Chapter 13 - Causing Trouble (1/2)

Later that night, all the supermodel contestants returned to their respective rooms to rest.

Because there was such a large number of people, the seven bedrooms located throughout the three-story villa were not evenly distributed. Therefore, the larger bedrooms held several people, and the rooms where there was only a double bed without the room for any additional beds only contained two people. As for where they would sleep, it was decided it with a lottery.

As soon as the contestants had entered the villa, they’d drawn lots for the beds. Sheng Jiaoyang had unfortunately drawn a floor mattress in one of the larger rooms on the third floor. There were also three 1.2 meter wide beds placed in the room, making it a room capable of housing seven people. Sheng Jiaoyang was the only one in the room who would have to sleep on the floor.

Sheng Jiaoyang was quite late to wash up, and the moment she returned to the room, the other girls were already sitting on their beds. Some of them were lying down, some were applying facial masks, and the rest were laughing and chatting.

As soon as Sheng Jiaoyang walked through the door, all voices suddenly cut off and left the room in utter silence.

The three girls who’d been chatting, and two girls who’d been applying face masks, watched as she walked towards her mattress.

“Xu Jiaojiao, I’m so sorry! When I was walking past your floor mattress, I accidentally slipped and spilled my drink on your quilt.”

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her brow and looked at the person who’d spoken. An hour ago she’d pointed out the part where this person had played the song wrong, and now she’d spilled her drink on her floor mattress that was coincidentally placed in the corner; would there really be such a coincidence like this in the world?

“It doesn’t matter. Just switch your quilt with mine, and that will make up for it.”

“Sorry, but I can’t do that. I’m sharing my quilt with Yuan Fang,” Qi Hua refused.

“Then go and find me a spare one.”

“I’ve already asked. There are no spare quilts.”

So you just waited here for me instead! Sheng Jiaoyang swept her eyes across the other girls in the room, noting that all of them were acting as spectators. Ignoring their curious gazes, she bent to examine her mattress and found a yellowed water stain in the middle of the white quilt. If the water stain was in the corner of the mattress she could still reluctantly put up with it; however, it was in the middle of the bed. Obviously, the middle of the thin material underneath would also be soaked. Unfortunately, since the mattress was narrow, with the middle of it now soaking wet, how could it be possible for someone to sleep on it?

The air conditioning in the room was also turned up quite high, and she had the feeling that the others wouldn’t agree to turn it down for her.

Sheng Jiaoyang shrugged, picked up her suitcase, and unhurriedly walked out of the room. When she passed Qi Hua, she stopped and gave her a sardonic smile as she said, “The mattress was placed in the corner of the room, and you slipped very accurately.”

“I really didn’t mean to,” Qi Hua’s expression was filled with grief.

“I understand. You deliberately told me that you did it so openly that it now makes it harder to say that you did it intentionally,” Sheng Jiaoyang stared at Qi Hua for a moment before she grabbed her suitcase once more and left the room.

“All the other rooms are full, so she’ll have no place to go. Qi Hua, you should call her back!” One of the girls who was applying a face mask said, unable to stand by and watch any longer.

“Our beds are already so small, and we can sleep at most two people on each bed. If I called her back, where would she sleep? Would she squeeze in with you?” Qi Hua looked at the girl who’d just spoken.

The girl didn’t say anything more.

Once Sheng Jiaoyang was standing in the hallway with her suitcase, she was momentarily perplexed. Why did this scene feel so familiar? She recalled carefully and remembered the isolation and difficulties that she’d faced when she’d first gone to school when she’d lived abroad with her Grandfather.

No wonder this kind of indescribable feeling was familiar. It turned out that a similar scene had occurred a few years ago.

At that time, in order for her to quickly integrate into the life of a foreigner, her Grandfather had arranged for her to stay in an aristocratic school. In the beginning, her bed was continually having water and garbage spilled on it, even though she didn’t dare confront those foreign girls who were all taller than her. Instead, she just turned around and paid a considerable amount of money to switch dormitory rooms with another transfer student. Of course, that transfer student was known as a violent girl. When she’d lived with her Mother and had attended a different school, she’d beaten a bully there to the point where she was almost crippled, resulting in her being transferred. More importantly, she also had a very powerful Father in the area, and because of her previous fighting, her Father had refused to give her any pocket money. The money that Sheng Jiaoyang gave her was something that she urgently needed.

Afterwards, the resulting behaviour of those few foreign girls was entirely within her expectations. They, who’d always liked to mess with people, got taught a lesson by the violent girl which resulted in them not been able to come to school for several days. Later, those girls were so terrified that they even transferred to another school.

Well, in actual fact, she still had to thank those people. If it weren't for them, she never would’ve met Mei Niu.

The commotion caused by Qi Hua, which had resulted in Sheng Jiaoyang standing alone in the hallway, caused a fuss with those watching the broadcast. The viewers watching her were unable to remain calm and filled the screen with comforting words such as ‘don’t cry sweetie’, ‘hugs’ and so on.

Even though it was already so late at night, many people were still watching the live broadcast, and the majority of those viewers were only paying attention to Sheng Jiaoyang because they really liked her. Half of them had begun to pay attention to Sheng Jiaoyang after they saw her mixing the drinks. The moment they saw her kicked out of the bedroom, one by one they felt sorry for her, and many people in the comments requested the program’s staff to provide her with a new bed.

Sheng Jiaoyang recalled the good times of the past for a moment, then took her suitcase downstairs and made her way to the bedroom door beside the staircase on the second floor. After placing her suitcase by her feet, she then knocked on the door.

“The door’s unlocked, come in!”

Sheng Jiaoyang pushed the door open and entered the room which only had one bed in it. Looking straight at the person lying down on the bed with the facial mask on, she said, “Let me stay here, and I’ll tell you that secret.”

Luo Yi removed the facial mask from her face and sat up, glanced at the suitcase beside Sheng Jiaoyang’s feet, and said without surprise, “Can’t sleep on the floor?”

“Mm, it got wet.”

“Come here, my poor little Jiaojiao, come to Big Sis’ arms~” Luo Yi spread her arms wide and shouted passionately.

Watching Luo Yi’s comic behaviour, Sheng Jiaoyang’s eyebrows raised and she couldn’t help but softly chuckle.

Regardless of whether or not Luo Yi agreed to let her stay here because of wanting to know the so-called secret, she didn’t hesitate to respond to Luo Yi. She also wanted to accept this offer of friendship.

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