Chapter 94.1: The Fierce Battle Between the Two


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Steward Ding’s expression was not very pretty either. His gaze had turned displeased since this Su Yi seemed to be deliberately creating a disturbance.

“Haha, don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll find it soon.” Su Yi forced some laughs when he sensed that the atmosphere was off and checked both sleeves again. However, he still couldn’t find the object so he started looking all over his body. As he searched, he muttered in a distressed tone, “Where did I put it? Where did I put it? How come I just can’t find it…”

Upon hearing this, Steward Ding’s facial color immediately turned dark. He said, displeased, “Su gongzi, my family’s master still has urgent business to attend to so we won’t be keeping you company. Farewell!”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t wait for Su Yi’s reply before lifting the long whip in his hand and fiercely lashing it down on the horse. The horse lifted its neck and gave a long neigh, then jumped to the side of Su Yi and leaped into a gallop.

It almost knocked over Su Yi since he hadn’t been standing stably. The sudden change in speed almost flung Tang Doudou out of the carriage as well. She hastily grabbed the carriage door handle. “Gran-Grandpa Ding…”

“Doudou, don’t worry. Grandpa knows how to control it. You won’t fall, don’t worry. Haha…” Steward Ding laughed light-heartedly and was about to drive the horse forward when a force pulled the carriage to a halt. The horse raised its forelegs, trying to rush forward. However, it was as if a huge mountain was attached to them, the horse couldn’t budge an inch.

“What’s going on?” Steward Ding discovered something wasn’t right and immediately pulled the reins before looking backwards in a fluster.

Tang Doudou noticed that the carriage had stopped so she also turned around to look. However, the scene behind them gave her a huge shock. What the heck!? Does that still count as human?

There was a red string even thinner than spider silk. Su Yi was casually grasping one end while the other end was attached to one of the carriage wheels. Although Su Yi was only pulling it lightly, the carriage was completely stopped in its tracks.

“Old Steward, don’t be so rushed. Asking your family’s master before leaving wouldn’t be too time-consuming.” Su Yi hooked his finger and that red string, with a ‘swish’, wound back around his finger. As he casually retrieved his hand, he tilted his head and gave Tang Doudou and Steward Ding a pleasant smile.

Jesus ah! This guy is definitely an expert!

Not to mention, he’s been stopping them again and again. It would be strange if he wasn’t up to anything bad.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and poked her head into the carriage. As expected, Baili Yu looked towards her with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile and his gorgeous eyes were filled with fox-like craftiness.

My Lord, looks like the person outside’s about to face some bad luck!

After giggling, Tang Doudou retrieved her head and told Steward Ding, “Grandpa Ding, just let that guy get on.”

Steward Ding saw that Tang Doudou had poked her head into the carriage so he assumed this was Baili Yu’s instruction. Thus, he nodded and turned the carriage around before jumping down. “Su gongzi, please go ahead!”

Su Yi stroked the bamboo flute at his waist. As his gaze shifted from Steward Ding to Tang Doudou, he gave her a meaningful look. When Tang Doudou tried to look more closely, a shadow flashed past her eyes. If it wasn’t Su Yi, who else could it be?

Su Yi directly headed into the carriage, and unexpectedly did not even give Tang Doudou a second glance.

When he got close, Tang Doudou had an exceptionally strange feeling. However, she couldn’t figure out what the strange part was. Watching Steward Ding who was gradually getting further away from the carriage, Tang Doudou licked her lips as she considered her options. Should she follow Steward Ding and get away from the carriage? Or head inside to find Baili Yu and, in passing, eavesdrop on the discussion between these two guys who loved hiding blades behind smiles?

“Doudou, come in.” Just as Tang Doudou was wavering in indecision, a magnetic and charming voice drifted out of the carriage.

Damned evil spirit, you have a conscience after all!

Tang Doudou laughed ‘hehe’, then crawled into the carriage without hesitation.

Upon seeing her enter the carriage, Baili Yu, who was originally languidly leaning next to the window, immediately straightened up. His long, narrow eyes slightly curved as he gave a smile that was as brilliant as flowers. He beckoned her as he said, “Come here, I’ll introduce you to a new friend.”

What does he want to do now?

Tang Doudou glanced at Baili Yu whose eyes were sparkling, then glanced at Su Yi who still had a bright smile plastered on his face. She got a premonition that Su Yi’s appearance today was somehow related to her, yet she couldn’t figure out what exactly these two foxes were thinking. Thus, she could only hold back her troops without moving and simply observe the situation inside the carriage for the time being. Tang Doudou forced a couple laughs before sitting down across from the two. Smiling brightly just like the two in front of her, she said, “The new friend Baili gongzi is talking about is Su Yi, Su gongzi?”

“Wife, you should take a good look at our new friend. Doesn’t he seem very familiar? Do you feel like you’ve seen him before? Ha, our new friend is not an ordinary person at all. His visit today has truly caused me to feel overwhelmed by favor (from a superior).” There were meanings hidden within Baili Yu’s words. Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she looked towards Su Yi.

The smile on Su Yi’s face didn’t decrease at all from start to finish. However, when Su Yi heard Baili Yu call Tang Doudou ‘wife’, a trace of displeasure had clearly flashed through his eyes.

Aiy, he’s unhappy that Baili Yu is calling her wife. Could it be that Su Yi was also someone that was intimate with Baili Yu?

“Resplendent Prince is joking. This Su is just a common person.” It seemed that Su Yi did have an urgent matter to discuss with Baili Yu and didn’t want to talk much about other matters as after he said this, he stopped smiling. Then, he spoke in seriousness, “This Su came this time only to ask Resplendent Prince if Resplendent Prince could give this Su a reply in regards to the matter from last time?”

“Wasn’t a reply already given? What, not satisfied with that reply?”

“Satisfied, of course this Su is satisfied. It’s just that this Su can’t rest easy without hearing it personally from Resplendent Prince!”

“Su gongzi sure is interesting.” He had already sent someone over to convey his intentions, yet he still couldn’t stop worrying and, making nothing of hardships, personally ran all the way here. Hence, his goal probably wasn’t as simple as what he said. Baili Yu glanced at Tang Doudou whose eyes were spinning around and around nonstop. Haa, things were really becoming more and more interesting.

“Not at all, not at all.”

“Since Su gongzi has come today, there’s no harm in saying it once more.”

Su Yi’s fingers swept across the bamboo flute at his waist as the corners of his mouth slightly lifted. “Resplendent Prince is refreshingly straightforward.”

However, Baili Yu exposed a troubled expression. “It’s just…”


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