Chapter 122 - I Heard It

“It's so cold outside, yet you didn't even put a jacket on before coming out here. Are you really that hot?”

Lina grabbed an overcoat and draped it over Sheng Jiaoyang's shoulders.

Sheng Jiaoyang wrapped the overcoat around herself. She turned her head to look towards Lina as if she wanted to say something, but she hesitated.

“What's happened? Just say whatever it is that you want to say!” Lina glanced towards the other side and saw that the room was dark. “It seems that he won’t return today, so there isn't anyone else here.”

“Yesterday night I, probably, presumably, maybe kissed Demon King Shen.” Sheng Jiaoyang wore a pained expression.

“Uh-huh, that’s normal. If you didn't kiss, then how were the other party's lips bitten by you?” Lina didn't feel even the slightest bit of shock because the period of shock had already passed.

Sheng Jiaoyang couldn't reply.

“Speaking of which, is Demon King Shen really asexual? You already threw yourself at him, yet he didn't do anything to you. Tsk, tsk, this could be either he felt nothing or he couldn't. However, he intentionally bit your lips in retaliation, indicating that it isn't the former. In that case, it could only be the latter…”

As she was talking, Lina looked excited. “I’ve finally found out why your family's Demon King Shen doesn't go near females.”

Sheng Jiaoyang's eyes widened, and she froze while staring at Lina. Mei Niu’s conjecture caused her unending astonishment

Damn, does that mean she has to cure Demon King Shen’s illness before presenting a wife to him?

“If that’s the case, Jiaojiao, you don't have to worry about your safety anymore when you live with him.”

Sheng Jiaoyang thought about Shen Zhining, who silently endured her outrageous pestering, and she expressed her deepest sympathies. She vowed to treat him better now that she understood why Demon King Shen's personality was so hard to discern.

“I honestly couldn't care about it that much. I only want to see my grandfather faster through him.”

Lina grasped Sheng Jiaoyang's shoulder and comforted, “Your grandfather is the strongest person I’ve ever met. He still has to take care of your unconscious body, so there won't be any issues.”

“I know.”

Sheng Jiaoyang raised her head as she looked at the night sky. “I don't know whether I can still go back or not.”

Lina understood the meaning behind Sheng Jiaoyang's words.

“Little Sun,” she called out meaningfully.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned her head.

“To tell you the truth, I hope that you don’t go back.” Lina looked at her earnestly as she said, “I don't know if the original Xu Jiaojiao is still here, but regardless, I feel that the current you is good. Your grandfather would also agree with me because we’ve both always wished for you to have a healthy body and be able to live for a long time, unrestrained and effortless.”

Sheng Jiaoyang opened her mouth, but she didn't know what to say. She felt extremely touched.

“Lina?” a voice called out from the room behind them.

“That sounds like Julia's voice, so I'll go take a look. You also quickly come inside. Don't stay outside to feel the wind as it's too cold.” Lina tapped Sheng Jiaoyang's shoulder as she turned around and pushed open the balcony's door that led to the bedroom.

Sheng Jiaoyang drank a cup of water that had already cooled. She felt that her entire body was completely cold, so she shrank her neck and quickly went inside the room. Coincidently, she saw Lina giving a bottle of liquid to Julia.

“Since your friend is still here, I'm going to return to the room next door.” Julia waved the thing in her hand. “Thank you for your makeup remover.”

Once Julia had left, Lina twitched her lips and said, “Why did they come back at this time?”

“I didn't hear any signs of them coming back.”

“Julia said she knocked on our door quite a few times, but because we didn't answer, she went inside herself. Jiaojiao, when you came outside, did you notice whether the room was lit next door?”

Sheng Jiaoyang froze for a moment. As she thought back, she shook her head and said, “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Could it be that he was inside the room? Also, the things we said…”

Lina waved her hand. “Whatever, if he heard then he heard. Why does it matter if he did?”

Right, so what if he heard! Sheng Jiaoyang laughed bitterly.

“I guess you’re tired from the flight, so you should rest earlier!” Lina hugged her.

“Okay.” Sheng Jiaoyang nodded.

As Julia held the makeup remover and entered the room, she felt the temperature chill her to the bone and saw Lin Yan standing in front of the door leading to the balcony. His hand was on the door as if he was about to close it, but he didn't make any movements. She said, “Dear, why haven’t you closed the door yet?”

Lin Yan came back to his senses, and gradually he closed the door. There was still a hint of shock in his eyes that hadn't faded away.

“What happened?” Julia hugged his waist from behind, her head leaning on his shoulder as she asked.

Lin Yan pushed her away. “You go bathe first.”

Julia didn't mind his attitude because he’d been like this from the start. She smiled ambiguously and said, “Wait for me~”

Lin Yan lowered his eyes and didn't reply.

Once Julia had washed herself until she smelled good, she wanted to proceed with affectionate activities with her lover, but failed to find him. She almost walked through the entire villa before finding him in the piano room on the first floor.

The man, who looked perfect from whatever angle you looked at him from and was handsome enough to make people lose their principles, was sitting in front of the piano with his hand placed over the piano's cover. He was absolutely still, like a sculpture.

Even though this posture was one that she could watch countless times without tiring, Julia was flustered. Instead of doing what he was supposed to do, he came here to daydream in the middle of the night. What kind of twist was this?

“Dear?” Julia called out anxiously.

Lin Yan looked at his hand which lay over the piano's cover as he lightly said, “You go and rest first.”

“What happened? Why have you become so weird ever since we came back?” Julia walked closer.

“Nothing, you rest first.”

“Let’s go together…”

“Be obedient.” Lin Yan glanced at Julia.

Julia pouted before turning around and walking away. After she went back to her room, her irritation grew the more she thought about it. She made a call to ask someone to come fetch her and left angrily. She decided that Lin Yan must come and coax her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t come back.

Around midnight, when Sheng Jiaoyang and Lina were fast asleep, the phone rang.

“Who’s calling at this time?!” Lina wrinkled her eyebrows as she mumbled to herself.

“It's my phone, you can continue sleeping.” Sheng Jiaoyang crawled towards her phone for a look. It was Director Wan. If it was anyone else she would've ignored the call, but the director had taken good care of her when she was with the crew. So, she entered the bathroom to answer the call.

“Director Wan, is anything wrong?” she lowered her voice as she asked.

“There's a few scenes that need to be patched up. If you have time today, could you come over?”

“I'm currently abroad, so is it okay if I go tomorrow?”

“That's fine.”

After she ended the call, she felt thirsty. Sheng Jiaoyang wrapped an overcoat over herself before she went downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water.

She sneezed a few times before raising the cup filled with hot water to her lips.

“Jiaoyang,” a voice abruptly said behind her.

“Cough, cough, cough…” Sheng Jiaoyang was so shocked that she choked on the water, becoming clear-headed in an instant.

A hand patted her back, neither lightly nor heavily. “Be careful.” His voice was filled with warmth, and just listening to it made one's heart beat faster.

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