Chapter 93.2: A Dou Bi Came


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“Thanks, no need!” Tang Doudou hastily dodged Baili Yu’s groping hands. Silently cursing, she headed towards the carriage entrance.

“Steward Ding, have we left the city?”

“We’re already outside the city.”

Tang Doudou gave Baili Yu a sweet smile. “I’m going outside to enjoy the breeze. You’re ill so just rest properly!” She didn’t bother to see if Baili Yu agreed. In a flash, she left the carriage.

As expectedly, the scene outside was already of open fields and villages in picturesque disorder. When Tang Doudou turned around to look back, Huai City was only a vague outline. The carriage sped along the broad road. Steward Ding seemed about eighty but was abnormally spirited. When he saw Tang Doudou come out, he lifted his whip and struck the horse before asking with a candid smile, “How should I address lady?”

“Grandpa, I’m Tang Doudou. You can just call me Doudou.”

“Doudou? That’s a rather cute name.” Steward Ding glanced at Tang Doudou’s bright smile and petite face, then nodded his head approvingly. This girl was not bad looking. Her vivid and lively eyes were particularly likable and her personality was pretty good. Her straightforward words were rather refreshing, and the most important point was that she’s female!

She’s countless times better than that Li Xueyi who didn’t seem like a girl but was not quite a man either. Now that Master has left Huai City, Master has completely parted ways with that Li Xueyi so he can finally be released from his worries.

“Grandpa Ding, look. Who’s that in front?” Tang Doudou was just about to start chatting with Steward Ding when she saw a figure appear in front.

Steward Ding hastily pulled the reins. “YuT/N…”

The carriage stopped in front of that person. Only then was Tang Doudou able to see that person clearly. Standing there was a young man in his twenties wearing a light green brocade garment with a bamboo flute at his waist. His looks were rather like sunshine. When he saw the carriage stop, he immediately revealed a mouthful of white teeth and smiled to the point his eyes curved into lines.

This smile not only befuddled Tang Doudou, even Steward Ding felt a little puzzled.

Because neither of them recognized this young man.

Steward Ding glanced at the carriage behind him. When his master didn’t give any instructions, Steward Ding opened his mouth to ask, “This gongzi is…”

Before he even finished speaking, that young man waved his hand and, with a decidedly familiar attitude, said, “Old Steward can just call me Su Yi.”

“Haha, so it’s Su gongzi. Wonder what you blocked our carriage for?” Although Steward Ding was old, he had helped Baili Yu manage businesses for half his life. Thus, he was extremely experienced in dealing with people. His attitude towards this stranger that had blocked the carriage was good-natured but appropriately alienated.

Tang Doudou looked at him without speaking.

Su Yi said, “I must ask Old Steward to let your family’s master know that I have something to negotiate with him about.”

He knows Baili Yu?

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin, expressing doubt. Not to mention, Baili Yu didn’t react at all so it would be strange if they knew each other.

As expected, she heard Steward Ding say, “My apologies, Su gongzi. My family’s master is not seeing any guests.”

Upon hearing this, Su Yi just smiled. “It’s fine. You only have to pass this item over for your master to view. He’ll definitely be happy to see me.”

As he spoke, he reached inside his broad sleeve and dug around. However, even after a long time, nothing was dug out.

Steward Ding exposed an expression of impatience.

Su Yi’s expression also became embarrassed as he switched to digging around in the other sleeve. “Ahem, sorry, I forgot which side I put it.”

Tang Doudou was speechless. Was this guy here to perform gags?


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by ed.L

[Chiyomira's Corner]

T/N - Common Chinese verbal commands for horses is ‘jia’ for go and ‘yu’ for stop.

Dou Bi also refers to a silly and amusing person. Lmao, this poor guy. Guess who he is?


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