Chapter 78: The Departed Li Xueyi


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Finished, finished! She was seriously finished this time!

Tang Doudou was about to suffocate in that withered hand’s clutch. She wanted to speak, but could only make a gasping sound as the air in her lungs rapidly disappeared. There were no thoughts in her head at all, she just felt extremely uncomfortable, as if she was about to explode. She had experienced this feeling only once, that time not long ago in the Alliance Head Residence. However, the pain she felt this time was significantly worse in comparison.

After Xin Yue caught her, she decided to choke her to death without hesitation.

Everything had happened in a blink of an eye. By the time the numerous emotions caught up to Tang Doudou, she was almost about to faint.

Haha, I’ll just use your blood to whet the demonic bug’s appetite first!” Xin Yue smiled savagely. A silver-white light flashed through the darkness and a sharp dagger’s tip immediately touched Tang Doudou’s throat.

A flame suddenly lit up and illuminated a terrifying face. Xin Yue’s facial features couldn’t be made out clearly since all her skin drooped on her face. Amidst the numerous creases were two muddy eyes whose pitch-black pupils had no focal points at all. The color of her skin couldn’t clearly be made out either. The only thing that could be heard was her blood-thirsty mad laughter. She then slashed through the skin on Tang Doudou’s neck.

Blood gushed out like a fountain and slipped down over her pinkish white skin. Tang Doudou was already half dead from being choked, so she couldn’t feel the pain from that knife at all. She only heard something that sounded like dripping water. Then, the entire enclosed space started shaking abruptly.

Come, my little darling. Have as much as you like!”


While Xin Yue was laughing, rumbling noises started coming from beneath their feet, along with the enormous sounds of some giant creature crawling around. It was extremely dreadful as if a demon was crawling out from hell. With the light from the flames, it could be seen that Lou Qingyun wasn’t very far away from Tang Doudou and Xin Yue. He was currently looking beneath his feet bewildered, without an idea as to what sort of thing was about to climb out.

As for Tang Doudou, she couldn’t be bothered to care about what was going to climb out at this moment. She only felt that her consciousness was gradually being removed from her body as if she was floating into the air. A white light appeared above her head. As it spilled down, she was drawn to float towards that light. Through the vague blur, she saw a person’s figure walk out from that light.

You can’t die.” That figure’s back was facing the light, so Tang Doudou couldn’t make out the person’s face clearly. She couldn’t distinguish the gender from the voice either.

She didn’t want to die either ah!

Tang Doudou opened her mouth only to discover that she couldn’t spit out a single word, so she could only wail in her heart. Afterwards, she discovered that she had stopped continuing to float forward.

She immediately started to wonder what this place was.

It’s probably heaven. There’s no way that hell would be such a fantastic dream-like place, right?

She really died?

As she thought to here, she heard the person speak again. “However, this is all I can do to help you. There’s not much time left, I have to go.”

“Your inner strength has already been restored, and I’ll imprint martial arts knowledge into your memories again. Just treat it as your compensation.”

“Goodbye! Thank you for living on for me!”


F*ck! What’s this situation!?

After that figure finished speaking, it gradually flew into that white light. Tang Doudou wanted to rush up, but her body fell heavily downwards. She then looked below her. In the black mass of ruins, an enormous bug-like creature was rolling and tumbling. Within the flying dirt and dust, there was an abnormally familiar figure standing right in the middle of all the chaos. The figure held a dagger that was stuck in Xin Yue’s chest. The gurgling blood dyed the clothes of both figures red. However, her expression was indifferent, as if she had done nothing but a negligible small matter. She casually pulled the dagger out of Xin Yue’s chest, then send a palm attack over.

Xin Yue’s hatred-filled laughter was abruptly shattered into pieces. Tang Doudou was unbelievably shocked as she watched. It wasn’t because the scene was too bloody, but because that figure was actually her!

The departed Li Xueyi!T/N


After Tang Doudou realized it, she immediately rushed towards the figure in the dust, wanting to catch that damned ghost to ask what exactly was going on. When she got close, however, that figure turned back to smile briefly towards her, then collapsed like a kite whose string had been snapped.

Seriously damned bad luck! My freaking grandma’s uncle ah!

In regards to this xuanhuan novel-like scene in front of her, Tang Doudou can only use ‘ha.ha.ha.’ to express her current ruefulness. Her remaining thoughts were torn apart and disappeared with the wind.

Gasp!When she woke up once again, Tang Doudou discovered that not much time had actually passed. The flames that had ignited nearby were almost about to burn her clothes, so she hastily scrambled to her feet. As she looked at all the blood, ruined limbs, and broken fragments around her, her stomach flipped and she almost threw up.

Da fudge!? Good thing she hadn’t eaten anything after heading out today. She definitely wouldn’t have been able to hold it in otherwise.

She wasn’t able to make heads or tails of anything that had just happened. In any case, her little life had been preserved and that Xin Yue was dead to the point where she couldn’t be more dead. The stinky fumes produced by the large fire caused people’s heads to spin, and the thin oxygen was rapidly disappearing due to the fact that this place was sealed off. Tang Doudou covered her mouth and her nose and immediately started to search for a way out. After just a few steps, she suddenly recalled Lou Qingyun.

Even though that guy abandoned her after finding out that she didn’t know martial arts, anyone would’ve made this choice in a matter of life and death, so she didn’t blame him. However, Tang Doudou seriously needed Lou Qingyun’s help to get out from the hatchway above them!

Having reached this conclusion, Tang Doudou didn’t dally around and immediately started searching for Lou Qingyun.

“Lou Qingyun, are you still here?” Since the threat of Xin Yue was gone, Tang Doudou raised her voice to shout his name as she looked. However, she didn’t get any reply. She couldn’t help but wonder, could it be that Lou Qingyun had gotten injured in the commotion earlier and died?

That’s seriously terrible luck!

Tang Doudou sorrowfully lamented for Lou Qingyun. The surrounding fire grew increasingly larger, so she could only give up looking for Lou Qingyun and start thinking of ways to get out.

With the flames lighting up the place, it was much easier to see the surroundings. Tang Doudou discovered that the place she almost died in was actually a very spacious underground palace. Everything had pretty much collapsed regardless of whether they were made sturdy or not. Tang Doudou didn’t have the leisure to enjoy the view much. There was a very large hole not too far away from her. There was no need to ponder. It was obvious that the demonic bug had crawled out from there earlier. The only problem was that Tang Doudou was too distracted by the chaos earlier, so she had no idea where that demonic bug went.

Tang Doudou thought for a moment. Perhaps it had drilled back down due to fear of fire?

She recalled the gigantic shadow that appeared earlier and shuddered in fear. Originally, she thought the Black Demonic Nightcrawlers Xin Yue had been talking about were the little ones on Lou Qingyun’s hand. That’s why she concluded that Xin Yue’s hope to take over the world with this little bug was wishful thinking. Unexpectedly, they were actually thinking on completely different levels. No matter how skilled a person was at martial arts, they’d probably still need to use a lot of effort in order to beat something that big, right?

These were merely her conjectures. Who knew what exactly that creepy thing was?

Forget it, first things first, she had to get out!

Her gaze swept past that black hole and moved towards the area above her head. In reality, the ceiling wasn’t that far away. However, all the surroundings were slippery and there wasn’t a single place she could grab hold of. If she wanted to get up, it’d be impossible unless she had the legendary qinggong.

However, that shouldn’t be right. If there’s no way to get in and out, where did Xin Yue’s food and necessities come from?

It couldn’t be that Boss Qing directly threw it down, right?

In truth, the entire experience was quite strange. That Xin Yue was the Pavilion Master ah. No matter how ugly a grand Pavilion Master was, she couldn’t have fallen to the point of being locked up like a strange creature. Even if it was self-oppression for the sake of cultivating in martial arts, wasn’t this far too much of a loss? It wasn’t impossible for Boss Qing to lose understanding one day. Perhaps one day she would just throw a torch down and burn Xin Yue to death in order to become the Pavilion Master of Rutaceae Pavilion herself. In any case, Tang Doudou couldn’t understand no matter how she thought about it.

Tang Doudou’s gloomy stare could almost drill holes into the surroundings, yet she still couldn’t think of any ways to get out. The idea Lou Qingyun gave earlier was good, but it was based on the premise that she had martial arts. However…

Suddenly, a spiritual light flashed in her mind. “Ah! Why’s it like this!?”

Tang Doudou cried out startled. She held her head in astonishment, she didn’t know what to do with the memories that had suddenly emerged in her head.

Could this be the martial arts which the departed Li Xueyi said she would pour into her memory?

Da fudge!? This was seriously even more unreal than xuanhuan novels!E/C

It practically made it a little hard for people to accept. However, with the reality right in front of her, Tang Doudou could only offer a moment of speechlessness for this trolling world. It was seriously way too crazy!

On second thought, she had encountered a xuanhuan event - cultivating. So all these unusual occurrences were pretty normal in comparison. The one earlier was definitely the remnant of Li Xueyi’s soul. It flared up whenever it encountered danger, so it hadn’t completely left this body. That’s why Tang Doudou felt completely puzzled and doubtful towards what Li Xueyi said earlier.

However, the good thing was that Li Xueyi did something good. Before her soul disappeared, she imprinted all the martial arts she had ever learned into Tang Doudou’s mind. It was to the extent that when Tang Doudou thought about qinggong, all the techniques related to that emerged in her brain.

Alright, she had truly become Li Xueyi from head to tail now.

She could only helplessly accept this reality.

Lifting her hand in accordance with the information her brain was giving her, Tang Doudou tried using the legendary qinggong. Her internal energy entered her dantian, flowed through her four limbs, then poured into the pressure points below her feet.


Before Tang Doudou could even react, she shot out like an arrow from a bow with a feeling that she had never experienced before. She was so excited she started laughing wildly. “Hahaha, hahaha, I, Tang Doudou, also know martial arts now! Qinggong ah! The legendary qinggong!”

This feeling was seriously too cool!

Bang! Crack! Boom!

Before Tang Doudou even laughed her fill, she ferociously smashed into that rock-hard wall like an artillery shell, causing a teeth-aching crash and cracking the wall. Gold stars appeared in her vision for a moment and she dizzily slid from the wall to the ground.

Extreme joy turns to sorrow too fast. By the time Tang Doudou reached the ground, she was too busy to even remember the pain. I swear a freaking f*ck! Li Xueyi had definitely done this on purpose! She left behind the martial arts techniques, but didn’t leave behind the tricks! How is she, a martial arts idiot, supposed to use it?

There was a treasure mountain in the air, yet she could only stare at it. This sort of pain was seriously beyond description!

As she rubbed the bump on her forehead, Tang Doudou sighed and got up from the ground again. She swept a glance towards her body. There seriously wasn’t a place left that was presentable. She was so filthy that the original color of her clothes couldn’t even be guessed. Her clothes were covered with so many bloodstains and blots that it was unbearable to look at.

Seeing as such, she didn’t even want to imagine what her face looked like. She rubbed her chin. This qinggong wasn’t something she could test out casually, so she had to think of some other idea.

Cough cough, ah, Alliance Head Li…”

Just as Tang Doudou was out of ideas again, Lou Qingyun’s almost inaudible call finally came.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Prady

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E/C - "This was seriously even more unreal than xuanhuan novels!" lol it really isn't, it's a bit tame if anything

T/N - In regards to the title, it’s actually an iffy one. The phrase is 死鬼李雪衣, in which 死 = dead, but also often used to curse someone like ‘damned’. 鬼 = ghost. 死鬼 = is often used as an insult like ‘damned evil person’ but also refers to a departed person. So~ other translations for the title could be, The Dead Ghost Li Xueyi, The Damned Ghost Li Xueyi, etc~

Haha lol, Tang Doudou acted so normal in her out of body experience, but then again she didn’t get much time to react. Hmm, it looks like Li Xueyi is someone else after all, but then, how does Tang Doudou know Baili Yu from a ‘before’?

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