Chapter 109 - Campus Life, Start!

When Sheng Jiaoyang returned to the dorm, she found that her seat was actually very clean, and that there was no dust at all on her desk. A sheet had even been laid on top of her bed to prevent dust from collecting on it. After she sat down, she noticed her time table smoothly laid out on her desk with her main courses specially marked.

For it to be so organised, it must be that little fan who often texted her, reminding her to rest.

She texted ‘thank you’ to Liu Lu.

Liu Lu was in class when she heard her phone vibrate. She glanced at the professor on the stage before taking out her phone, planning to take a look. However, once she took a glance, her gaze never moved away again, her eyes shining as she looked at the text. She immediately sent a reply: You don’t need to thank me, I wanted to do it! :)

“Who’s going to come up and solve this problem?” The professor wiped his forehead as he looked around the class.

Everybody in the room straightened and stared at him. With this professor’s rotten nature, he’d definitely choose somebody that didn’t dare to look at him. If everybody was looking at him, he would choose somebody whose gaze wasn’t confident. Everyone raised their heads and stared at him focusedly, so the one that didn’t raise their head would be the one to fall into the professor’s trap.

“How about that student come up and answer?” The professor pointed at a female student with her head lowered.

Everybody looked over, curious to see which student had their lead lowered!

“Liu Lu!” Somebody pushed her.

“Huh?” Liu Lu had a wide smile on her face as she raised her head to see who’d pushed her.

“If this student saw something funny, then they should share it with the whole class!” the professor said sternly.

Liu Lu’s eyes widened as she slowly raised her head to look at the podium, only to see the professor staring directly at her. A drop of cold sweat silently slid down her forehead.

“Teacher.” Liu Lu stood up. “I just thought of the dream I had last night.”

“What kind of dream? You were smiling like a flower just now,” the professor asked, playing along.

Suddenly, a male student said, “A spring dream!”

The whole class burst out laughing.

The professor seemed to want to smile, but to keep his seriousness, he forced the smile off his face and rapped the table, causing the students to quiet down.

Liu Lu glared at the boy who’d spoken just now before turning to suck up to the professor. “Professor, I dreamed about you giving us a lecture when your phone suddenly rang. It was from your wife, who’d just given birth to a baby boy that looked especially handsome, like Ye Fan.”

The class boomed in laughter again. Everybody had heard the exaggeration in her words. Flatter him then! Flatter him as hard as you can and let’s see if the professor believes you or not!

The professor obviously didn’t believe her and was just about to scold her when the phone in his pocket abruptly rang. He took it out and saw that his wife calling. He knew that she wouldn’t call for no reason while he was teaching, so he swept a glance over the class and picked up.

The students saw the professor suddenly start beaming with joy shortly after picking up the call before standing up and murmuring into the phone.

The professor then hung up and looked at Liu Lu with an especially kind gaze and asked warmly, “What’s your name?”

“Professor, my name is Liu Lu,” Liu Lu nervously replied.

“Good, very good.” The professor smiled as he nodded.

“Did something good happen, Professor?” a particularly brave student couldn’t help but ask.

The professor rubbed his forehead and beamed. “My wife has just given birth to my son.”

“Wow!” The whole class was in an uproar as they stared at Liu Lu.

Liu Lu was dumbstruck. She’d only known that the professor’s wife was pregnant, not that she was so close to giving birth!

“Alright, please sit student Liu Lu. Let’s continue the lesson.” At this moment, the professor was very gentle.

Liu Lu, who’d just randomly thought of an excuse without knowing the facts, sat down and breathed a sigh of relief. She went back to happily texting Sis Jiao, relaying what had just happened. It wasn’t long before she received a simple two word reply: Study properly. She secretly giggled to herself before putting away her phone to listen to the class.

After class, Liu Lu ran out of the classroom to the dorms even faster than the professor, who’d rushed out to see his baby at the hospital.

“Sis Jiao, you’re back!” Liu Lu smiled when she saw the person casually flipping through a book.

Sheng Jiaoyang turned around and saw Liu Lu gasping for breath after running, smiling slightly as she replied, “Yeah, I’m back.”

Hehehe, Sis Jiao was warming up to her! Liu Lu was secretly happy enough to dance. She repressed the surging emotions in her heart and said, “Sis Jiao, I see that you’re becoming prettier and prettier!”

“I see your mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter.” Sheng Jiaoyang put the book back on the bookshelf and turned to look at Liu Lu. “What about Yuanyuan?”

“Yuanyuan doesn’t have class this afternoon and was asked out by a senior to watch a movie.”

“Oh, a date?” Sheng Jiaoyang raised an eyebrow.

Liu Lu giggled and started gossiping. “That senior’s been chasing Yuanyuan for over a year now, starting from when she was just a freshman. But, Yuanyuan is…how should I say it? She can be a bit slow in the emotional department. It’s clear to everybody else, but she still thinks that they’re just ordinary friends.”

“What about you?”

“Me? Cough, I’m living the lonely student life!” Liu Lu sighed in despair.

Sheng Jiaoyang was curious. “Why do you say that?”

“I’ve never been any good with the opposite sex since I was small. People say that if I want to get a boyfriend, I have to lose at least ten pounds. My god, ten pounds is so much. I’ll never be able to lose that much fat[1]!” Liu Lu pinched her cheeks.

Sheng Jiaoyang reached out to pinch Liu Lu’s round face and laughed. “You’re pretty cute, so you’ll definitely find somebody that truly likes you someday.”

Liu Lu lowered her head in embarrassment from Sis Jiao’s praise. She suddenly thought of something and happily said, “Speaking of true love, Sis Jiao, your acting as Zhen Xin was amazing! I can’t wait to watch the entire drama.”

“It’ll be done soon.” They’d already started shooting the later parts of the drama, so it would probably be released by winter break. Sheng Jiaoyang didn’t say the second sentence though. After all, the release date still hadn’t officially been determined.

“Come on, let’s go for a walk.” Sheng Jiaoyang picked up her bag.

Liu Lu’s eyes lit up, her heart filled with happiness. Sis Jiao wants to walk together, does that mean they are friends now?

Meanwhile, in the president’s office inside Entertainment International, Li Yu listened to the secretary say that the two brands he’d selected had refused Xu Jiaojiao as a brand ambassador. He was both angry and helpless. Although he wanted to help the future wife of his boss get resources, her reputation was just too bad, so it was hard to do it.

“President Li, Xu Jiaojiao’s still young. It’s better to let her develop a little slower as getting too famous too fast can cause others to be jealous,” the Secretary advised.

Li Yu listened to the secretary and suddenly remembered that the future Lady Boss wasn’t even 18 yet. There was still plenty of time, and they really didn’t need to be so rushed. Once the drama was released, they could use it as standing ground. Thinking of this, he gave a sigh of relief.

1. TL Note: I rolled my eyes at this part. China has a problem with fat shaming, don’t take it personally.

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