Chapter 127 - There’s Love

"Zhining, have you ever met a girl who was particularly attractive to you when you were young?"

Shen Zhining appeared somewhat uneasy after their hands had touched, so Sheng Jiaoyang hurriedly spoke to distract him.

Shen Zhining turned to look at the big screen before faintly replying, "Yes, I have."

There was someone? Sheng Jiaoyang was really curious, so she continued, "Really? Then, did you go look for her?"

Shen Zhining didn’t answer right away. They continued watching the film silently for a while. The male and female lead went from being a couple who were passionately in love to feeling the strain of the seven-year itch. And, just when Sheng Jiaoyang thought that Shen Zhining wouldn’t answer her, he quietly said, "She doesn't like me."

Sheng Jiaoyang blinked twice. Did his tone carry a hint of disappointment? Who’s this awesome girl who dared to reject Demon King Shen? But, with his personality, it’s quite normal for people to not like him, tsk!

"Look, the female lead in this film didn't like the male lead at first. She even disliked him in the beginning! However, under the male lead’s enthusiastic and ardent chasing, she accepted him in the end. If you want people to like you, you have to take action. The person you like is certainly not one who takes the initiative to throw herself into your arms. If you don't go to her, how can she get close to you?" Sheng Jiaoyang bitterly urged.

Shen Zhining simply glanced at her without uttering a single word.

Alas, with his personality, he could only find someone who takes the initiative to throw themselves into his arms, such as Daisy. But, he doesn't like Daisy. Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips twitched. It was no wonder that his entire family was worried about him getting married!

The film lasted for more than 100 minutes, and in it, the male and female lead went from acquaintances to passionate lovers. Then, they quarrelled and broke up, losing one another. In the end, when the male lead saw the female lead walk down the aisle with another man, he cried bitterly by himself. This scene made many people cry their eyes out.

Many people walked out of the movie hall with watery eyes.

"Why did they quarrel? They should’ve just cleared up all the misunderstandings and all would have turned out fine!"

"The female lead clearly still had feelings for the male lead when she looked back at him during the last scene. So, why did she marry someone else, and an uncle to boot?! They weren’t a good match at all!"

"That’s why dating is different from getting married. When you fall in love, you have to find someone you like, and when you get married, you have to find someone who likes you. Based on some of the small details, you can see that the female lead’s husband is very considerate towards her. Even if he’s not the person she likes, being taken care of by such a gentle person is still a blissful thing."

"The male lead didn’t know how to cherish the female lead. To only understand his love for her after losing her, it was already too late for regrets."

All the way out of the movie hall, many people were sighing with sorrow.

Sheng Jiaoyang put on her mask and walked out last, alongside Shen Zhining. As she listened to the discussions around her, she felt a bit perplexed. She actually understood why the female lead had made that decision at the end. Loving a person who wouldn’t make any accommodations was the same as loving someone with no good endings. It was very tiring.

"Excuse me!" A figure dashed by like a hurricane, running into a lot of people along the way.

Sheng Jiaoyang wasn’t paying attention and was hit hard on the shoulder. She fell backwards, and some of the bystanders who noticed this cried out in alarm. The person next to her reacted even faster. When Sheng Jiaoyang was hit, Shen Zhining instantly noticed and extended his hand to catch her, pulling her into his arms.

"Wow~~~" several girls exclaimed.

All of this happened too fast and Sheng Jiaoyang was still in shock. After recovering her senses, she heard a young girl say in an exaggerated tone, "Her boyfriend’s strength is simply amazing! I wish I had a boyfriend like him."

"Xiao Ai, how can you be like this? Am I not your boyfriend?" a lad’s voice could be heard asking.

"Are you as handsome as him? Are you as tall as him? Are you as manly as him? Hmph, you don’t possess any of those qualities!"

The boy was utterly discomfited as he retorted, "Alright, then let's break up!"

"Hey, wait! Hey, I didn’t say we should break up, don't go—"

Sheng Jiaoyang rubbed her nose and moved back a few steps. She turned to look, only to hazily see a young girl with a double-bun hairstyle run outside, chasing after a young lad. She then turned to look at Shen Zhining and covered her face as she blinked and muttered, "I lost my contact lenses."

Her eyes turned teary from the pain, her teardrops glistening under the bright light in the hallway.

Shen Zhining swept a few glances across the ground, but he couldn’t see anything. He glanced at the teary-eyed girl and grabbed her wrist. "Let's go."

H-huh? Wasn’t he supposed to help her find her contact lenses?

Sheng Jiaoyang was dragged away like a lost pet that had been found by its rightful owner.

"What are you recording?" a young man asked his girlfriend, who was standing still.

"Didn't you find that scene very affectionate?" the girlfriend asked in return while posting something on Weibo.

"We can also be that loving and affectionate!" The young man took his girlfriend’s hand and dragged her away.

Originally, this was just a small episode, but who would’ve thought that there was something wrong with that girl's Weibo post.

At first, the post was just forwarded by several close friends, but then some sharp-eyed netizens recognised the leading lady in the photo. Then…

Xu Jiaojiao’s name rose on the hottest searched once more!

She was on the top searched list again!!!

This time, the most popular query was ‘Xu Jiaojiao and her mysterious boyfriend watching a movie together’. At first, she’d become popular due to her scandal with Gu Zhou. That scandal had lasted for quite a while, so many people thought that she had an inextricable relationship with Gu Zhou. Now, a mysterious boyfriend suddenly appeared out of nowhere, so people were naturally curious about this new person!

In the photo, only the back view of two figures leaving hand in hand could be seen, and there was the side profile of a girl wearing a mask.

Even so, numerous extraordinary netizens managed to recognise her.

Most likely, Xu Jiaojiao's unique height and characteristics caused her to stand out. Not to mention, there were also quite a few diehard Jiao fans out there.

Since there was only the back view of the ‘mysterious boyfriend’, the extraordinary netizens started to dig for more information. They managed to find a collection of photos from when Jiaojiao was ill after filming a rain scene and was carried out of the hotel by a mysterious man. Although those photos were relatively blurry and the man’s face couldn’t be discerned clearly, his extremely similar-looking physique was enough to prove that the mysterious man at the movie theatre and the man at the hotel were the same person!

Many people went to Assistant Zeng Huan's Weibo to ask for verification. Zeng Huan, on the other hand, hurriedly contacted Manager Xu Ping.

Xu Ping personally felt that there was no need to hide this kind of thing. Nowadays, netizens and fans were very receptive, and being in a relationship was hard to come by. Of course, this also depends on whether the other party was willing to go public or not.

As such, Xu Ping called Jiaojiao to inquire about the matter, but she didn’t answer.

What’s Jiaojiao doing now?

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t have the slightest idea about the storm brewing on the internet. She was currently following Shen Zhining into a golf club.

Her new mission today was to accompany Shen Zhining to play golf.

When Xu Ping called, Sheng Jiaoyang had already changed into her sportswear. She’d stored her bag and clothes in a locker inside the dressing room, and her cell phone happened to be inside her bag.

When Sheng Jiaoyang had finished changing and walked out, Shen Zhining was in the middle of chatting with several middle-aged men. There was also a fashionable-looking young woman amongst them.

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