Chapter 10 - Who Are You? (1/2)

Once Sheng Jiaoyang had entered the training room, she discreetly searched for Mei Niu with her eyes. After failing to find her, Sheng Jiaoyang felt a little disappointed.

Although, she wasn’t the only disappointed person; most of the other girls had also been eager to see Lin Na, their idol, and had rushed straight to the training room. But after arriving, the person who’d entered the room was the trainer arranged by the event organisers.

“Where’s Lina? Isn’t Lina coming here too?” Someone asked anxiously.

“Lina will be here in the afternoon,” The trainer said. “I’m your personal trainer. This lesson is mainly going to focus on adjusting your posture. Now, everyone, please stand by the handrail and face the mirror.”

The contestants were somewhat disappointed, but with cameras all around, they didn’t dare show too much dissatisfaction.

“Straighten your body, stick out your chest, suck in your stomach…”

“Make sure your shoulders are back and down. The neck, the back, and the heels must form one straight line...”

“Stretch your neck upwards to make it resemble the graceful arc of a swan’s neck. Look straight ahead…”

Without any of the contestants noticing, the morning slowly passed by.

After practising how to walk on a runway, and nearly an hour of exercise, everyone was ravenous. When the personal trainer finally announced that the class was finished, they all breathed out a sigh of relief.

Once their lunch break was over, the contestants finally got to see Lina again.

Lina had already changed her clothes. She was now wearing a black playsuit with only one sleeve attached that was off the shoulder, and her hair was styled in a low ponytail. Her appearance was simple, but her aura was extremely imposing; all in the vicinity were able to feel it even though she was merely standing there. She was like a piece of beautiful scenery that attracted everyone’s attention.

Some of the girls had already started squealing in excitement.

After a brief period of excitement, Sheng Jiaoyang calmed down, and she looked at Lina as she stood across the room, her eyes filled with joy.

“I’m not here to talk about nonsense. Firstly, I’ll explain the main aspects that you should remember when walking. Now, I’ll need you all stand in a ‘v’ formation.”

Lina started directing the contestants, and when they were poised per her requirements, she began to pass on her knowledge about a model’s gait in an unhurried tone. At the same time, she would demonstrate the actions she talked about by walking back and forth a few times inside of the contestants’ ‘v’ formation.

“Well done. I’ve now taught you all everything I know, but as for how much of it you understand; that depends on yourselves. Next, I want each of you to demonstrate what I’ve taught you so that I can gauge how well you were able to comprehend it,” Lina’s eyes roved over the contestants before stopping on a person. “Jiaojiao, I want you to try walking, applying what I’ve just taught you. Walk to me from your current position.”

Everyone immediately glared at Sheng Jiaoyang, their eyes filled with envy. Lina hadn’t asked for anyone’s name, so how could she not only remember this person but also call out to her with such an intimate tone?!

Those who were overthinking things were naturally unaware that Lina was only calling Sheng Jiaoyang so intimately because she didn’t know the girl’s surname. The only thing she remembered was that the girl’s name was the same as Little Sun’s and that her walk resembled her younger self.

“Take off your glasses. During training, you have to get used to not wearing glasses. If you can’t see clearly, then you’ll need to get contact lenses,” Lina warned with a raised chin.

Sheng Jiaoyang lowered her eyes. Since everyone was watching her, she had no alternative but to remove her glasses, causing the people around her to become blurry.

Judging Mei Niu’s location by memory, she walked over with confident steps; like she was walking on stage.

“Wow, her way of walking is very similar to Lina’s!” Someone whispered.

Once Sheng Jiaoyang neared Mei Niu, and she was able to make out her expression clearly, she stopped walking. Although she was still a little bit shorter than Mei Niu, she was at least closer than she was before her accident. This was a superbly refreshing feeling as previously, whenever they were standing, she’d always had to crane her neck to look up at Mei Niu.

Sheng Jiaoyang looked at the cool and elegant Lina, and slightly hunching her shoulders, she whispered, “Mei Niu, I missed you.”

Lina was stunned for a moment, then her eyes suddenly hardened. She then fiercely glared at the girl before her, and a sentence spoken in fluent Italian poured out of her mouth.

Everyone thought it was strange. Why would Lina, without any warning, abruptly start speaking in a language that they couldn’t understand.

But while others might not understand, it was different for Sheng Jiaoyang. She didn’t have a talent for comprehending other languages, but after living for so long in Europe, she could understand a few of the languages regularly used.

As Sheng Jiaoyang listened to Lina’s outburst of swear words, she felt happy.

When translated, Mei Niu was saying:

‘Who are you, you bitch?!’

No one would think that this is what her words would mean when translated. In the eyes of the general public, Lina was a beautiful and graceful goddess high above such crude behaviour. However, Sheng Jiaoyang knew that it was just a facade. The real Mei Niu was a tomboy who was capable of beating any boy at swearing ever since she was little.

It seemed as if what Sheng Jiaoyang had said had irritated Mei Niu.

Yet, it was only logical after encountering such a thing. Who would ever guess that the stranger standing in front of them could be their close friend? It’s natural that a person’s first reaction would be to think that she had a problem.


‘Knock knock’ a quick rap on the door interrupted what she was about to say before a blonde woman pushed the door open and walked in.

It was Lina’s assistant, Sudan.

Sudan rushed to Lina and whispered something in her ear. After hearing the first sentence, Lina’s expression immediately changed, and before Sudan could finish speaking, Lina had already turned around and quickly left the training room.

“What’s going on?” Many people wondered, feeling utterly baffled.

Sheng Jiaoyang’s expression had also changed once she’d heard what Sudan had said. Unfortunately, Mei Niu’s Mother had been involved in an accident, and she was now being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

What had happened?

For Sheng Jiaoyang, Mei Niu’s Mother was no stranger. After she’d returned to China, Aunty Lin had sent her a handmade perfume sachet, and a special pigment powder that was custom matched to her. Her impression of Aunty Lin was that she was a particularly beautiful and soft-spoken woman, filled with understanding and intelligence. Her body projected an aura that was graceful and delicate; every expression she made was like a work of art that made people want to treasure them.

Although Lin Na was a person with a fierce temper, Aunt Lin’s personality was extremely amiable. Sheng Jiaoyang had never found anyone who was gentler than Aunt Lin.

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