Chapter 97.1: Mysterious Old Woman


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How did another person show up!?

Tang Doudou was a little stunned. Didn’t Baili Yu say that men’s footprints are rare in Azure Water Valley, and that other than Cang Baicao, only a few disciples and doormen were here? It was enough that an old beggar suddenly appeared, but what’s with this old grannie showing up too?

“Stinkin’ brat, why aren’t you saying anything? Could it be that you want to try and skip out on the debt?” The one-eyed old woman saw that Tang Doudou wasn’t speaking and slowly walked over. She looked at those fish that had been grilled golden brown and counted them. Upon finding that there were at least ten, her lips twitched. “You’re seriously abominable, you actually caught this much!? Do you know how long this old woman has been raising these fish!?”

The heck? What kind of situation is these? The fish in this brook weren’t wild ones but ones being raised by someone? Da fudge? Then why didn’t they set any ‘angling is forbidden’ indications!?

“Um, old grannie, I didn’t know that you were raising these fish. I thought they were wild ones… However, those who were unaware didn’t mean to offend. Grannie, please just forgive me.” Tang Doudou scratched her ear. For some reason, she kept feeling that something wasn’t right about this.

Before, the old beggar had at least used his gaze to stop the one-eyed old woman but now that the old woman and Tang Doudou were getting into a conflict, he resumed looking around and pretending to be a passerby.

Upon hearing what Tang Doudou said, the old woman gave a heavy and angry humph. “Those who were unaware didn’t mean to offend? Do you know that these fish have kept this old woman company like children? And now, you’ve… How could I let it pass just with a sentence of ‘those who were unaware didn’t mean to offend’?”

“How does Grannie want me to compensate? Just say it!” Tang Doudou was a forthright person. If something could be said clearly, she definitely would not waste time jabbering on endlessly.

The one-eyed old woman gave another humph. “Compensate? Can you afford to compensate?”

Tang Doudou also became a bit annoyed now upon seeing that the old woman didn’t seem to want to negotiate at all. In any case, this incident couldn’t be completely blamed on her. Who would have known that the fish in this brook were being raised by someone?

Moreover, there were so many fish in the brook. There was at least a thousand. It’s completely impossible to tell that there were about ten less fish. In addition, isn’t it a little too exaggerated to say that all these fish were like children to her?

Could it be that she was purposefully here to pick faults?As Tang Doudou was thinking, she happened to catch a trace of a scheming look in the one-eyed woman’s eye and immediately realized that something was fishy.

“Grannie, if you don’t say it, how will you know whether I can afford it?” Now that Tang Doudou knew the opponent was picking fault with her on purpose, her tone immediately became tough.

If it was really her fault, she wouldn’t try to make any excuses and would do what she needed to do. However, since the old woman was doing this on purpose, the old woman shouldn’t blame her for being hostile!

“A life for a life. Can you afford to compensate?” The one-eyed old woman asked coldly.

Tang Doudou smiled. “The lives of Grannie’s fish are sure expensive. However, I’ve grilled so many of Grannie’s fish but only have this one life. Wouldn’t it be a huge loss for Grannie?”

“There’s no need for you to worry about that.”

“That won’t do, I’m a person that dares take responsibility for her own doings. Since I’ve slaughtered Grannie’s children, Grannie should kill me to avenge their lives. However, even after killing me Grannie would still be suffering a loss. I can’t feel at ease with this. I feel that I can’t die just like this. I must think of an idea that satisfies both demands perfectly!”

“Stop wasting words. This old woman doesn’t understand your twisted logic. Just prepare to die!” The one-eyed old woman only wanted Tang Doudou’s life. No matter that Tang Doudou said, her sole eye showed no interest. After she finished speaking, the walking stick in her hand pierced towards Tang Doudou’s chest like a sword.

She moved right after she spoke so Tang Doudou didn’t have any time to prepare for the attack at all. However, even if she had time to prepare, it still would have been useless. After all, she didn’t know any martial arts!

As Tang Doudou watched that walking stick approach at flying speed, she could only fall backwards pitifully. She managed to dodge it by an inch, but tripped over a rock and fell to the ground.

“Old Grannie, if there’s any issue let’s lie down and talk about it in a civilized manner. Fighting and killing all the time is really bad ah!” Tang Doudou was terrified, yet she had to act as if she was incomparably calm. Mah f*ck! Baili Yu and the others weren’t here so how was she supposed to deal with this life-demanding old demon lady?

And the old beggar at the side, would he be killed by the old woman in order to silence all witnesses?

Tang Doudou took a deep breath. However, before she could ponder any further, the old woman’s walking stick swung over like a windmill blade.

Tang Doudou’s pupils immediately dilated upon facing such an abrupt and fierce attack. She really wanted to dodge but her legs wouldn’t budge, it was as if they were glued.

Tang Doudou could only watch with her eyes wide as that walking stick got closer and closer. In the end, she discovered with shock that the speed of the walking stick seemed to have dropped. It was like she was watching a movie scene in slow motion. She could clearly see the trajectory of that stick as it slashed through the air, causing little ripples of wind, and the gap!

Tang Doudou’s eyes lit up and she reached out lightning fast. Unexpectedly, she made contact with the walking stick that seemed very far away. There was only the sound of a ‘bang’ and an extreme amount of pain transmitted from her hand. However, that walking stick was sent flying by her strike and rolled to the brook before falling in with a ‘plop’.

When the one-eyed old woman saw that Tang Doudou was able to break her attack with a single move, her facial color immediately underwent a huge change and she hastily retreated backwards. Without even retrieving her walking stick, she turned and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

As Tang Doudou watched her flee hastily, she felt utterly confused. What the heck was that old woman trying to do!? She came right after she decided to come and now left again right after deciding to leave. Not to mention, she demanded her life right after deciding to demand her life yet now she’s abandoning everything right after deciding she didn’t want them?

“Little yatou, are the fish ready?” However, that old beggar just happened to have bad vision. He approached merrily as if he didn’t see any of the events that just transpired and =was asking this while pointing at those fish that were crackling with oil droplets.

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him but didn’t blame him. This old beggar was probably an ordinary person. He might even have some problems with his head so it would be normal for him not to understand what happened earlier. In any case, she didn’t freakin’ understand what was going on either!


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