Chapter 117 - Let’s Get High

When Zhu Yongzhi received the letter from the court, he was in the middle of thinking about how he would get promoted and get a higher salary after establishing an upright and unyielding public image. Yet, before his dream could come true, cruel reality came crashing down around him.

Being scolded by his brother-in-Law for publicising false news on Weibo, slandering the students and indirectly slandering the school could be considered a small matter. But, worst of all was that he didn’t have any teaching standards. The school’s board of directors unanimously decided to take away his teaching license before firing him.

Through this incident, the school also saw Xu Jiaojiao’s capabilities. She was able to quickly extricate herself from this predicament of being surrounded by negative news, which meant that the team backing her was extremely capable. Xu Jiaojiao was a very forward-looking person with a bright future ahead of her. Thus, they must establish a good relationship with her as soon as possible. As such, on their official Weibo account, the school released a post announcing the verdict regarding Zhu Yongzhi, and praised Xu Jiaojiao’s skills in foreign languages. They even forwarded a video consisting of a collection of clips from the National Supermodel competition. In the video, Xu Jiaojiao was speaking different foreign languages.

Many passersby saw this and expressed that they’d become Jiao fans, praising Xu Jiaojiao and saying that her foreign languages were even better than her Mandarin.

Many Jiao fans left messages behind on her two assistants’ Weibo, asking their idol to open her own Weibo account to do live broadcasts, post selfies, and so on. That way, they could fangirl behind their screens.

The female assistant, Zeng Huan, responded in an appropriate manner, saying that if Jiaojiao were to open a Weibo account, she would be the first to tell everyone. Thus, the Jiao fans settled for the next best thing, and asked her to send more pictures or videos of Jiaojiao’s daily life. Seeing these comments, Zeng Huan politely rejected their requests. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to, but she was now reduced to being Xu Jiaojiao’s private driver, and there were absolutely no opportunities to take pictures of Jiaojiao.

As for the male assistant, he was much more capricious when facing the requests from Jiao fans. He proudly replied: [This Uncle has been exiled. If there’s something, burn some incense…if there’s nothing, court is dismissed!]

In the end, some unbridled fans realised that Sis Jiao’s fanclub was still the most impressive as they had new updates to share nearly every day.

There was a picture of Sis Jiao in class, attentively listening to the lecture. That view of her long neck arched like a swan was extremely graceful and beautiful, leaving the fans gasp in admiration.

There was also a picture of Sis Jiao smiling while looking down. Her features were exquisite, seemingly like that of a graceful and delicate celestial from an ink and wash painting.

Another picture showed the silhouette of Sis Jiao walking across campus. She totally stood out from the crowd; no matter if it was from the front or the back, she could be recognised with just a glance. Even casual clothes looked great on her. It was no wonder the Jiao fans called her a ‘walking mannequin’.

When she wore black-rimmed glasses, she appeared refined and graceful, exuding a more scholarly and artistic aura. Needless to say, without glasses, her exquisite facial features were highlighted, and as some fans described, she brought about a noble and strong aura. She only had to use her foundation and her youth to her advantage, and she could insta-kill many booming female stars or those popular ones who underwent plastic surgery.

More and more fans expressed: The more I look at our Sis Jiao, the more beautiful she becomes!

With this scandal, Jiao fans were united and showed their cohesion and spoke with reason. If another idol met with scandals of this kind or another, their fans would either scold people everywhere, announce that they’d stopped being their fans, or just turn into anti-fans. However, the members of Sis Jiao’s fanclub were quite strong-willed. They didn’t go out of their way to scold people, and not many people transferred out of the fanclub.

When Sheng Jiaoyang gave Boss Shen a massage that night, she shared her happy news with him. Although joining the entertainment industry wasn’t one of her dreams, now that she was walking this path, she wanted things to go smoothly, no matter what she did. Knowing that there were so many people supporting and liking her made her ecstatic.

Before going to bed, Sheng Jiaoyang suddenly remembered that she was going out with her classmates tomorrow. But, she’d forgotten to tell Shen Zhining, so she picked up her cell phone and sent him a message, adding a ‘good night’ at the end.

Just as she was about to put down her phone, she received a reply: Good night.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s lips arched upwards, satisfied with the outcome of her progress with Shen Zhining. Even if she hadn’t eliminated the other’s wariness towards her, she’d at least changed her impression in his heart. Mei Niu told her that her method was too ordinary, but whether it was ordinary or not, it didn’t matter as long as she could achieve her goal.

When Shen Zhining went downstairs the next morning, he suddenly paused, feeling as if something was missing. He looked around the living room before shifting his gaze to the dining room. There was a person missing. In the past, a certain person would smile at him and say, “Good morning.” Suddenly, he couldn’t help but glance at the breakfast placed on the table.

When he walked over, he found a note on the table that read: Remember to eat breakfast! (smiley)

Seeing the hand-drawn smiley at the end of the note, Xu Jiaojiao's cute and crafty smiling face suddenly appeared in his mind, and his expression softened down.

Meanwhile, Sheng Jiaoyang had already boarded a rented bus with her classmates, heading to Forest Park to cycle. At noon, they went to the Grand Hotel for lunch. Just before 3 pm, a girl suddenly suggested for them to go to a karaoke bar, and everyone immediately agreed to her suggestion. Of course, Sheng Jiaoyang, who’d decided to accompany her classmates for the day, didn’t object and promptly asked Zeng Huan to book a large private room that could accommodate everyone.

The group chatted and laughed all the way to the private room. Sheng Jiaoyang also asked Zeng Huan to accompany a few girls to get some food and, in passing, pay the bill. Of course, the money would be reimbursed to Zeng Huan afterwards.

“Class Monitor, today you’re enjoying the bliss of a harmonious harem with so many beautiful women here.”

“Class Monitor must’ve saved the Milky Way Galaxy in his previous life.”

“Class Monitor, do you want me to introduce you to a potential boyfriend?”[1]


The group of girls were idle and teased the class monitor.

"Let’s sing! Shall we let Jiaojiao sing a song for us first?" The overwhelmed class monitor hurriedly changed the subject.

“Okay, okay, sure! Let’s do this!” The group’s attention successfully shifted to Sheng Jiaoyang instead.

Sheng Jiaoyang, who’d been implicated out of nowhere, waved her hand and refused, “I’m tone deaf. Class Monitor, you go ahead!”

“How’s that possible? Jiaojiao, you’re a celebrity!” No one believed her.

“I’m not a singer, so it’s normal that I can’t sing! If you want to sing, go ahead and sing! I’ll play the dice game. Who wants to play with me?”


“Me too!”

Two girls immediately signed up for the game.

Sheng Jiaoyang pushed the microphone away with ease and started playing the dice game with the two girls.

The girls who went to get food returned soon after.

“Wow~ You guys even ordered beers!” exclaimed the girl sitting by the door when she saw the beer on the waiter’s trolley.

“Have a drink to liven things up. There’s no one else here anyway.”

“One beer won’t get you drunk! Let’s down a can of beer each.” The girl who’d ordered the beer actively brought a can to everyone present.

The study monitor[2] raised her can while facing Sheng Jiaoyang, and said, “The first toast goes to Jiaojiao! Jiaojiao, thanks for asking us out today.”

“Yes! Let’s propose a toast to Jiaojiao first!” The girls held up their cans, one after another.

Zeng Huan finally saw the opportunity to present herself and wanted to down the beer on Sheng Jiaoyang’s behalf, but she was pushed away.

“You don’t need to drink. Rather, please keep an eye on us,” Sheng Jiaoyang entrusted this task to Zeng Huan.

Sheng Jiaoyang also raised her beer can and toasted. “I’m glad and lucky to have met you guys. Come on, cheers!”

The atmosphere in the private room was particularly lively. Everyone drank a toast, chatted and laughed, sang a few songs, and played games.

Time passed before they knew it.

Sheng Jiaoyang received a phone call from Mei Niu and excused herself. She walked towards the emergency exit and ran into a group of people. The men and women were laughing and shouting as they walked past her. She glanced at them and noticed a few familiar faces.

“Why didn’t Lin Yu come?”

"I heard he went abroad because his aunt’s son is getting engaged tomorrow.”

“Oh? He has an aunt? Are they close?”

“Of course, they are! Otherwise, it’s not worthwhile for him to go all the way over there.”

The group chatted as they walked. One of the youths with a cigarette in his mouth took a second glance at the girl who’d passed by. He removed the cigarette and shoved his buddies standing next to him, gesturing with his hand as he asked, “Doesn’t the girl who just walked by look a bit familiar?”

“I didn’t pay attention,” his buddies said in unison before turning around, only to see a tall female silhouette. “She looks quite beautiful from behind. Is she gorgeous?”

“Yuan Neng, tell us honestly, were you planning to hit on her?” a young man with a girl in his arms teased.

“What ‘hit on her’? I’ll hit on your sister instead!!” Yuan Neng cursed with a smile on his face.

"My sister is still in my stepmother’s belly. I don’t know if you can get her in this lifetime."

“Shooo, go away!”

“To tell you the truth, Yuan Neng, there are quite some tender and hot ones in my father’s company. Do you want me to introduce them to you?”

“Yan Anxuan, talk is cheap! Why don’t you just call them over?” another young man roared.

“Okay, just you wait! I’ll call them right away.”

Sheng Jiaoyang happened to hear the first half of their conversation and stopped by the corridor. Her good mood was completely ruined by what she’d heard. She had to take a deep breath to calm down before calling Mei Niu back.

“Mei Niu,” she called out.

“Jiaojiao, you can see me tomorrow! Are you happy?” Lina’s lively voice asked from the phone.

Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t smile as she asked, “Don’t you have to attend your brother’s engagement party tomorrow?”

“…Jiaojiao, how did you find out?”

“Did you really think that you could keep me in the dark by not telling me?” Sheng Jiaoyang calmly asked in return.

“Jiaojiao, are you mad at me?” Lina asked carefully over the phone.

“No, I’m not.” Sheng Jiaoyang leaned against the wall and continued, “I’m just sad.”

"I'm sorry…"

"Forget it, even if you’d told me, the result would be the same. Things were set in stone long ago anyway…”

Just like condemned prisoners who were sentenced to death, they would die sooner or later. Despite knowing that they were going to die, when the moment came and they heard that they were going to be executed the next day, their feelings would still be somewhat different…even though the result was the same.

Sheng Jiaoyang thought that she’d already let go, but after hearing the exact date of Lin Yan’s engagement, she still felt quite uncomfortable in her heart. It was a sour and bloated feeling.

On the way back to the private room, she was absentminded and bumped into someone. She apologised and tried to walk away, but that person caught her arm.

“Hey, are you Xu Jiaojiao? The one who’s been trending on the internet lately?”

“You’ve got the wrong…” before Sheng Jiaoyang had finished speaking, her glasses were abruptly taken away.

1. The class monitor is a male, but here the rest were making fun of him and treated him as a girl since he was the only male amongst them.

2. The class monitor and the study monitor are two different people. The class monitor is the head of the class who assists a teacher in routine duties, leading the class through school activities, and overall being a role model for the rest of the students. The study monitor monitors the students’ study progress and is the person to go to when it has to do with actual school work and homework.

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