatively.

"Lele, did you hear that? Our audience is very rational~" Huanhuan cast a sidelong glance at her partner.

"I’m very pleased!" Lele caressed his bare chin and exclaimed in a wacky tone.

"Speaking of which, Tianyi, do you know the reason behind the change?" Huanhuan promptly tossed the topic to today's special guest.

Wu Tianyi’s lips curled into a smile. "Is it because of me?"

"Bingo!" Lele then added, "She’s Huanhuan, I’m Lele, and you’re Old Wu; we’re the Endless Joy trio![1] Therefore, the crew has changed the show’s name specifically for this episode."

"I find this name much easier to read, don’t you agree?" Huanhuan asked.

"Yes, I strongly suggest the program team keep this name!" Lele joined in the fun and remarked.

"Haha, it’s an honour to have the program team specifically change the show’s name for me," Wu Tianyi smiled.

"Tianya, if the program team truly changed the show’s name for your sake, would you like to be our permanent guest?" Huanhuan tilted her head and playfully asked.

Wu Tianyi rigorously replied, "Of course! As long as it doesn’t conflict with my work schedule, I’m very willing to become one."

"Haha, that's great to hear!" Huanhuan grinned awkwardly.

"Alas!" Lele sighed dejectedly.

"What's wrong?" Huanhuan asked.

"If Tianyi really became our regular guest, then there’ll be no need for the others to come anymore."

"Why’s that?" Huanhuan followed along and asked.

Lele cast a sidelong glance at Huanhuan and spread out his hands towards the audience. “From the beginning of this episode until now, have you forgotten that we have other guests backstage? Ever since Tianyi stepped out on stage, they slipped out of your mind."

The audience erupted in laughter.

Huanhuan covered her mouth and laughed.

"Let's invite our other esteemed guests on stage now," Lele said before lowering her voice and adding, "If we don't invite them out, they’ll grow mouldy backstage."

"Next, we have the exceptional actors of our TV station’s upcoming drama: ‘Redeeming My IGD Boyfriend’!”

With Huanhuan’s enthusiastic introduction, a group of people walked out from backstage.

"Zhang Yue—"


As requested by the program team, Jiaojiao and Zhang Yue walked out last with their arms linked. They could hear the crowd’s enthusiastic shouts and cheers as they advanced to the stage.

When Sheng Jiaoyang looked around, she saw her most loyal fan, Liu Lu, enthusiastically shouting her name amongst the audience. Her enthusiasm completely overshadowed everyone else around her. Seeing this, the main cameraman couldn’t help himself and turned the camera over to where Liu Lu was seated.

"Your fans are remarkable," Zhang Yue whispered.

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled but didn’t say anything.

"The director of ‘Redeeming My IGD Boyfriend’ must have an appearance complex; just look at these handsome men and gorgeous women! I haven’t even read the storyline yet, but I’m already looking forward to this drama!" Huanhuan exclaimed.

"Come on, let's invite our esteemed guests to introduce themselves from left to right!" Lele added.

The ‘Redeeming My IGD Boyfriend’ crew was filled with a lot of new faces. Aside from the male and female lead, it was the first time the other actors were partaking in such a variety show. They appeared excited and somewhat nervous. In fact, all of them were attending ‘Extreme Joy’ for the first time. Zhang Yue was calm because he’d been on other programs before. As for Sheng Jiaoyang, she was a steady and calm person to begin with, so she wasn’t nervous at all. The fact that she could still lie after being threatened by Demon King Shen, who she was most afraid of, was enough to prove this point.

When it was Sheng Jiaoyang's turn to introduce herself, she was short and sweet. She mentioned her name and her character’s name, nothing more.

The host first chatted with the three actors playing the supporting roles before shifting to the two main protagonists.

"Zhang Yue, you seem quite close to Jiaojiao off camera. Hehe, we have evidence~”
Huanhuan pointed at the big screen behind them, on which a photo was revealed.

In the photo, Zhang Yue was extending his hand to help Sheng Jiaoyang remove the hair sitting at the corner of her mouth. From the angle the photo was taken, he was gazing at Sheng Jiaoyang attentively, and this scene seemed particularly affectionate.

"This was taken on set, so it can’t be considered as off camera. At that time, we'd just finished a scene and we were still in character." The question about the photo was part of the script, and Zhang Yue had already prepared an answer beforehand. Due to this, he answered in a calm and unhurried manner.

"Wow, seeing this beautiful scene in the photo, it's hard for me to imagine how you can act out the role of a 'scumbag boyfriend' who is addicted to gaming and neglects his girlfriend. This makes me want to watch the drama even more. What should I do? I really want to ask the TV station to broadcast the drama in advance. I feel like the 6th of January is still so far away!” Huanhuan sighed.

"Jiaojiao, is this your first time acting?" Lele led the conversation to the female lead.

"No, I’ve played a supporting role before," Sheng Jiaoyang faced the camera and replied with a smile.

Her demeanor was naturally impeccable, and coupled with the fact that she was taller than the female host wearing high heels, she simply shone with her own light and became everyone’s focus.

"In that case, you’re already very amazing since you got to play a leading role in only your second work. We can see from the teasers that your acting skills aren’t any inferior to those of the actors debuting from acting schools. The program director made a snippet of the teasers for everyone to enjoy, let’s have a look!" Lele drew everyone's attention to the big screen.

The snippet was more compelling than the teasers uploaded on the internet because it was more focused on the plot and had more ups and downs.

"Wow, it looks amazing!" Lele applauded.

Huanhuan suddenly held her stomach and burst into laughter.

"What are you laughing at?" Lele asked.

"Did you see the kissing scene in the snippet?"

"Yup, what about it?"

Huanhuan smiled like a sunflower and chuckled, "Haha, I suddenly recalled something. Someone told me that the two main protagonists were debating about what to eat that night when they were filming the kiss scene. Lele, try to imagine that scene from the camera point of view, where two people are kissing fervently, but as soon as the camera closed in on them, one of the two, with their necks still tilted in a kissing position, would suddenly ask, 'Hey, what are we going to eat tonight?' while the other replies, 'BBQ, steak, hot pot?' Pfft, don't you find this particularly funny?"

"Pfft~" Lele laughed. "Now that you mention it, I do feel like there’s something off about that kissing scene!"

Everyone suddenly turned to Zhang Yue and Sheng Jiaoyang.

"Be honest, did the two of you really do that?" Lele asked this question on behalf of everyone.

"Cough cough! Who leaked this classified info? Who was it?" Zhang Yue feigned an angry look.

The audience burst into laughter.

"Actually, it’s understandable. After all, our heroine Jiaojiao is still underage and has a boyfriend, so it must be challenging to film kiss scenes seriously. Jiaojiao, now that you’re here, I would like to ask you a question on behalf of all the fans out there," Hanhuan said.

This wasn’t part of the script, so Sheng Jiaoyang slightly raised an eyebrow and asked, "What question?"

"When a reporter interviewed you before, you said that you had someone you liked. Afterwards, there was a car accident on Chang'an Road, where a man’s back was caught on camera with you coincidentally in it, and everyone was saying that he was your boyfriend. But, lately, it’s rumoured that you’ve broken up. Haha, don't blame me for being gossipy. I really like you, so your fans and I are very concerned about your matters," Huanhuan elaborated.

Lele looked at Huanhuan. He was shocked to hear his partner suddenly ask this kind of question, which concerned the guest’s private life. This kind of topic was usually avoided by program hosts like them unless it was communicated with the guest beforehand, and it would then be added to the script. Otherwise, if they asked these kinds of questions out of the blue, the guests would react badly.

"I’m flattered to see Sis Huan care about my love life. I’m now mainly focusing on my studies and work, so I’m not considering anything else for the time being," Sheng Jiaoyang vaguely answered. In fact, her answer indirectly acknowledged that she was single now.

Lele, afraid of Huanhuan asking more questions, quickly changed the subject and exclaimed, "Today, we’ve prepared a new game for this episode. It’s a confrontation kind of game. The actors of ‘Redeeming My IGD Boyfriend’ automatically form a team, and the other team is led by Tianyi."

"Where are the others? Plus, there are only three of us! Is it fair to have three against five?" Huanhuan followed along and asked.

"Haha, I made preparations in advance!" Lele snapped his fingers and said, "Now, let’s invite Tianyi's teammates on stage!"

Four people came out from backstage.

As such, the four were asked to introduce themselves one by one, and by the time they started playing the game, half an hour had already passed.

Wu Tianyi's teammates were all from the same production crew as him, but the film’s female lead couldn’t make it because her schedule was already fully packed. Thus, the program team arranged for Wu Tianyi to make his appearance on stage at the start of the show, right after the hosts.

"Since Tianyi is the captain of his team, let’s make Zhang Yue the captain of the other team. Each team must send out teammates to PK with one another. The losing team should take note of the penalty! Today, everyone on the losing team must look up a photo of the opposite sex on their mobile phone’s album and confess to that person through a Weibo post," Huanhuan elaborated.

"Wow~" everyone on and off stage cried out in surprise.

"Hey, all our guests on stage seem to be single! It would be such a waste to not seize this opportunity! Those who have a secret crush might as well throw in the towel." Lele stared at the guests with a mysterious expression.

1. The variety show’s original name is ‘Extreme Joy’ (极限欢乐 - Jíxiàn huānlè). The current episode’s name is ‘Endless Joy’ (欢乐无极限 - Huānlè wú jíxiàn). Huanhuan’s name (欢欢 - Huānhuān) contains the first character, Lele’s name (乐乐 - Lèlè) contains the second character and Wu Tianyi’s surname is pronounced the same as the third character but written differently in Chinese.

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