Chapter 139 - Li Family’s Killing Machine

“Weiqi?” Xu Qing heard everyone speaking English and felt confused.

Li Weiqi felt his head aching. He knew his parents wouldn't compromise easily, but he didn't think they’d send this killing machine.

“Qingqing, this is my elder brother. This is my older sister, and this is the princess of our family.”

Xu Qing looked at the girl that was about Jiaojiao's age, and she repeated the address that Li Weiqi had said in surprise, “Princess?”

“It's over, Uncle. Not only is this woman old, but she also has dementia.” The killing machine opened her mouth again.

“Lily, you clearly know she can’t understand what you’re saying. Even if you say more, it won’t mean anything,” the well dressed woman said.

Lily pouted. “I know, but my Mandarin isn't good. I’d sound dumb if I spoke it.”

Li Weiqi said helplessly, “Lily, I’m begging you, can’t you speak nicer? I like her, and she's your aunt. You should respect her.”

Lily nodded. “I’ll try, but I might not be able to. She's just really, really, really old!”

“…” Li Weiqi felt like his heart was being stabbed by a knife.

Xu Qing sat there, listening to the people communicating in English. She only understood one or two words. As she was unable to understand what they were saying, she felt useless and increasingly nervous.

“I'm Weiqi's elder brother, Li Jihua,” the middle-aged man sitting in the middle said after noticing Xu Qing's unease.

“Hello, m-my name is Xu Qing.” Xu Qing was at a loss. Facing such an obviously high class person, once she opened her mouth, all of her confidence disappeared.

When he saw how meek she was, Li Jihua felt unsatisfied. However, he didn't reveal it in his expression as he had to give his brother face.

“I heard that you also have a daughter, why didn't you bring her with you?”

“She’s already on the road, so she'll be here soon,” Li Weiqi replied.

Lily's eyes turned in thought, and using Mandarin more awkward than Li Weiqi’s, she said, “Uncle, how does it feel to become a dad?”

Xu Qing's hands, which were on her knees, tightened. She turned her head to look at Li Weiqi, clearly caring about his answer.

Li Weiqi reached out his hand to hold hers, giving her a meaningful glance to help her relax, and said, “As long as it's Qingqing's child, I’ll like them. I love Qingqing, and nothing will change my fondness for her.”

When she heard his words, Xu Qing's heart immediately calmed down. She looked at Li Weiqi emotionally, her eyes revealing her happiness.

“Uncle, your words can't be trusted. Last time, when you were together with Vivian, you also said that you liked her. But, when Vivian had a child, you didn’t like her anymore,” Lily said condemningly.

Her pronunciation was off, causing her words to sound funny, yet Xu Qing couldn't find it in herself to smile. She bit her lip as she looked at Li Weiqi, wanting to hear a reasonable explanation.

She really was a killing machine! Li Weiqi bemoaned in his heart. He was afraid that Xu Qing would overthink things, so he quickly explained, “It's not that I don't like children, it's because that child isn't mine.”

When she heard this, Xu Qing's complexion worsened.

Li Weiqi also saw this and hurriedly continued, “Qingqing, listen to me. Vivian gave birth to her child when we were in a relationship, but that child wasn’t mine. She was cheating on me.”

Only then did Xu Qing's complexion improve.

However, at this time, the killing machine opened her mouth again. “Aunt, I heard that your child is almost the same age as me. Then, when you're rolling in the sheets with my uncle, don’t you feel guilty that you're doing it with somebody your daughter’s age?”

Xu Qing was so shocked by the blunt question that she failed to notice how Lily had addressed her as she stood there, dumbstruck.

Li Weiqi's complexion was also bad.

My dear little ancestor, I beg you, shut your mouth!

“Ahem!” Elder Brother Li's strict expression almost cracked.

Next to Weiqi, his sister-in-law had a much calmer and unperturbed expression as she mediated the situation. “Please don't mind her. Lily grew up in Los Angeles, California ever since she was small, so she can be very blunt.”

“Lily, there isn't a big difference in age between me and your aunt; it's only a few years,” Li Weiqi said.

“Then, exactly how many years?” Lily asked.

“7 years.”

“Oh.” Lily took out her tablet, her fingers gliding across the screen.

Li Weiqi thought she was finally taking a break and let out a breath of relief, but obviously, this breath was released too early.

Lily, a.k.a the killing machine, stood up and presented the tablet to Xu Qing. Her hand kept gliding across the screen while the other hand pointed towards a picture. The picture showed how people looked at different ages.

“When you're sixty, you’ll look like this, while my uncle will only be fifty-three, with this appearance.” Lily first pointed towards a sixty-year-old woman with a wrinkled face before she pointed to another photo of a mature man with a charming aura. “At this time, you're already old, but my uncle is still handsome. Do you think you guys will suit each other when you're together like this?”

The two pictures with a huge visual contrast made a big impact. One was of a sixty-year-old married woman who showed signs of aging, and the other was a mature and charming man in the prime of his life. These two pictures arranged together didn't look good, much less if it was two real people.

Xu Qing was also shocked by the contrast. Once she thought of her standing next to Li Weiqi at sixty and producing such a result, her heart couldn't settle down.

Li Weiqi saw the unconfident look on Xu Qing's face and quickly intervened, “Qingqing, relax. I’ve chosen you now, instead of somebody younger, and I’ll always choose you. I'm not someone who's half-hearted.”

“Uncle, you only like her now because she still looks fine. If she currently looked like this picture, would you still like her?” Lily asked.

“No, there's no such thing as ‘if’ in this world. We love each other now because we met at the right time. Thus, we’ll ignore age, identity, and everything else.” Li Weiqi really racked his brains to answer his niece’s tricky question.

Lily's eyes turned. Under Li Weiqi’s apprehensive gaze, she beamed at Xu Qing, saying, “My uncle has to participate in all sorts of banquets often. I heard that aunt has a normal background, how is your social etiquette? Look at how average you look and your inability to help with my uncle’s business. You’re also very old, who knows whether you can give birth or not. Are you sure conflicts won’t occur if someone like you married my uncle? Won't you feel inferior when everyone says you don't deserve him?”

Everytime Lily said something, Xu Qing's complexion paled further. Every sentence poked at her weak spots, and they were all things she had misgivings about.

“Lily, don't talk nonsense!” Li Weiqi couldn't handle his niece who couldn't speak proper Mandarin, yet could still throw out a pile of words.

“Did I speak nonsense? All I said are the problems between you guys!” Lily blinked innocently at Li Weiqi.

Li Weiqi felt profoundly powerless.

Knock, knock, knock! The sound of someone knocking on the door filled the room.

“Quickly, come in!” When he thought that it might be Jiaojiao, Li Weiqi's eyes shone. To him, Qingqing's daughter was extremely amazing and was definitely someone who could cope with his poisonous tongued niece.

“Has aunt's daughter finally arrived?” Lily's eyebrow raised.

Everyone looked towards the door. Xu Qing was filled with eagerness as she especially needed her daughter beside her to give her some confidence.

“I heard something interesting at the door. It seems like you guys are having a great chat!!” a voice was heard saying as a pair of long legs appeared, followed by a tall girl wearing a cropped embroidered jacket and light jeans.

“Jiaojiao!” When Xu Qing saw her daughter, her racing heart calmed down.

Sheng Jiaoyang paused for a moment before smiling. “Sorry, I came late.”

The Li Family of three looked at each other and saw the same surprised look in each other's eyes. They’d clearly never thought that the weak and delicate Xu Qing would have such a natural and unrestrained daughter.

“Jiaojiao, sit down. Let me introduce you. This is my elder brother, this is my sister-in-law, and this is my niece!” Li Weiqi quickly introduced everyone to Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Uncle, just now, you were still calling me Your Highness.”

Li Weiqi choked.

“Uncle, Aunt, nice to meet you.” Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head and looked at Li Weiqi's niece. “Then, Your Highness, can I know your name?”

“Shouldn't you introduce yourself first before asking my name?”

Sheng Jiaoyang smiled lightly. “I'm Xu Jiaojiao, you?

“You call me Li Li, Lily also will do.”

Lily turned her head and looked towards Xu Qing. “Aunt, your daughter doesn't resemble you.”

“Lily, did you grow up abroad?” Sheng Jiaoyang asked.


“No wonder.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded.

“What's wrong?” Lily looked at her curiously.

The corners of Sheng Jiaoyang's mouth carried a trace of humour. “My mum is your uncle’s girlfriend, so traditionally, you should call my mum auntie. No matter what, it still wouldn't be just aunt, like she’s unrelated to you. Although the problem of address is a small matter, this relates to the impression other people have of you.”

Lily was also quite clever, so once she heard this explanation, she knew the hidden implications in the sentence. Lily, who’d been pampered since she was small, was scolded by someone of the same age, causing her anger to rise.

“Please don't be angry, I'm saying this for your own good.” Sheng Jiaoyang knew when to stop, and the reason she’d come here today wasn't to destroy the place. Of course, she couldn’t irritate Li Weiqi's family. “You have really good taste, so let's talk about your hairpin and wristwatch. Your hairpin is in the latest style released by Alexandre de Paris earlier this year. Your wristwatch, oh, it’s one of Chanel’s J12 series. You seek the best accessories, so ought to remember these small details. After all, you’re known as Your Highness, the princess of the Li Family.”

When they heard her say that, the people of Li Family were distracted. Lily, who’d originally wanted to vent her anger, immediately calmed down. It would be hard for others to not be shocked when they saw a child from a normal family display such knowledge.

Li Weiqi finally released a breath as he stared at Sheng Jiaoyang with admiration. She’d just arrived, yet she was already in control of the situation. His heart rejoiced. If Lily had continued to be so blunt, his future happiness would fly away.

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