Chapter 91.2: Real Name


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His voice was still extremely weak but it sounded much more alert. Tang Doudou retrieved her foot and turned excitedly to run back. “Big evil spirit, you’re awake!”


Baili Yu tried sitting up on the bed but ended up sliding back down. Fortunately, Tang Doudou had rushed back quickly enough to help him up. “Are you alright?”

“Wife, don’t worry. There’s no way this husband will die for the time being.” Baili Yu lifted his hand and touched Tang Doudou’s nose. His conspicuously pale lips overflowed with a smile.

Tang Doudou was rather unused to Baili Yu’s frail and ill appearance. “Since you’ve woken up, then just stay here properly. I’ll head back to the Alliance Head Residence to get Xiao Bai to take a look at you. Then, I’ll get people from Plum Garden to bring you back. What do you think?”

“As expected of my wife, you handle matters so neatly and tidily. However… let’s just forget it.” Baili Yu closed his eyes, his facial color was abnormally terrible. This illness was getting more troublesome the longer he dragged it on. It seemed like it was about time to go find that person.

“What do you mean forget it!? Do you want to die?” Tang Doudou slapped Baili Yu’s back angrily. “Stay here properly and wait for me to come back.”

“Wife is this concerned about this husband? This husband feels that he can die without regrets now.”

Tang Doudou was made very speechless. He’s seriously beyond saving. No matter what the time or occasion was, he still doesn’t forget to take advantage of her.

“Don’t worry, this husband won’t die. Isn’t there a saying that goes ‘bad people push a millennium’*? I don’t wish for a millennium, but a hundred years is still a doable endeavour.”

Full saying: "good people have short lives, bad people push a millennium"

Before Tang Doudou could think any further, Baili Yu said, “Ye Chuan.”

Ye Chuan’s figure suddenly appeared like a ghost. From his chest, he took out a jade bottle and handed it over. “Master.”

Yuner was so scared by this sudden appearance that his face turned paler than white. He hastily hid behind San Yu.

Baili Yu only seemed to notice now that there were two other people inside the room. His calm eyes flitted over the two people’s faces. It startled Yuner and caused him to shrink backwards even more. Then, Baili Yu gave a light chuckle and poured out two blood-red pills. Just as he was about to put them in his mouth, Tang Doudou reached out and stopped him. “What is this?”


“I know it’s medicine. But what kind of medicine?”

“It’s naturally medicine for treating the illness. What about it?”

Tang Doudou looked at him a bit doubtfully, then looked at the pills inside his hand again. The object was even more conspicuously scarlet in his jade-like palm. No matter how long she looked at them, they didn’t seem like anything good. On the contrary, they really resembled the legendary poison pills in stories!

“Alliance Head Li, if you really care about Master, then hurry and let Master take the medicine!” Ye Chuan was rather angry with Tang Doudou. The reason Master had repeatedly gotten injured was all because of this guy.

“Ye Chuan!”

“Yes.” After sweeping a last glance over Tang Doudou, Ye Chuan disappeared back into the darkness.


Freaking chicken, how did she end up annoying Ye Chuan?

Her luck was already bad as it was.

She released her hand, vexed. Then, she got up and walked to San Yu. “San Yu.”

“No need to say any more. You guys can stay as long as you want. I’ll go somewhere else with Yuner.” After San Yu finished speaking, she pulled Yuner with her and headed out.

However, the moment she got to the door, Ye Chuan appeared again. “You two are not allowed to leave.”

“What does Baili gongzi mean by this?”

San Yu didn’t seem like an ordinary kitchen maid. Tang Doudou had already sensed, during the competition, that her imposing aura didn’t seem like that of a normal person’s. Now, she was calmly facing Baili Yu and questioning him. There were really not many people in the world that could do so.

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin as she looked towards Baili Yu. She was also curious as to what intentions Baili Yu had in keeping San Yu and Yuner here.

Unexpectedly, after taking the medicine, Baili Yu simply closed his eyes to rest without paying any attention to this matter.

Hence, she could only direct her gaze towards Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan lifted his eyes and said, “Many people are searching for Master right now. The offered bounty is over several ten thousand taels and the people in charge are also of the Prime Minister's Residence. For the sake of Master’s safety, I can only trouble you two.”

“Yuner is the Prime Minister’s young son. If he’s away from the residence for too long, the Prime Minister will naturally send someone here to get him. At that time, the Prime Minister will end up searching this place even if I didn’t inform them.”

“There’s no need for you to worry about this. Just set your mind at ease and stay here.” Ye Chuan’s expression was cold without a trace of emotion.

“Humph!” San Yu gave a humph, displeased. She pushed Ye Chuan who was standing in front of the entrance. However, it was like pushing an iron pillar, he didn’t budge at all.

She angrily took a few steps back. “Don’t worry, I won’t leave. I just don’t want to stay here!”

Ye Chuan then moved out of the way. San Yu pulled Yuner, pushed the door open angrily, and left.

This left Tang Doudou to look rather awkwardly at Ye Chuan. The latter shot her a look then disappeared without a trace.

Following that, a bunch of ‘pitter-platter’ sounds came from the roof. Once the broken area was repaired and the broken tile pieces in the room were collected, Baili Yu and Tang Doudou were left to be alone in the room.

Baili Yu rested on the bed. Tang Doudou stood next to the bed and looked at the decorative designs on the bed, bored. Her eyes became increasingly blurry and she felt really drowsy…

In the end, she fell onto the bed with a ‘thud’.

Baili Yu opened his eyes and gazed at Tang Doudou’s little white face and rosy cheeks. His gaze moved down to those rosy, dew-like lips below her delicate jasper nose. Today, she was wearing a female outfit and also wasn’t wearing that annoying layer. As she sprawled on the bed, the slight swells in front of her chest could be faintly discerned… Baili Yu suddenly felt that his throat was a little dry and he also felt some impulse come from within his body.

Giving a bitter smile, he withdrew his gaze and pressed down on his chest. Let’s wait a little longer.

Until he completely recovers.

“Master.” Ye Chuan quietly entered the room to report.

Baili Yu got down from the bed and stooped down to lift Tang Doudou onto the bed. After he covered her with the blanket and tucked the corners, he raised a finger and made a silent motion towards Ye Chuan.

“Let’s talk about it outside.”


They happened to encounter San Yu who was heading to the kitchen to cook when they walked outside to the courtyard. San Yu twisted her head away and gave a humph before slamming the door shut on the two.

Baili Yu’s expression didn’t change. “What has gone on outside?”

Ye Chuan replied, “That muddle-headed emperor issued a pursue and kill command, then ordered that old Prime Minister to seal all of the stores that belong to our Chamber of Commerce. Right now, the streets are filled with people searching for you, Master, and Alliance Head Li.”

“Then just let them search. Help me arrange the preparations. I’m heading to Azure Water Valley.”

Baili Yu didn’t care about Xi Qiulin’s edict at all. After he gave Ye Chuan instructions, he headed back into the room and laid down near Tang Doudou who was sound asleep. However, after a long while, he propped himself half up again. He stared at Tang Doudou’s face, feeling as if he could never get tired of looking at it.

Tang Doudou. This should be your real name, right?


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