Chapter 131 - She’s Awake

"Yuanyuan, Yuanyuan, look! Sis Jiao’s on the news again." Zheng Yuan, who was on her way out to a date, was blocked by Liu Lu.

"Did she make her relationship public?" Zheng Yuan's eyes instantly lit up.

Liu Lu clicked on a video.

A scream thundered as soon as the video started. They noticed that it was a recording from a car’s dash cam. A car in front sped forward at the crossroads, and a big truck suddenly appeared on screen followed by a scream. The driver must’ve slammed on the brakes, but it was too late, and the car slammed into the rear of the truck.

"Ah! There's a person under the truck!" someone shouted and the camera suddenly shook. That person must’ve picked up the dash cam and got out of the car.

The image on screen blurred soon after. However, a streak of blood could be vaguely seen amidst the blurriness, and there was seemingly a person lying under a wheel.

"OMG! Where's her lower body?"

"It’s there!"

The voices of a man and a woman were heard, and one of them pointed in a certain direction. As the camera moved in the same direction, what came into view was a frighteningly bloody scene. Soon after, the image on the screen blurred again, vaguely showing the other half of the woman’s body.

Although they saw this scene through a screen and not onsite, they still felt a slight chill travel down their spines.

This scene was too tragic! That person’s body had been crushed so badly that it had separated. It was unfortunate, but from how things looked, it seemed that she wouldn’t make it.

Mournful cries followed as a young boy repeatedly called out to his mother.

The camera soon moved towards the little boy’s direction.

A little boy stumbled up from the ground and frantically started to look around the smashed tricycle before running to the side of the big truck while shouting sorrowly. He obviously saw his mother laying under the wheel.

"Mummy, Mummy…" He was still too young and didn’t know how to express himself well, so he could only repeatedly shout.

Seeing that his mother wasn’t getting up, he reached out to pull her, drenching his hands in blood.

Several onlookers watched from a distance as they took pictures with their mobile phones, but no one dared to walk over.

Suddenly, a tall figure appeared in the camera, and she carried the child away from the scene without the slightest hesitation.

The camera then turned and followed the two. The person who carried the child away was currently trying her hardest to appease the frantically struggling little boy. In the meantime, her originally squeaky clean apparel became dirty as bloodstains spreaded all over her clothes.

"That woman looks a little familiar…" the woman who’d shouted earlier spoke again.

"Xu Jiaojiao! Look, doesn’t she look like Xu Jiaojiao?! That supermodel, Xu Jiaojiao!" the man who was holding the camera suddenly exclaimed.

"Yes, that's her!"

Other onlookers also noticed, and a man amongst them suddenly ran towards Xu Jiaojiao with his cell phone in hand.

Following this came Xu Jiaojiao’s stern voice.

"Stop recording! Please leave some last dignity for the child’s mother!"

"This is the first time I've seen Sis Jiao this stern," Liu Lu said. "But, she’s truly handsome! Those onlookers are so inhumane! Even if the deceased is the child's mother, they shouldn’t simply stand there and let the child witness such a bloody scene. This could traumatise the poor child severely."

"Hey, look! Is that Sis Jiao's boyfriend?" Zheng Yuan abruptly asked.

Liu Lu took a closer look and exclaimed, "Wow, they’re a match made in heaven!"

On camera, the young man gave off an exceptional aura. He’d finally shown his face to the public. Although it was only for a brief moment, the netizens clearly saw that his appearance wasn’t inferior to that of any of the male celebrities, and he was also very tall. In fact, he was half a head taller than Sis Jiao. When the two stood together, no matter if it was height, appearance, or aura, they were a perfect match!

The video showed them getting in their car before it stopped playing.

A myriad of comments were left in the comments section.

[Before watching this video, I wasn’t the least bit interested in Xu Jiaojiao. However, after seeing this video, I’ve become an avid fan!]

[This blogger is so inhumane! You’re not a reporter, so what are you recording for? You should’ve quickly pulled the child away. Seeing his mother die so tragically, that poor child was bound to be traumatised.]

[Another car accident in which a truck killed someone, sigh… Cherish your life and stay away from trucks!]

[That child is so pitiful. I’m also a mother, so when I heard him called out to his mother, I couldn’t help but burst into tears.]

[I really can't imagine how such a young child can put up with his mother’s tragic death.]

[Who said that Xu Jiaojiao was being kept as a mistress? He’s obviously such a handsome and rich young master. I wouldn’t mind if you gave me a dozen of him!!!]

The car accident also made the evening news. Although only a very short clip was featured in the news, it was enough to make Jiao fans beam with pride. After all, their idol’s great conduct made it all the way to the news.

Of course, the haters didn’t let go of this chance to attack. Some of them said that Xu Jiaojiao was deliberately putting on a show after she saw someone filming the entire scene. Others said that Xu Jiaojiao was the one who hired the onlookers to take pictures. But, these remarks were obviously negligible compared to the positive spirit spread all over the internet. Those haters were harshly berated by the rest of the netizens.

As for the main protagonist of this incident, she was currently tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep even though it was already very late at night.

The car accident from the afternoon was still lingering in her mind. However, what bothered her wasn’t the bloody scene, but the little boy’s expression as he stared wide-eyed at the doctor pulling a white cloth over his mother’s corpse.

The child also had a father, but his father had accidentally fallen from a high building at a construction site and became severely paralysed and was currently laying in a coma at the hospital. Thus, his mother had no choice but to take her son along with her to sell fruit to earn money. In the end, a car accident happened when the mother-and-son pair was driving a tricycle to cross the road. At the moment of her death, the child's mother, relying on her innate maternal instinct, had spared no effort to push her child to safety. As such, the child had escaped the disaster.

The only person taking care of the family had left the world in such a tragic manner, while the father’s life was hanging by a thread in the hospital with no money for treatment. The family didn’t have any close relatives, so who would take care of the little boy in the future?

After tossing and turning for a long time, Sheng Jiaoyang finally fell asleep.

She had a dream.

In the dream, a familiar scene came into view. She was sitting in the driver's seat driving her beloved car to the place that she’d seen on the picture sent over by Sheng Shiyun. After she turned the corner, she would arrive at her destination. However, a figure suddenly rushed out from the pedestrian crossing at the side.

It was a tall and slender young girl.

She slammed on the brakes, but the brakes seemingly didn’t work and the car sped straight towards the girl.

The girl froze in shock for a second and abruptly turned around. Sheng Jiaoyang got a clear look at her face…

It was her own face!

In an instant, Sheng Jiaoyang awoke with a start. She stared at the ceiling and only managed to adjust her emotions after a while. She then closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

Early the next morning, the phone rang.

Sheng Jiaoyang squinted and then grabbed her cell phone. Upon seeing that it was Mei Niu calling, she hurriedly answered.

"Good morning, Mei Niu!"

"Jiaojiao, I have bad news," Lina said from the other end of the phone.

"What bad news?" asked Sheng Jiaoyang with a lazy yawn.

"She's awake."

"Oh?" Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyes widened and she asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"Jiaoyang! Jiaoyang woke up."

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