Chapter 92.2: Leave Huai City


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“Master!” Right after Tang Doudou walked out, Ye Chuan appeared. The light in his eyes slowly darkened as he looked towards Baili Yu who was on Tang Doudou’s back. “The carriage has been prepared and is outside. We can leave at any moment.”

Baili Yu nodded without speaking.

Ye Chuan felt it a little strange but didn’t bother dwelling on it as they were in an urgent situation. He led Tang Doudou and headed towards the back door of the courtyard.

After the door opened, all that could be seen was a carriage that looked quite ordinary from the outside. Tang Doudou laughed upon seeing that simple and crude appearance of the carriage. “Aiyah, the richest individual in the world, Baili Yu, also has a day where he falls to this point, huh?”

“Isn’t it all because of you!?” Ye Chuan swept a displeased glare over.

“Tch, he brought it on himself. What does it have to do with this little uncle?” Tang Doudou curled her lips and headed towards the carriage.

She had to exert half a day’s effort in order to place Baili Yu on the side of the carriage. “F*ck, this is seriously tiring as hell. Hey, Ye Chuan, hurry and come help!”

“I still have matters to attend to, you take care of it yourself!” After Ye Chuan finished speaking, he didn’t even bother to glance at her before he jumped onto a roof and disappeared in a couple leaps.

“Ye Chuan, you damned great uncle!” Tang Doudou saw that he left without even looking back once and was dumbstruck for a while before she muttered a curse at him.

“Baili Yu, your family’s subordinate sure has a temper!” She turned around to talk to Baili Yu but didn’t see him anywhere. Tang Doudou hastily lowered her head to look around. Could it be that she moved too much earlier and directly shook him off onto the ground?

She looked all over below the carriage and even laid on the floor to check, however, she still didn’t see Baili Yu.

She couldn’t help but be confused. What was going on?


A sound came from inside the carriage and Tang Doudou reached out to pull open the curtain. She was instantly blinded by the items inside.

Jesus ah, she never expected for there to be a different dimension inside the carriage!

The decoration inside was extremely luxurious, completely different from Baili Yu’s past style of simplicity. The complete set of daily supplies was especially confusing to Tang Doudou. “Are you getting ready to spend the rest of your life on the carriage?”

As she spoke, she shot her gaze towards Baili Yu who was reclining on fox fur.

This guy hasn’t spoken since she yelled at him. Could it be that he’s angry?

But from the looks of his smile, that didn’t seem to be the case ah!

She plopped her butt down next to him. “I don’t know how to drive a carriage and Ye Chuan has left. What now?”

Baili Yu still didn’t speak.

“Hey, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Baili Yu shot her an expression of helplessness. He opened his mouth but then shook his head again like he wanted to speak but didn’t dare to.

“F*ck, why are you so petty? I was just saying it casually.” Tang Doudou rubbed her forehead, speechless.

Baili Yu sighed and still didn’t speak. His eyes just filled with grievances.

From the start, he was good-looking. His every smile and movement would tug on people’s heartstrings. When he smiled he would cause people to feel as they were viewing the sunshine in a lovely spring. When he moved, his movements were as indescribably beautiful as those of a celestial’s.

Currently, his brows were knitted with a grieved expression. That, in combination with his pale face due to the injuries, caused Tang Doudou’s heart to instantly clutch into a lump. Her tone softened. “Don’t be angry anymore, alright? Say something?”

Is she coaxing him? Baili Yu’s brows lifted and he finally spoke. “Wife doesn’t like it when this husband is this obedient?”

Da fudge, this is called being obedient?

“Stop playing around, let’s talk serious business. What do we do now?” Tang Doudou started to realize that whenever Baili Yu was around, she rarely had her own views and would always ask his opinion on everything.

Baili Yu stretched his waist and yawned. “Wait.”


Wait for what?

Tang Doudou lifted the carriage curtain in confusion and looked outside. She saw that there wasn’t even the shadow of a ghost around, so she asked, “We won’t be in any danger waiting here, right?”

“Wife, don’t worry.”

Don’t worry? As if! Damned ghost! Tang Doudou sat back and stared at Baili Yu’s pale face. Then, she licked her lips.

“If Wife is hungry, there’s a lot of food in this carriage. To stare at this husband like this, could it be that Wife wishes to eat this husband?’ When he got to the end, his tone became abruptly deep and an ambiguous air instantly filled the entire carriage.


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