Chapter 98.1: Was Made Into a Hedgehog


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After she passed through the sea of flowers with the old beggar, an expanse of lush green bamboos appeared in her vision.

“Old... Old Gramps, what is this place?” Tang Doudou gazed at the green bamboo forest. A fresh breeze swept by, helping clear her head quite a bit.

The people that appeared here were definitely not simple characters.

This old beggar didn’t look as if he cared about his appearance and was the definition of sloppy. Not to mention, his little eyes were exceptionally vulgar. However, surprisingly his expression didn’t change even the slightest bit during the earlier situation. If he wasn’t a fool, then he was definitely a highly skilled martial arts expert.

A fool wouldn’t warn her that the old woman would return, so this old beggar was definitely an expert!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. The expression in her eyes changed as she looked at the old beggar again. All the novels wrote it this way: most hidden experts are foodies and would become captivated by the pig-feets’G (protagonists) grilled fish, roasted ducks, and other cooked foods. Then, they teach the pig-feets all their greatest skills in return. From then on, the pig-feets step onto the broad and open road of conquering the world!

Could it be that she, Tang Doudou, was finally starting to carry a pig-feet aura as well!?

As Tang Doudou imagined what kind of unrivaled godly martial arts the old beggar would teach her, she looked around the area. Thus, she didn’t even notice when the old beggar in front of her disappeared from her view.

When she realized it, she also realized that she was lost.

“Da fudge? This is too ‘extreme joy turns to sorrow’!” Tang Doudou wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. When she patted the stalk of bamboo next to her, yellow dried leaves fell onto her head with ‘hualala’s, reflecting her current state of sorrow.

There was pretty much the same amount of bamboo growing all around and she didn’t even know the cardinal directions. How was she supposed to get out?

After being depressed for a while, Tang Doudou resigned herself to wandering around blindly in the bamboo forest. Based on the scene of the valley she saw outside, this bamboo forest probably wasn’t that big. Getting out would probably take nothing but some effort.

She just hoped that she wouldn’t encounter that crazy one-eyed old woman again in the forest.

“I have a little donkey, which I’ve never rode(iii)...T/N” Tang Doudou’s mood recovered pretty fast and soon she was skipping through the forest while singing a tune. From time to time, she saw fresh bamboo shoots beneath the bamboo stalks, but after the incident with that old woman, she didn’t dare to casually take ingredients from the valley anymore. She could only cover her eyes with bamboo leaves to stop her coveting.

“Haa, wonder if Baili Yu found Cang Baicao yet?”

After walking a while, Tang Doudou began to worry about Baili Yu again. What was going to happen with his damned illness if he didn’t find Cang Baicao?

Tang Doudou believed that she wasn’t concerned about Baili Yu, but worried about whether the illness that even Baili Yu couldn’t do anything about was something left over by the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance. If that was the case, would the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance in her body also cause this?

What idiot exactly came up with this sort of poison? To randomly use it on other people before even coming up with an antidote, do they have any professional ethics at all!?

Tang Doudou cursed the person had come up with the poison repeatedly in her heart. If it weren’t for this Disseminating Tassel Fragrance, the real Li Xueyi wouldn’t have farted her last and she would probably still be sleeping on her cozy mattress right now. She seriously longed for that feeling.

As she thought about it, her eyelids got increasingly heavy and she became increasingly drowsy. A deep weariness washed over her entire body. Tang Doudou held onto a bamboo stalk and tried hard to keep her eyes open. However, the scenery kept spinning like something that was flying towards her.

Jesus ah, it’s not possible to get sleepy that suddenly. This is definitely the effect of some sort of anesthesia.

Tang Doudou’s train of thought was still clear and she felt that this drowsiness was highly suspicious. However, she didn’t have much time to think about it anymore as wave after wave of exhaustion hit her. Leaning against the bamboo, she slid down and fell onto the soft bamboo leaves. The sensation of those leaves flicked away the last toothpick holding her conscious. Her eyes rolled back as she fell asleep on the ground.

The old beggar standing on top of the bamboo tread on bamboo leaves to get down after he saw her fall asleep. Slowly landing next to her, he extended withered fingers to check her pulse before knitting his brows and taking out a jade-colored bottle from his chest. He poured a mild green medicinal pill out of the bottle and fed it to Tang Doudou, then took a cloth bag from his waist. As he spread it out on the ground, rows of gleaming, silver needles were exposed.

“Little yatou, I’ve prepared everything you instructed. If this can’t save you, then there’s nothing more this old man can do!” The old beggar looked at the silver needles and at the half bowl of thick and black thing that had been placed next to the needles at some unknown time. Then, he gave a long sigh.

The possible meanings in his words were enough for people to be occupied for a while as they mull over it. However, only he and Tang Doudou were in this bamboo forest right now and Tang Doudou was sleeping like the dead. Thus, there was no one to mull over the meanings in his words. The old beggar picked up a needle, covered it with that black thing, then started giving Tang Doudou acupuncture.

Time passed slowly. The old beggar only lifted his hand to wipe his sweat when dusk arrived, before picking up the last needle.

As for Tang Doudou, her entire body was stabbed full of silver needles. Her appearance right now was like that of a living hedgehog.

However, her breathing was even. Her lips were even hooked in a satisfied arc as if she was having a great dream. Seeing this, the old beggar became extremely displeased. Thus, he stabbed down the needle with a lot of force, causing Tang Doudou, who was still dreaming, so much pain that she subconsciously knitted her brows.

She was definitely not going to wake up after being drugged. However, the old beggar felt a lot better after seeing her knitted brows. Laughing with a little ‘hehe’, he got up. He had finished the task so now it was time to go home and sleep!

But, it seems like there were still people waiting for him at home and they were all some hateful guys!

Even so, he had already avoided those guys for an entire day. If he didn’t go back now, this Azure Water Valley might be torn apart by them.

The old beggar shook his head and prepared to leave. However, a thought suddenly occurred to him. What if this yatou ends up getting devoured by a wild animal after he leaves her here? Wouldn’t all his efforts end up going to waste?

So he turned back. As he looked at Tang Doudou who was sleeping sweetly, a nefarious smile emerged in his little mung bean eyes.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by snowgem

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T/N - I have a little donkey, which I’ve never rode(iii), one day I was prompted by impulse and rode it to the market. I held a little whip and was just feeling pleased when something happened with a halalalala(crashing sound) and I fell and got covered with mud (ah).

All the stuff not in parentheses are directly translated, the parentheses stuff, I added on impulse~



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