Chapter 90.1: Yuner


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Xi Qiulin puked up a mouthful of old blood when he saw the look Baili Yu shot over. He wobbled and almost fell onto the ground. Luckily, his attendant supported him before he fell. “Your Majesty, your dragon physique requires attention!”

“Scram!” Xi Qiulin slapped aside his attendant. “Go find General Feng and have him issue an arrest order. Order the entire city to pursue and kill Baili Yu and Li Xueyi! If he can’t complete this task, have him carry his head over to see zhen!”


After the attendant replied, he withdrew while trembling. Xi Qiulin swept a cold gaze over the corpses that covered the ground. “Go find the Prime Minister!”

Very soon, the Prime Minister ran in with an alarmed expression. This incident had occurred within his residence, so even though he hadn’t done anything, he was already implicated. Thus, there was no way he could avoid feeling apprehensive.

“Your, Your Majesty…”

When Xi Qiulin saw his disappointing behavior, he said irritatedly, “Get up! Zhen has something to ask you!”

“Your Majesty, please enlighten me with your question.”

“Did the people from the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce leave?”

The Prime Minister lowered his head even more when he heard this unexpected question. “Re-re-replying Your Majesty. They have just left.”

“Absolutely disgraceful! Why didn’t you stop them!?”

If only he could stop them! The Prime Minister cried bitterly inside his heart as he tried to find a way to reply to Xi Qiulin’s words.

However, Xi Qiulin didn’t have the patience to hear his attempts at explaining. Waving his hand, he said, “Rise!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Announce my decree, lead people to seal all of the stores belonging to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce!”

The Prime Minister had just exhaled and wiped his forehead in relief when Xi Qiulin’s next words shocked him so much his legs turned weak. “You-your Majesty…”

“What? Prime Minister, you have an objection!?” Xi Qiulin swept a cold gaze over.

The Prime Minister started and quickly replied, “No, no, this humble servant will go right away, right away!”

“Humph!” Xi Qiulin flung his sleeves back and left with large strides. “Return to the palace!”

“This humble subject respectfully sees off Your Majesty!”

The Prime Minister only staggered to his feet once Xi Qiulin had walked far away. He smiled bitterly as he wiped the sweat on his forehead. ‘Seal all of the stores that belonged to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce’, wasn’t this pretty much pushing him into a pit of fire?

But if he didn’t do it...

Recalling Xi Qiulin’s earlier expression, the Prime Minister sighed again.

He could only resign himself to carrying it out.

As for Tang Doudou who had left safely under Baili Yu’s protection, she opened her eyes after feeling the danger past. She glanced at Baili Yu’s bright and clean chin as she asked quietly, “Are we safe?”

Unexpectedly, she heard a smothered groan come from above her head. Then, a drop of warm blood fell onto the back of her hand.

“Baili Yu, you, you’re injured!?” When Tang Doudou felt something strange on her hand, she immediately retrieved her hand to take a look. When she saw that dark red drop, she started to panic.

Baili Yu lifted his hand and wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. His body gradually slowed and they eventually landed on the roof of a courtyard.

“Is Wife worrying about this husband?” The smile he sent over made him seem like a large drowsy-eyed fox.

Upon seeing this, Tang Doudou’s heart softened. She was just about to angrily rebuke him for joking in this sort of situation when her entire body fell forward. In the dim light, Baili Yu’s long eyelashes covered his magnificent eyes while his facial color had turned as pale as paper. The hands that had been holding onto Tang Doudou tightly, loosened as he fell backwards and pulled Tang Doudou down with him.

“Baili Yu! Baili Yu, what’s wrong!?”

As they toppled onto the rooftop, Tang Doudou immediately became flustered when she felt that Baili Yu was turning cold and rigid. She reached out to feel around Baili Yu’s body in an attempt to find his injury, but she didn’t find any injuries on Baili Yu even after searching for a long time. As Baili Yu’s body became even colder, a bad feeling filled her heart.

Baili Yu, co-could it be that he’s about to die?

The moment this thought sprouted within her, it grew madly like wild weeds. It instantly enwrapped Tang Doudou’s heart and caused it to clutch abruptly. She blanked out as she collapsed into a sitting position onto the roof.

How, how did things end up like this!?


Just as she was lost in her bewilderment, a weak cracking sound came from the roof below her. Before she could even react and grab Baili Yu, she started falling with the broken roof tiles.

Baili Yu was already unconscious as he fell as well.

He fell heavily on top of Tang Doudou, crushing her. His breathing was so weak, it seemed like it was about to vanish.

“Yo-you, who are you…”

Just as Tang Doudou was about to crawl out from under Baili Yu to see what happened, a shy voice sounded inside the room.


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