Chapter 14 - Like And Dislike (1/2)


The sound of hurried footsteps echoed in the long hallway.

The woman in high heels rushed towards the door of the ward, but before she could open it, she was blocked by two bodyguards. Taking off her sunglasses, she said furiously, “Why did you two block me? Don’t you know who I am?!”

“Miss Lina!” The two bodyguards shouted in shock as they recognised her.

“Since you know me, then why are you still daring to block my way? What do you mean by this?” Lin Na glared at the two bodyguards.

“The Boss told us that no one should disturb Madam’s rest.”

Lin Na gritted her teeth and asked, “Aren’t you mistaken? Since when am I not allowed to see my Mother?!”

The two guards looked at her helplessly, yet neither of them had the slightest intention to move aside.

“Idiots! Imbeciles!” Lin Na swore inwardly. She pulled out her phone, searched for a familiar number, and dialled.

“Nana,” A rich and magnetic voice greeted her through the phone.

“Where are you?” Lin Na asked with a lowered voice, unable to conceal her anger.

There was a brief pause over the phone before she heard, “You went to the hospital?”

“What do you mean by arranging for two people to stand guard in front of the ward? Since when was I barred from visiting my Mother?”

Lin Na drew in a deep breath as she raised her hand, and tucked the hair that was blocking her vision behind her ear. Her brows were tightly knitted while she waited for an answer from the other side of the phone.

“Mom doesn’t want to see anyone right now. That includes you, and me…”

“What happened to her?” Lin Na started impatiently pacing.

“Nana, you don’t have to worry; Mom isn’t sick. If you want to know what’s going on, then come home, and I'll tell you.”

Lin Na cursed under her breath before she hung up, lifted her head to glance at the ward, and then glare at the two bodyguards. After putting her sunglasses back on, she hurriedly walked away.

An hour or more later, she finally reached a house in the suburbs.

When she entered the house, Lin Na heard the faint sounds of a piano. Without changing her heels to a pair of indoor slippers, she went straight to the piano room and furiously slammed the door open. Seeing that the figure inside was still calmly playing a little song, the suppressed rage in her heart was immediately reignited.

“Lin Yan, do you even have a heart?!” Lin Na screamed.

Upon hearing Lin Na’s scream, a pair of slender hands played a few more finishing notes before stopping and gently resting on the piano keys.

The person sitting in front of the piano turned his head and looked straight at Lin Na.

Being looked at in this way, Lin Na found that she couldn’t calm down, and on the verge of losing all self-control, she shouted, “You’re always like this! When Jiaoyang had her accident, you were so indifferent. Ok, so she had nothing to do with you; her liking you was her own business. But now even Mom is staying in the hospital, and you’re still in the mood to play the piano?!!”

When Lin Na had mentioned the name ‘Jiaoyang’, the hands resting on the piano keys had trembled slightly.

“Are you done yet?” Lin Yan’s expression remained unchanged as he indifferently asked.

Lin Na choked back her words, noticing that this man was still as expressionless as an ancient well without a ripple. She ran out of breath, and as if she’d abruptly become powerless, she leaned against the door frame. Gathering what little strength remained, she frustratedly said, “Aren’t you going to tell me something? Spit it out already!”

“Mom being admitted to hospital is related to Hugh’s current favourite.”

“Current favourite? That porn star Jennifer?” Lin Na’s brows furrowed as she tried to remember a few details. Hugh had recently seemed to be intimate with that witchy woman, and she’d accidentally run into the two in the elevator.

For information’s sake, it should be mentioned that Hugh was their Father. Their biological Father. However, only Lin Yan was acknowledged and recognised as the third generation heir of the Bruno family. She was just Lin Na, an illegitimate daughter.

All the males of the Bruno family were distinguished and outstanding, which naturally included Hugh. They were never to develop any genuine emotions, but since they were famous for being handsome and wealthy, they were willing to be quite generous with their female partner. Therefore, many women were willing to have a one night stand with a Bruno family male. Hugh had also inherited the Bruno family’s scumbag male attitude. He was utterly unfaithful, and he would keep and pamper the woman he’d taken a fancy to until he lost interest, when he would then just give them money to break up and part ways as smoothly as possible. Moreover, he was still unmarried, but even if he had a bunch of illegitimate children, that couldn’t shake his decision to remain single.

Relatively speaking, only Lin Na’s Mother was somewhat different to Hugh. She could be said to be the only woman who’d managed to last for several decades without being dumped. And, because it was her, Hugh had decided to bring Lin Yan home to be acknowledged by the family. From these points, it was enough to prove that his feelings for Lin Na’s Mother were different when compared to the other women. However, this was only relatively speaking; he was still a distinguished and outstanding man who liked to hunt for novelties.

Things would eventually end up crumbling because of his debauchery. All the women that Hugh took a fancy to had been beautiful women without a family background. Bruno men were not only handsome and wealthy, they also had a particular characteristic; narcissism. They liked to think that all of the women they were with would be unable to ever part with them. So, if Hugh dated women without backgrounds, the theory was that money would be enough to make them disappear. Hugh was afraid that women with a wealthy family background would use their status to pester him, and that it would be troublesome to deal with them later. But this time, Hugh’s current favourite was a woman with influence. Hugh never could’ve imagined that the Little Princess of Este family would’ve mixed into the entertainment business, and then go down the path of eroticism!

Although Bruno men were highly narcissistic, it was precisely that narcissism that was their ultimate resource. Hugh was currently a middle-aged man, nearly fifty years old, but his handsome and tall appearance hadn’t reduced in the slightest. Instead, it increased his appeal by adding a matureness to his figure, resulting in the ability to easily attract so many beautiful young girls.

Jennifer was one among many who’d fallen into his tender trap. Since she’d been raised as a princess, she’d always gotten what she’d wanted. Therefore, she now possessed a rotten character, and it was easy for her to trample over other people. After she’d found out that there was a foreign woman who’d accompanied Hugh for over twenty years, she’d immediately brought a group of people over to attack Lin Na’s Mother.

“After that? Did she hit Mom?!” Lin Na was gnashing her teeth in rage, wishing she could tear Jennifer to pieces with her bare hands.

“No,” Lin Yan’s voice was flat. “But she did something worse. Mom couldn’t endure it, and now she refuses to see anyone. I went to see her, but she threw things at me until I left.”

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