Chapter 13 - Causing Trouble (2/2)

“What about the other person sharing the room?”

“You mean Mingyu? She went to the toilet. Don’t worry about Mingyu; she's a very good person. I’ve known her for several years now so I couldn’t be clearer about her personality,” Luo Yi said with a smile when she noticed Sheng Jiaoyang’s concern.

Sheng Jiaoyang pushed her suitcase into the corner of the room, then sat on the bed as she said, “I remember that your roommate should be called…”

“Chen Han. It was her who was originally supposed to share a room with me, but she wanted to sleep with Xiao Yang. Therefore, she exchange rooms with our fellow Pu Mingyu.”

“Are you talking about me?”

Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear.

Just as Pu Mingyu had reached the bedroom, she’d heard her name being mentioned, and once she’d entered the room, she immediately noticed that there was another person in the room. Moreover, it was the girl that everyone was currently gossiping about behind her back. According to certain people, everyone knew that this girl had been alone with Zhuo Yiyan in the piano room on the third floor. This matter, of course, caused everyone’s imagination to run wild.

“Mingyu, hurry up and greet our new roommate,” Luo Yi beckoned towards Pu Mingyu.

Due to her trust in Luo Yi, Pu Mingyu didn’t reveal her doubt, and instead walked over to Luo Yi and smiled as she said to Sheng Jiaoyang, “Welcome, my name is Pu Mingyu.”

“Hi, I’m Sheng, uh, Xu Jiaojiao,” Sheng Jiaoyang had nearly blurted out her previous name by mistake.

“I remember that you got the floor mattress in the large room upstairs, right?” Pu Mingyu asked.

“Yep, but now the bed can’t be slept on anymore, so I came here,” Sheng Jiaoyang said helplessly.

Pu Mingyu turned to look at Luo Yi and saw Luo Yi wink at her. With their many years of friendship, she instantly understood that there was something else going on. In fact, Pu Mingyu didn’t really need to think too deeply about who’d spilt their drink on the mattress so that she couldn’t sleep on it anymore. If everyone more or less had an objection to Xu Jiaojiao, it wasn’t impossible to push her out of the room.

“Jiaojiao, I just want to know, but someone said that she saw you and Teacher Zhuo alone in the piano room upstairs. Everybody was talking about you and guessing about your relationship with Teacher Zhuo. Actually, I’m quite curious too,” Luo Yi asked bluntly.

“This someone you’re talking about is Qi Hua, right?”

“You knew already?”

Sheng Jiaoyang rubbed at her short hair and said with disdain, “It’s only been her that’s making trouble behind my back.”

“How did you offend her? Oh, that’s right, she’s also sleeping in the large room on the third floor. Is it because of her that your bed can’t be slept on?” Luo Yi asked curiously.

Pu Mingyu also looked at Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Wasn’t it her that said I was alone in the piano room with Zhuo Yiyan? He was just curious as to where I learnt to mix cocktails, so he came and asked me, but right after Zhuo Yiyan entered the piano room, she followed him in. The next thing that happened was that she told Zhuo Yiyan that she’d especially learnt a new piano song and wanted to play it for him to hear. After she played, I pointed out the notes she’d played wrong since it frustrated me that she didn’t know she’d made mistakes. I even considered her feelings and had told her about the mistakes once Zhuo Yiyan had left. I didn’t think her tolerance would be so small.”

Sheng Jiaoyang easily reversed the two listeners’ impression of Qi Hua. She was used to being pushed about so much that it had become a habit, and she now knew how to deal with these kinds of matters. If it must be known, she was a person who’d contended with foreign noble misses and ultimately won.

She liked to give people a taste of their own medicine. Since Qi Hua was so gung-ho about messing with her, then she would let Qi Hua enjoy the feeling of being ostracised by everyone in the future too.

“You can play the piano as well?” The two listeners were surprised.

“My proficiency is only so-so,” Sheng Jiaoyang said calmly. “However, the song Qi Hua played was my first practise song, so I was pretty familiar with it.”

In the beginning, she’d only learnt how to play the piano to be close to one person.

That year, the sight of him playing the piano so gracefully and elegantly had simply stunned her.

Although her personality was continually changing, the one thing to remain unchanged was who she dared to love and hate. In a matter of moments, she became a fangirl and had immediately decided to pursue this unattainable man. Later on, she’d used the excuse that she would suddenly like to play the piano to request that he teach her. Presumably, because she was Mei Niu’s best friend, he didn’t decline and strictly supervised her practice. During that time, whenever she’d play a wrong note, he’d told her to practice it repeatedly, even in her dreams. Yet, even though the training was painful, she was nonetheless happy.

“What are you thinking about? After being stabbed in the back by someone you can still smile?” Luo Yi’s voice pulled Sheng Jiaoyang back from her train of thoughts.

“Too lazy to pay any attention to her. Anyway, I couldn’t care less,” Sheng Jiaoyang replied with an indifferent shrug.

Generous people were more likely to give a person a favourable impression. Even Pu Mingyu, who’d initially doubted Sheng Jiaoyang had now begun to stand on her side and said without concealing her disgust, “She dared to say all those hateful lies! What if it spreads to the judges and affects their impression of you? It’ll be worse than.”

“Everyone here isn’t stupid. As time passes, they will naturally know what kind of person I am,” Sheng Jiaoyang laughed nonchalantly.

In fact, with her personality, how could she not counterattack? But, it wouldn’t be any fun if she revealed her plans.

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