Chapter 11 - Live Broadcast (1/2)

“Liu Lu, what are you watching? Tomorrow we have our final exam! Quickly start studying!”

In a four-person dormitory room, four girls were sitting in front of a desk, each of them holding a book in their hands. Yet, one of the girls was sneakily playing on her phone instead of studying. Liu Lu was the brave girl who dared to play with her phone in such a critical period right before an exam; the one who’d bought Sheng Jiaoyang’s sketch.

Although she was wearing a pair of earphones, she was occasionally talking to herself, which was disturbing the other girls. The girl sitting behind her reached over and lightly hit her head with a book.

“Today, the second season of National Supermodel will start broadcasting. I think I saw a familiar person.” Liu Lu stared at the phone, her finger hovering over the screen in an attempt to find the person who was flitting by in the continually changing scenes.

“What's so great about a live broadcast? If you wait a few hours, you can just watch the uploaded video. You should be studying instead! Hurry up and finish reading your book. The Teacher clearly said that if we failed the exam, there'd be a makeup test, but that you’d have to do it immediately after receiving your results.”

“I know,” Liu Liu sighed. But, just as she was about to close the broadcast, her eyes swept over the approaching figure in the video, and she squealed excitedly, “It’s her! It’s really her!”

“Who?” The curiosity of the girl beside Liu Lu was piqued when she saw Liu Lu’s flustered reaction.

“Remember the sketch that I sent you?”

“The sketch that you sold for more than two thousand dollars?”

“Yep!” Liu Lu raised her phone. “The person who drew it is on this show. I never thought she would participate in the National Supermodel competition.”

Listening to Liu Lu getting so excited, the other three girls couldn’t help but curiously surround her.

The scene shown on the phone screen was of a living room mainly decorated in black and white. Sitting on one of the sofas, there was a young man dressed in casual yet stylish clothes surrounded by quite a lot of contestants. Some of the contestants were standing, some were sitting on couches, and some were sitting on the carpeted floor. But, all of them were trying to gain the attention of the man and speak to him.

“Lulu, which one is the person that you mentioned?”

“I just saw her walking into the living room, but then she disappeared. I’ll find her again.” Liu Lu scrolled through them one by one until finally, she found the person that she was looking for at the bar.

“Quick, look! That’s her!”

The roommates gathered around her in a circle and saw the lean back of a short-haired girl standing in front of a liquor cabinet. Her slender fingers were sliding across the rows of bottles like she was inspecting her territory.

“Can you zoom in?” One of the girls reached for the screen, trying to make the camera zoom in. But, by accident, she opened the live comment section and several messages suddenly popped up.

[Reporting to Leader, I’ve caught a drunkard at the live broadcast! How should we punish her?]

[Be obedient and quickly hand her over to the country!]

[The poor girl is all alone; so pitiful. Quickly come to Big Brother’s arms~]

[What did that girl eat when she was growing up for her to be so tall but so thin? It would be nice if she gave those legs to me.]

[I want to know what she’ll do next…]

“Hahaha, these comments are quite silly, but still, they’re pretty amusing. From what angle did they see that she’s a drunkard?” Liu Lu laughed.

“Would a normal person go straight to the liquor cabinet?” one girl asked.

“Can people who don’t drink alcohol endure touching a liquor bottle for such a long time?” another girl piped in.

“I think she quite enjoys it,” the third girl added.

Liu Lu was instantly defeated. After listening to what her roommates were saying, she was also beginning to think that this girl was an alcoholic.

The girl on the camera turned around, and they suddenly caught sight of her appearance, together with the other viewers who were watching the live broadcast.

A pair of glasses perched on her small nose, making her seem quite delicate, and she had a calm expression on her face. It didn’t look like she was there to participate in a competition at all, but as if she was in a place as comfortable as her own home.

Just when everyone wanted to get a better view of the girl, she abruptly took a few steps closer to the bar, grabbed a few tissues from the box on the counter, and started to wipe at something. Behind the bar, the camera in the corner of the room occasionally caught glimpses of what she was doing, and it could be seen that she was wiping a wine glass clean.

[The movements of this girl are a little slow; it feels like I’m watching a sloth. It’s so dull that I’m on the verge of dying! I’m going to watch one of the other live camera feeds.]

[Me too.]

[I want to know what she’ll do next. Maybe she’ll mix drinks!]

[This girl is really concentrating on what she’s doing. If just wiping down a few wine glasses requires such meticulous work, is she that pedantic in real life too?]

[I guess this girl must have an obsession with cleanliness and OCD!]

[OCD +1]

The comments on the screen gradually increased.

“This won’t do. I’m going to start reviewing what I’ve been studying,” one girl said as she moved back to her chair.

“That was a waste of time. I can’t believe I actually watched someone wiping a few glasses clean for so long,” another girl said as she also sat back down.

Liu Lu looked at the last remaining roommate, and asked in surprise, “Why haven’t you gone back to studying too?”

“I want to see if she’ll concoct a drink or not,” the last roommate said honestly.

“Why do you think that she’ll make a drink? She’s a painter!” Liu Lu stared at her roommate with an unfathomable gaze. She was utterly baffled as to why her roommate would have such an idea.

“Is there a rule that says painters can’t mix drinks? Besides, she just finished wiping down the utensils used to concoct drinks. Why on earth would she do that if not to mix a drink?” The remaining roommate shrugged.

Liu Lu choked on a retort before she turned back to look at the screen, noticing that there was now another person at the bar. The woman had long hair and was very beautiful.

“What are you doing?” the beautiful woman asked as she sat down on a bar stool at the counter.

“Do you drink?” The short-haired girl snapped out of her thoughts.

This scene caused the viewers to feel gratified, and the comments instantly became like this:

[Cheers! Congratulations to the little host for gaining a friend~]

[The girl’s voice is really nice!]

“Give me a glass; we’ll celebrate,” the beautiful woman with long hair said as she laughed.

The short-haired girl raised her hand to push her glasses down her nose as she examined the long-haired beauty. Then, she turned around to get the alcohol from the liquor cabinet.

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