Chapter 118 - Enemies Meet on a Narrow Path

“I knew it, you’re Xu Jiaojiao!”

Sheng Jiaoyang shook off the other's hand, retreated two steps, and squinted. She stared at the arrogant young man in front of her and coldly said, “Give me back my glasses.”

Yuan Neng lifted the glasses and took another look. He then said in surprise, “I didn’t expect you to be nearsighted. It’s truly a pity for those beautiful eyes.”

“You look better without your glasses.” He approached Sheng Jiaoyang and stared into her big, beautiful eyes. “Close your eyes and I’ll put them on for you.”

Hearing this, Sheng Jiaoyang really closed her eyes. Yuan Neng was smiling as he got his way. Could this girl be anymore naive?

But, in the next second, Yuan Neng groaned in pain and the glasses in his hands were snatched away. He looked down at the footprint imprinted on his favorite pair of white shoes, and then looked up to see the tall figure turn and disappear from his sight.

“Sh*t, I can’t believe that I was tricked!” Yuan Neng’s insides were burning with anger.

Sheng Jiaoyang returned to the private room and what came into sight was a group of dancing demons. She saw three girls twisting and turning as they screamed at the top of their lungs, their high-pitched voices were like daggers cutting through one’s ears. A few others were dancing some weird moves along with the beat, and a few were already drunk, sitting and lying in various positions. The table was surrounded by a few foodies dedicated to eating, and a few sat in a circle playing games. As for the rest…they were teasing the class monitor.

As soon as Sheng Jiaoyang entered the room, she was pulled by the gaming squad to play games with them. However, her mind was elsewhere and her absentmindedness resulted in successive losses and lots of beer as punishment.

Zeng Huan sat in the corner and added a new post on Weibo. First, she posted a few morning pictures of the group cycling in Forest Park, then a few amusing pictures that were taken at lunch. Lastly, there was a picture of the chaotic scene in the private room: [The students had a very good time today, but how are they supposed to get back tonight…? This is a very serious problem (teary-eyed emoji).]

Soon after, a few Jiao fans reacted and left some comments behind.

[The students are so luckyyyyy~]

[What do I do? I also want to be Jiaojiao’s classmate!]

[Sis Jiao’s got a great personality! She can mix in so well with her classmates.]

[Can I just say that I’m envious of the only guy in the group?]

Zeng Huan walked over and warned, “Jiaojiao, it’s about time. Shall we leave now?”

“Mhm, go ahead and make arrangements.” Sheng Jiaoyang raised her hand and rubbed her temples.

Some of the girls were thoroughly drunk, and a few were tipsy, such as the class monitor, who’d been tricked into drinking a lot of cans by the girls.

“Mu Shiqin, I like you!” the class monitor held the door of the private room and refused to go as he shouted the name of the study monitor.

Several girls, who were about to drag him out, immediately turned around and pushed the study monitor to his side. They teased, “We’re entrusting the class monitor to you.”

"Jiaojiao, let’s go." Zeng Huan went to support Sheng Jiaoyang.

"I'm fine. Go keep an eye on them and don’t get into trouble," Sheng Jiaoyang urged as she pushed Zeng Huan's hand away.

"Alright, I'll send them to the car first. Jiaojiao, you can wait for me here." Zeng Huan hurriedly followed the girls in front of her. She was really afraid that these drunk people would get into an accident. After all, Jiaojiao was the one who’d invited them out to play, so whoever got into trouble would be a big blow to Jiaojiao.

Sheng Jiaoyang was the only one left in the private room and a song was still playing in the background. However, she felt a little desolate.

Sheng Jiaoyang leaned against the sofa and took out her phone. She opened her address book and browsed through it, her finger streaking across the names, one by one.

Several people were standing at the door of a clubhouse and they were about to go in when a cell phone suddenly rang.

“Excuse me, I need to take a call.” A young man took out his cell phone.

“President Shen, please go ahead!” the others said.

He glanced at the caller ID and answered. “What’s the matter?”

“Zhining, I feel so uncomfortable…” a low voice said in his ear.

“Where are you?” He frowned slightly.

The few people who were waiting in front of the clubhouse were also conversing.

“President Shen is so young, do you think he’s married?”

“What, Old Qian, you want to introduce your daughter to him?”

“What, I’m not allowed to? President Shen is so young and promising, and he’s not frivolous. It would be great if my daughter could marry him.”

“That also depends on whether President Shen is willing or not…”

“Alright, let’s drop it! He’s coming back.”

Seeing him returning after answering the phone, the group of people stopped chatting.

"Sorry, I have to go first. Tonight’s expenses will be on me. I’ll invite you all out to play golf another day,” Shen Zhining said.

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. President Shen, go ahead if you’re so busy! We’ll meet up some other time.”

Shen Zhining nodded in acknowledgement, turned, and left.

In the meantime, Zeng Huan returned to the private room to see Sheng Jiaoyang holding onto her cell phone in a daze.

“They’re waiting for you in the car. Let’s go!” Zeng Huan went over to support her.

Sheng Jiaoyang appeared solemn and allowed Zeng Huan to walk her out without saying a word.

“It’s this room.” Standing at the door of another private room, there were a few young women.

The door of the private room opened, and a young man stood by the entrance and gestured for the girls to enter. “The beauties are here. Please go in!”

Yu Guang, one of the women who was walking in last, caught a glimpse of the two people approaching and froze for a moment. She turned her head and took another careful look before shouting, “Xu Jiaojiao!”

Zeng Huan sized up the person who’d recognised Jiaojiao at a glance and thought that her face was somewhat familiar. She was wracking her brains to recall that person’s identity when she heard Jiaojiao speak.

"Luo Yi?"

Just when the two recognised each other, the young man, who’d opened the door, leaned out and saw the beautiful woman he’d seen earlier. “You two know each other? In that case, come in and sit down for a while.”

“No need, thank you!” Zeng Huan hurriedly rejected his invitation on behalf of Sheng Jiaoyang.

“Belle, your friend isn’t giving me any face,” the young man raised an eyebrow and complained to Luo Yi.

Luo Yi was put in a difficult position and her expression became somewhat distressed. She glanced at the young man, who seemed determined to get Xu Jiaojiao into the private room, and then shifted her gaze to the person with an indifferent expression standing opposite her. She called out with a pleading tone, “Jiaojiao.”

“What's wrong?” Another two guys walked out of the private room to check on the situation. One was Yan Anxuan, who’d called Luo Yi over, and the other was Yuan Neng.

As soon as Yuan Neng saw the situation in the corridor, he smiled and walked towards the middle of the corridor with his arms across his chest as if he was planning to block their path and force them inside. He then jokingly said, “Since we ran into each other again, come in for a drink. Don’t forget that you stepped on my limited edition shoes not long ago. You ought to propose a toast as an apology!”

“I was just wondering who was gutsy enough to put a shoe print on Young Master Yuan's shoes, and it turned out to be you! In that case, you must down this glass, no matter what!” Yan Anxuan said in an unyielding tone and exchanged a meaningful gaze with Yuan Neng.

Hearing the commotion, all the people in the private room came out to have a look. Two of them ran to the back to block Xu Jiaojiao from retreating, seemingly showing their support for their buddies.

Seeing the state of affairs, Zeng Huan was mentally sweating from nervousness. She hurriedly apologised to Yuan Neng, “I’m sorry, Jiaojiao didn’t mean to…”

“How do you know that she didn’t do it on purpose? Who are you to speak for her?” Yuan Neng interrupted immediately.


Zeng Huan was about to continue when she felt a tug from Sheng Jiaoyang.

Sheng Jiaoyang pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and stared at the batch of second generation rich kids. She still remembered how these people had helped Sheng Shiyun make things difficult for her in the past, and quite a few times at that. As she glanced at them one by one, a trace of darkness flickered across her eyes.

“I’ve already called someone to pick me up.”

As the group was about to turn hostile, she added, “But, there’s still time for a drink.”

Yuan Neng grinned and gestured towards the private room. “Come on in!”

"Jiaojiao?" Zeng Huan looked at her worriedly.

Sheng Jiaoyang slightly shook her head and pushed Zeng Huan's hand away. She ventured into the private room without trepidation.

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