Chapter 96.1: Azure Water Valley


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Before he had even finished relaxing, Tang Doudou drew close again.


“No, done.”

“Then what are you coming so close for?”

“To thrash you ah!”

“Didn’t you said you were done?”

“Don’t you know that women are fickle creatures?”

This level of shamelessness made even Baili Yu speechless.

At the start, Tang Doudou was still quite excited because she had someone to beat up. However, after riding in the carriage for countless days and nights, she was almost about to be shaken into pieces by the jolting of the carriage.

She bothered Baili Yu every day about wanting to go out and play. However, whenever she went outside and saw Ye Chuan’s pitch-black face, she could only head back in to gaze at Baili Yu’s and Su Yi’s expressionless faces.

Great Blue Heavens ah, Mother Earth ah, Queen Mother of the West and Lord Jade Emperor ah!

Which lifetime’s sin is she paying for ah!?

She plopped down on the soft couch. She’ll just sleep then.

Baili Yu who hadn’t spoken for almost half a month suddenly breathed out a soft sentence right as she laid down. “City Lord Su has been riding on this carriage of mine for almost half a month. Is City Lord Su still not planning on leaving?”

City Lord Su? What kind of situation is this?

Tang Doudou, who had originally planned to sleep, immediately perked up her ears to listen.

“Isn’t this perfectly along the way? We’re almost there so there’s no point being stingy about this little bit.”

He had taken no small amount of beating during this month. Baili Yu wants him to leave this easily? No way in hell!

“Master, we’re already outside Azure Water Valley.”

Ye Chuan called from outside the carriage.

Baili Yu gave a soft ‘en’ and moved to head outside.

Baili Yu was exiting so Tang Doudou naturally also got off the carriage, not wanting to stay with Su Yi in the carriage.

Inside the carriage, Su Yi’s eyes narrowed when he saw that two had left. A strange aura spread into the surroundings and the white gauze wrapped around his body turned into fine powder. Humph, now was probably time for him to demand repayment.

Wah! Is this human paradise?

Tang Doudou was stunned by the scene that greeted her after she exited the carriage. It was seriously too beautiful.

Within the dense, early morning fog of the mountain was an extremely beautiful valley. An endless stretch of colorful flowers bloomed in the valley and their faintly discernible fragrance drifted through the air. As a refreshing wind blew over, all the gloominess from being kept inside the carriage so long was instantly swept clean and her dispirited mood lifted. Tang Doudou exhaled deeply and spread her arms wide. “This feeling is simply too refreshing!”

Baili Yu pulled her and started walking towards the valley.

Ye Chuan walked behind them. The three of them gradually walked into the distance, completely forgetting about the existence of Su Yi.

The carriage was left by the road casually. The only thing awaiting Su Yi when he came out was the absolutely empty valley entrance. Upon seeing this, his handsome face twisted a little. They actually didn’t even give him a call! For better or for worse, this valley also counted as something that partially belonged to him!

After being unhappy for a little while, he cheered up again. They were now in his domain so he was now in control.

Su Yi lifted the bamboo flute to his lips. The sound of clear and melodious flute music traveled far in the valley.

As the melodious flute music continued, a snow white goshawk flew out of the valley and landed on Su Yi’s arm. After it landed, it started cuddling Su Yi affectionately.

“Alright, Cangcang, enough. Help me keep an eye on the three that entered the valley just now. I’m going to go find Old Cang.”

Su Yi rubbed that goshawk’s claw and lifted his hand to let it fly off.

Where did this eagle come from?

Tang Doudou was walking while enjoying the soothing feeling of nature when she suddenly saw a goshawk circling in midair. She turned her head and asked Baili Yu, “Big evil spirit, look. There’s a goshawk in the sky!”

Baili Yu saw that she had regained her past liveliness the moment she got off the carriage and for some reason, his mood had also improved. He glanced at the goshawk above them and gave an ambiguous smile. “It’s just a feathered domestic animal, no need to mind it. This husband and Ye Chuan will be heading off to find Cang Baicao. Wife should just wait here. Don’t randomly run around no matter what, alright?”

Tang Doudou was pretty sure that he was looking for Cang Baicao to treat his illness. Moreover, his illness was an old ailment so it’d definitely take a long time to treat. It’d be pretty boring for her if she went along. Staying here and strolling around seemed more fun.

“Alright, alright, go! No need to mind me!” Tang Doudou waved Baili Yu and Ye Chuan away, then started strolling around the valley alone.

“Master, is it really alright to leave her alone here?” Ye Chuan became very unhappy upon seeing her heartless attitude.

Baili Yu retrieved his gaze. “She’s more familiar with Azure Water Valley than we are.”

“Su Yi said earlier that Cang Baicao wasn’t here. Will we be able to find him?”

“You believe his words?”

After Baili Yu said that, he started heading deep into the valley. He said that Tang Doudou was very familiar with this valley but in reality, he also wasn’t a stranger to this place. He quickly led Ye Chuan through the entire valley and got to the lake in the deepest part of the valley.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

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T/N - naming sense lol. Cang Cang takes the first character of the Chinese term for ‘goshawk’ and just repeats it twice. The Chinese term ‘cang1cang1’ also means ash gray, vast and hazy, and flourishing.


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