Chapter 14 - Like And Dislike (2/2)

Lin Na’s eyes widened in surprise. Her Mother was usually the most graceful person on the planet. Moreover, ever since they were children, their Mother had never raised her voice or criticised Lin Yan; let alone throw things at him.

“What did that bitch do to Mom?”

“It’s better if you don’t know,” Lin Yan’s expression became somewhat elusive.

“Why can’t I know?! Don’t always make a decision for me, okay?! What did Jennifer do to make Mom so upset, don’t tell me she…”

Thinking of all the possibilities, Lin Na’s face turned instantly pale.

“Hugh arrived in time, so no irreparable harm occurred. But before that, Jennifer managed to shave Mom’s hair.”

Shaving her hair…

Lin Na was shocked. She knew how much her Mother cherished her beautiful hair.

“Bitch!” Lin Na cursed in hatred.

“How did Hugh handle this?”

The corner of Lin Yan’s mouth raised into a faint smile filled with ridicule. “For him, lost hair can grow back. After all is said and done, there were no other damages.”

Thinking back, she realised that she hadn’t seen Hugh at the hospital. And since the bodyguards by the wards were Lin Yan’s men, Lin Na could easily guess what kind of attitude that asshole Father of hers had.

“All you men of the Bruno family are scum!”

“Please remove your classification of ‘all’,” Lin Yan said as he looked up.

“Why should I remove it? I purposely included you! Since you disliked Jiaoyang, you should’ve just said it clearly. If it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t have returned to China, and she wouldn’t have been in an accident!” When she said the last part, Lin Na’s eyes reddened, and she lifted her foot to kick the door and vent her anger. Then, she turned and walked away.

Lin Yan lowered his eyes. His fingers that had initially been placed on the piano keys were now slowly balling themselves into fists.

Dislike her? It would’ve been easier if he really had disliked her…

Lin Na sat back in the car, kicked off her heels, and looked out the front in a daze as she hugged her knees.

“Lina, where do you want to go next?” Her Assistant Sudan turned her head around from the front and asked.

Lin Na sighed heavily and said, “Return to the company.”

“The national supermodel program team just contacted me and asked when you’d have the time to go again. They want to invite you to be the final judge,” Sudan said.

“Never!” Lin Na promptly rejected without thinking twice. She was currently in a supremely bad mood; where would she dig up the proper disposition to participate in that stupid program?

“Alright. I’ll tell that you rejected their offer..”

Lin Na leaned her head against the back of the seat and said, “I have something that I need to do for the next few days, so clear my itinerary.”

“Okay,” Sudan nodded.

Lin Na turned to look at the unceasing blur of trees outside the window, her heart feeling empty.

While the sound of breathing in the car was audible, the sudden burst of a phone ringing broke the silence.

Lin Na glanced at her phone, hesitating for a second before picking up the call.

“Lina, you’re back?”


“I’ll be returning tomorrow, so let’s meet up later, ok?”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to. I’m going to London, but I’ll be back in a few days,” Lin Na calmly refused.

“London? Are you going to Gordian Hospital to visit Sheng Jiaoyang?” The man’s voice on the other side of the phone was a little disappointed.

Lin Na pursed her lips before replying. “Yes.”

Listening to her answer, the person on the phone seemed to laugh at himself.

“Okay, I understand. In your heart, I’ll never be better than Sheng Jiaoyang. Before her accident, with just one call from her, you’d cancel our dates to accompany her instead. When I was sick at the same time as her, you rushed to take care of her, yet you asked me to look for my housekeeper. Now that she isn’t waking up, you still refuse to see me for her.”

“Lina, do you really love me?”

The call then disconnected.

Lin Na blankly stared at her phone screen, her eyes gradually growing watery.

How could she not like him? Initially, she’d pursued him due to Little Sun’s encouragement, but what he’d said was right; in her heart, Sheng Jiaoyang was indeed the most important person to her.

Everyone said that she had homosexual tendencies because of how she prioritised her Sister over her boyfriend, but they didn’t know anything. She had a gentle and kind Mother. However, all of her Mother’s attention was always placed on Lin Yan, so she’d been living at boarding schools since elementary school. At that time, no one had realised that she’d had a fever reaching over 39 degrees, and if Sheng Jiaoyang hadn’t been there, she wouldn’t be alive today.

Was it so bad that she cared for Sheng Jiaoyang, someone who meant the world to her?

If she could, she would rather have been the person who’d had an accident instead.

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