Chapter 11 - Live Broadcast (2/2)

With a measured speed, she focused on methodically arranging the bottles that she’d placed on the counter. There was a kind of languidness to her actions that was exceptionally pleasing to the eye, and although she wasn’t doing anything fancy, people found it near impossible to take their eyes off of her.

While she concocted the drink, the comments on the screen were completely silent; not even one appeared. But, once she pushed a magnificently coloured cocktail before the long-haired beauty, the comments exploded like crazy.

[Oh my goodness, she’s so cool!]

[She really can mix drinks!]

[Am I the only one who suddenly wants to drink that cocktail?]

[The colour of the cocktail is so pretty~ I really want to drink it!!]

[Hey, the young girl with long hair, you seem like a person who can’t handle alcohol. Put it down and let me drink it on your behalf!!!]


Occasionally, there were some negative comments mixed in with the positive ones, saying that she knew perfectly well that there were cameras in the room and that she was deliberately showing off. Also, some comments spitefully said that she looked ugly and that her movements were utterly uncoordinated.

“You’re all only shouting sour grapes because you can’t eat them, hmph!” Liu Lu was somewhat disdainful of those who’d left negative comments and snorted adorably before immediately adding a comment of her own.

[A supermodel who can mix drinks on top of being a good painter…Jiaojiao, I didn’t know you were such a talented person!]

“It seems so tasty!” the remaining roommate said like a glutton.

The cocktail was a pretty colour, and judging by the long-haired beauty’s pleased expression after she tried it, the taste seemed to be quite delicious.

“Oh? So her name’s Xu Jiaojiao.” Liu Lu, who’d been reading the comments, remarked when she saw someone mention the names of the two people in the latest comment. Finally, she knew the name of the little painter who’d made a fortune for her.

At this moment, a bunch of girls joined the two at the bar.

Yet, the reason Sheng Jiaoyang had ended up at the bar was due to a straightforward reason.

After the dinner party prepared by the program organisers had ended, Sheng Jiaoyang had gone for a stroll to explore her surroundings. Once she’d finished looking around, she’d finally entered the living room. Upon seeing that the sofa in the living room was already occupied by a group of girls surrounding Zhuo Yiyan, she’d decided to go somewhere else. Yet, when she’d passed the bar, she was attracted by the liquor cabinet filled with various types of alcohol, and she couldn’t help but walk over to take a look at all the liquor lined up within the cabinet. As she examined the many different types of alcohol available, she found that all six base liquors[1] were present. Furthermore, there were wine glasses and bartending equipment placed under the bar, giving her a craving to suddenly reach out her hands. In the past, she’d had to restrain herself because of her physical condition. However, she was now happy and carefree; she could try whatever she wanted without any worries.

Sheng Jiaoyang had just finished wiping the utensils clean when the long-haired beauty, Luo Yi, had walked in. So, in the end, she’d made Luo Yi and herself a cocktail.

As they were about to toast, a bunch of contestants came over and joined them. At the head of the group was Zhuo Yiyan, attracting them like bees to nectar.

“Can you give me a glass as well?” Zhuo Yiyan asked with a chuckle.

“Me too!” “Give me a glass too!” “I also want one! Thank you!” One by one, the group of contestants abruptly requested Sheng Jiaoyang to make them each a cocktail.

Luo Yi wrinkled her brow as she glanced at Sheng Jiaoyang, apparently wanting to say something. Ultimately though, she decided to keep quiet.

“Okay!” Sheng Jiaoyang grinned. “It’ll be fifteen dollars per glass!”

“What? Isn’t that a mistake?!”

“You’re demanding payment? Is money all that you can see?!”

“You got the alcohol from here, so why are you charging a fee?!”

Sheng Jiaoyang’s words caused the other contestants to be filled with outrage.

Faced with the accusations of the crowd, Sheng Jiaoyang tilted her head, her lips curving upwards into a smirk. “My expertise is costly. You want to drink something that I make, but you don’t want to pay fifteen dollars. Have all of you grown up as freeloaders?”

[If this group were judged on how much they were just ridiculed, I would give a score of 100 points 23333333[2].

[Pftt! They’re arguing over fifteen dollars~ ]

[I was eating dinner when I read that, and when I laughed, I sprayed chewed up food all over my dad’s face. Help me! My dad said that once he’s finished washing his face, he’ll come back to beat me!!]

The viewers’ comments blew up like crazy.

Being seen as a member of the group being ridiculed, Zhuo Yiyan wasn’t angry at all and instead found the situation interesting. So, he curiously asked, “I haven’t tasted it yet. How do we know if it’s worth it?”

“Yeah!” Agreed some of the contestants.

“Fine. In that case, I’ll give you a glass to sample.” Sheng Jiaoyang pushed over her glass of wine that she was supposed to drink.

“What about us?” A few of the other contestants who were ignored voiced their dissatisfaction.

“Pay fifteen dollars for a glass,” Sheng Jiaoyang said rather wantonly as she spread out her hands.

“Heh! Who would bother to pay?!”

Some of the girls angrily turned around and walked away, while the ones who remained nervously rubbed their hands on their sleeves.

However, concocting a drink wasn’t such an easy task, and making a tasty and beautiful cocktail wasn’t as simple as just mixing several kinds of alcohol. You needed quite a bit of knowledge regarding which liquors could be paired, what proportions to use, the order to combine them, the technique used to mix the drink, as well as creativity and sensitivity towards alcohol. A bartender couldn't make a successful cocktail unless they knew all of these things.

Sheng Jiaoyang stepped out of the bar and gave way to the contestants who wanted to try making a cocktail. On top of that, not only did she step aside, but with both hands cupped towards the brave person attempting to make a drink, she shouted, “Good luck!”

If it were just an ordinary shout of encouragement, the others wouldn’t overthink it. However, with the addition of such a ridiculous action, it seemed like she wasn’t the least bit sincere and that she was looking forward to watching a show. The brave contestant who’d just picked up a cocktail glass was furious. If Zhuo Yiyan wasn’t here, along with all of the cameras spread around the house, it was highly likely that she would’ve already leapt at Sheng Jiaoyang, tearing her to shreds.

Sheng Jiaoyang, who’d previously experienced many battles of wit, had developed a skill that allowed her to move about freely.

As long as she wanted too, she could give you a pleasant feeling as if you were being refreshed by a cool breeze. On the other hand, she could also easily irritate people to the point that they wanted to cough up blood.

1. The six base liquors are gin, whiskey, vodka, rum, brandy, and tequila.

2. 23333333 is Chinese Internet slang for laughing, like lol.

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